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SkywalkerRules 10-08-2010 10:44 PM

Star Wars: Fighting for Peace
Star Wars

Fighting for Peace

Darkness has once again reign over the Galaxy, after Fel's forces, Stazi's forces, and the Jedi helped defeat Darth Krayt and his Sith Empire. However, a new Dark Lord has risen to power over, trying to take hold of the entire Galaxy.

Darth Sethos, Dark Lord of the Sith, has succeeded on defeating the one known as Lyna Honso. Although this defeat brings great joy to the Sith, there are many others still wiling to take out Sethos and his forces. New allies will join the fight, and old allies will come to join them, helping to defeat Sethos and his Sith minions.

But elsewhere in the Galaxy, a scientist is willing to bring back a life to help the forces of good and stop Sethos. Someone who was once defeated, but are willing to fight for peace in the Galaxy...


An old, male Kaminoan slowly paced back and forth inside his secret lab in the underworld of Nar Shaddaa. "Tapps? Are you all right?" a voice said. Lemia, Lyna's old Togruta friend, stepped down from the stairs and stood face-to-face with the old scientist.

"Oh. Hello, Lemia. Well, to be honest, I'm actually worried for the young clone."

Lemia tilted her head in concern. "Why, old friend?"

Sig thought about it. Then he smiled sadly. "My ancestors use to make clones for the Republic during the Clone Wars. Then... they turned against their own Jedi Generals. I just hope that this clone I created is just like your friend. And not a mistake."

The female Togruta placed a gentle hand on Sig's shoulder. "Trust me, Sig. She'll make a fine Jedi. Just like the old Lyna Honso."

Sig sighed. "For your sake... I hope you're right." They both looked down in thoughtfulness...


"NOW APPROACHING: SOCORRO," the computer's screen descripted. Lyna Honso, the female clone, wanted to pay a visit to someone. Someone the old Lyna knew and never liked. She placed her red goggles on and grinned. "Showtime," she whispered.

After going through the atmosphere, Lyna could see that everything was a little ruined from the last invasion of Sethos' force. However, the Crimson Axe still stood. Landing on the docking platform and letting down the ramp, Lyna stepped out and was checked by a Gamorrean. She was then led to him... Rav.

Inside the Golden Gorg Cantina, Rav sat on his "throne", drinking and watching some scums figh, play sabacc, or have a conversation. Suddenly the door opened. Everyone had their attention on Lyna. Rav chuckled. "Well, well. The ghost of Lyna Honso has arrived. Or... maybe her "twin" has arrived." His goons laughed. Lyna stepped in and sat on Rav's table. "Heard you were dead, lassie. Missed ya too."

Lyna made a face. She probably guessed her old self disliked Rav. No wonder. "I need to make a deal with you, Rav. There's a guy I'm looking for. Actually, two guys. One is Darth Sethos. The other... Cade Skywalker. "And why are you lookin' for them?" Rav asked.

"Darth Sethos is the one I need to deal with. Yes, I am a clone of Lyna, and I'm sure Sig has told you that beforehand. But I don't want that spreaded out. Yet. And Cade... well, some of my memories of him are flashing the most. I need to see him. Meet him. And... maybe feel something about him."

Rav thought on this. Then he grinned. "Fine by me, lassie. Sethos is probably conquering worlds as we speak. And for the lad, he's probably off somewhere weeping for you. Check by Queen Jool's place in Zeltros. You'll probably find him there." Lyna smiled, and replied, "Thank you. Here's the plan: Call Cade. Tell him a smuggler has been ruining your shipments and you want me found. Then, after Cade confronts me, we'll settle everything." She took out a bag of 200 credits. "Deal?"

The male Feeorin looked at the creds. Then smiled and shook Lyna's hand. "Deal." Even though Lyna could trust him now, Rav had other plans up his sleeves...

Kyvios 10-08-2010 11:48 PM

Isaac Oris is a man in his mid-twenties, with medium length hair and eyes that were like staring into the Naboo oceans. He sat in a chair among one of several transports trying to head to one of the few planets left that haven't been conjured. The transport held the cries and moans of many who are now misplaced with no where really to go in this world. Part of his former Jedi training was going into effect, but he never really saw eye to eye with the Jedi order to well, he was one of few perhaps who would do what was necessary. Sometimes sacrificing the few was better than damning the whole in his mind. A data pad laid upon the table before him, gray and uninteresting to most, but to him it was his sanity in a world full of now so much grief. One sensitive to the force could lose themselves in such sorrow if they couldn't contain the feelings well enough. This simple uninteresting data pad held things for him of great value and secretes.

