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start 07-11-2010 10:41 AM

Monkey Island 2 SE -- Can't access saved games
Hi Guys.

I've just purchased the new SE of Monkey Island 2 using stream.
Now I have couple of questions .

1. Do I have (MUST) use stream to start the game ? I mean , after it's already on my computer why can't I start it just like any other game I purchased.
2. I know that I can use offline mode. I've chosen to start in offline mode , but still ; when I start the game it's trying to connect to stream and check for updates (although I've disabled this option under the game properties in stream games list).
3. MOST Important !!! : I've played the game for about an hour , saved my status couple of times (used 5 slots) and exit the game.
Today , when starting the game again , I couldn't find any saved games from yesterday , and the only option was to start a new game. :confused:
4. Is there a retails version to purchase ?

Also -- Everything that was already available under "Achivments" was gone. :mad:

I read on the site that the games are being saved also on the stream network . But also after going online to my account on stream I couldn't see it.

I want everything to be available on my local folder.

Please help :)

Huz 06-02-2014 07:01 PM

OK dude. Hold onto your hat because I'm going to give you my answer to every single one of your questions. It's going to be a wild ride so get ready for it.

1. Dunno. Probably.
2. Dunno.
3. Dunno.
4. Dunno.

I hope those answers are satisfactory.

Artisa 06-06-2014 08:06 PM

*peeks in, shakes head in dismay, leaves again*

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