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Arnkell 03-31-2010 09:04 PM

SWTFU for PC - No hilts?
Hello, I'm a new game owner, have just started playing the Ultimate Sith Edition for PC (loving it) and I've read that there are different lightsaber hilts to be found throughout the game for the player to use, even in single player campaign. Are they still in the game in the PC version or where they stripped?

I'm a bit unused to the menus in SWTFU and the menu controls; if I find a hilt in a level (so far zippo), how do I then switch between hilts? I've gone into the "LIGHTSABER" menu and looked beforehand, but the only submenus I can find there are for switching color crystals and power crystals, were's the menu for switching hilts?
Could it be that the menu for hilts is inaccessible until I have at least two?

Thankful for response, apologize if this sounds very basic

Arnkell 04-05-2010 05:50 AM


So can anyone confirm if lightsaber hilts are available to pick up in missions, in the PC version of SWTFU?

I checked a bunch of Youtube videos that show hilt locations in levels, but so far I've only seen videos with the X360 or Wii versions...

MrLaserowy 04-05-2010 08:33 AM

Have you checked the game manual? Maybe the PC version is similar to that of X360, where there are no hilts to be found. Try finding a movie showing any hilt location on YT and if it is not in your game, then the PC version doesn't have those. From what you said, my guess is that there are no hilts, but to be 100% sure - email lucasarts and they will gladly help you (after 2 weeks or so, sic).

Arnkell 04-10-2010 06:14 PM

Thanks for your reply, Laserowy.
It seems clear there are no hilts in the PC version, I've played it through 1.5 times now. In a way it makes more sense, the Apprentice should have his own homemade saber, it adds to the character. It's not too shabby a design either, kind of a cross between Anakin's and Obi-Wan's. It's nice when he field-strips it using the Force in one cutscene.

Darth Darkus 08-15-2010 04:01 AM

As far as I know, you can only get different hilts if you change your costume. But I haven't found any hilts ingame yet...

Arnkell 08-15-2010 06:24 AM

Haha, today is my birthday, I was halfway hoping someone had figured out how to add hilts to the PC version (without costume change).

No matter, thanks for stopping by.

Zwier Zak 08-15-2010 09:09 AM

Maybe I should clear this. You can find hilts in game. But only in the Krome versions. Just one of many reasons to get it instead of the Lucasarts versions. :thmbup1:

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