Every once and a while he would allow his a fraction of his force sensitivity to be shown just to see if anyone picked up on it. So far everyone was to distracted by the lives they had just lost, to either notice, or just couldn't feel it at all. It didn't really make much difference to him. Isaac lifted up his hands and grabbed his white hood of his long sleeve shirt and pulled it over his head, allowing his head to tilt down just slightly. Folding his hands upon the table near his data pad he closed his eyes and allowed his mind to stretch through the galaxy to feel anything, to see anything that could be of some help in these trying times. But right now all he saw was a weeping galaxy filled with pain.

"People need to stop feeling for five seconds." he mumbled quietly to himself, his tone of tone of voice low, yet soft.

With a little more concentration Isaac force himself to see passed the pain that Darth Sethos is causing. And as the shuttle fluttered through a dying galaxy there Isaac sat his mind searching for a solution. Reaching out for right now anything that may pick up his presence. Good or bad, if good he may have found help, if bad he wasn't out a way to defend himself.

SkywalkerRules 10-10-2010 10:49 PM

As Lyna was about to leave the cantina, she sensed another presence about. Could it be Cade's presence? No. He couldn't be here that quick. There had to be another Force sensitive somewhere in this cantina.

While Rav and everyone went on about their business, Lyna decided to investigate and find the Force sensitive. He or she was getting close. "I sense someone here. A Jedi maybe? But... it feels as if... they're calling out." Finally, she found the person. He was wearing a hood over his head and sitting at a table quietly. The young woman walked over to him and stood at the opposite end of the table.

"People need to stop feeling for five seconds."

"Maybe you're right. But then again... maybe you're wrong," Lyna said softly to the hooded man.

Kyvios 10-10-2010 11:02 PM

Isaac raised his glance slightly to notice the female now standing on the opposite side of the table. Someone responded to his presence a little quicker than he had originally anticipated. Making a mental note to calibrate his anticipation to a more closer time frame he lowered his glance back down to his hands laying flat upon the table.

"Peoples emotions are something that get's in the way of a bigger task at hand. If one allows themselves to be ruled by emotions then failure follows quick behind." Isaac responded in hollow tone.

Over the years he's emotional state for anything had died. But that didn't necessarily meant he himself would just sit back and be killed while some power hungry person traveled across the galaxy trying to dominate it.

Extending his hand to the seat opposite him, Isaac said in a more sensitive tone "You are welcome to join me. If you responded to my call, then we could be on the same field of choice."

SkywalkerRules 10-10-2010 11:27 PM

"Peoples emotions are something that get's in the way of a bigger task at hand. If one allows themselves to be ruled by emotions then failure follows quick behind."

Lyna thought on that. When her original self was alive, did her feelings get in the way than her duties? But maybe... maybe she did it for a reason. For her, the young clone wanted to experience those feelings. Feelings of sympathy and understanding for those around you. Even your enemies...

"You are welcome to join me. If you responded to my call, then we could be on the same field of choice."

"Thank you. And yes... I am the one who sensed your calling," Lyna said, sitting down on the chair. She smiled quietly at him. "By the way, my name's Lyna Honso. And you are...?"

Tysyacha 10-10-2010 11:59 PM


Darkness. Warmth. A hazy fog of sleep interrupted by whispers.

"Tandra? It's me, Nurse Meilan. I've got your medicine. Are you all right?"

The dark-haired woman, still beautiful in her forties, opened her eyes. "It's morning already? I can't believe it. It seems like I fell asleep an hour ago..." She sat up in bed, where she saw a cup with two pills being offered to her.

The Twi'lek smiled, speaking in Basic instead of her native tongue. "Actually, twelve hours ago. We still haven't gotten your sedative dosage right, but your psychotropic pills seem to be doing their job. Any nightmares, hon?"

Tandra Kerthian shook her head. "No, thank the gods, or the Force, or whatever is out there. You say you haven't gotten my dosage right, but the longer I can go without...seeing them...the better. They only appear in my dreams, although I can speak to the dead if someone asks me to conduct what my ancestors would call a 'seance'. As a matter of fact, someone did."

Nurse Meilan's eyes grew wide. "Who?"

Tandra grinned. "I'm not telling. You might get both of us in trouble, I'm afraid." She popped the two pills in her mouth, swallowing sans water.

Nurse Meilan risked placing her hand on top of Tandra's. "Come, now. Out of all the nurses in this whole hospital, you know I won't tell. Who was it?"

"Joran," Tandra replied with a sad gaze. "Darth Sethos' men killed his wife and two children when they were raiding his home planet. Didn't even take them hostage. Just cut them down without a second thought." She shuddered. "Despicable people. If it's true that the Sith grow more powerful with each sentient being they kill, then Sethos must be nearly unstoppable by now."

The Twi'lek's gaze was tender. "Don't lose hope," she said. "As for Joran, I'll have one of our counselors come and talk to him this afternoon. Don't you worry--and don't you give him that seance he wanted." Turning to leave, she remembered one last thing. "Oh! Lunch starts in fifteen minutes, so you might want to show up to the day room in more than your hospital gown."

Tandra laughed. "Right! I'll see you then." Nurse Meilan gently shut the door.

Cyborg Ninja 10-12-2010 01:54 AM

There's a fine line between Good and Evil; Xan does his best to stand right in the middle. Of all the childish things out there, the concept of "Good" and Evil" is the most ridiculous. These two factions did things not for money, but for stupid things like pride and honor. What bugged him the most about Good and Evil has to be the factions that represent them; the Jedi and Sith. Now Xan had no real problem with Jedi or Sith, its just that he's confused by their ways. Why save a life because its the right thing to do when you can save a life because you were payed to?

Xan only cares about the important things in this world, like credits. The only thing he likes more than credits would have to be himself. He doesn't do the things he does for honor or to gain more power, No he does them because its what's best for him. That's why Xan accepted the contracts from Sethos. He personally didn't care what Sethos did, he just knew that he could get rewarded.

If only Xan had known this would involve a visit to a hospital. While Xan wanted to go search for Lyna Honso, he had no idea where to begin his hunt. He did know the location of a Tundra Kerthian. Perhaps she would be able to locate her. Xan shook his head as he opened the door and walked in.

"C-Can I help you?" asked a man at the front desk who was startled by Xan's appearance.

"Yeah, I'm looking for my friend. His name is Thoran Ysst," Xan said as he walked up to the desk.

The man looked down at the screen to search for Thoran Ysst. "Just a moment sir, and you're going to need to remove your weapons," he said without looking up. A few moments passed before the man spoke again. "I'm sorry but there's no Thoran Ysst here." The man looked up only to find a blaster pistol pointed at his head.

"Well isn't that a shame. Now then listen very carefully to me. I don't want to kill you, or anyone else in this place...but try anything funny and I will. I'm going to be taking someone out of here. I never came in here, you never saw me, and the patient I take doesn't exist. Got it?"

The man at the desk gulped but slowly nodded his head. Xan lowered his aim and started to walk past him.

"Good boy." Xan pistol whipped the man in the back of the head. He typed Tandra's full name in and got the room she was staying in. He smiled as he left the man to his nap and ventured down the hallway.

Tysyacha 10-12-2010 02:43 AM


"Mmm," Tandra mumbled appreciatively, taking a bite of the hearty beef-and-vegetable stew that the Medical Center's stalwart chefs had prepared. "Not bad, for something you serve crazy people." She rolled her eyes, to the knowing chuckles of her fellow patients. There were ten of them in the sunnily-lit Day Room at the Mara Jade Skywalker Memorial Medical Center. All ten--five men, four women, one child--were clinically certified to be insane.

Only one, however, claimed to speak to the dead. That was why Joran poked her. He wasn't one of the patients with a "potential for violence", as Tandra knew to her immense relief. He was simply a man who had slit his wrists after surviving the raid conducted by Sethos' men. Why had he lived, and his wife and children had not? It was as simple as this: As the thugs hired by the Dark Lord of the Sith had fired six blaster shots--two apiece--into each of their quivering foreheads, Joran had been hiding in one of the bedroom storage compartments, cowering. That, and not grief, was the real reason why he had decided to end his life. His cowardice haunted him day and night.

He was desperate for comfort, and release from his all-consuming guilt. When Tandra Kerthian, one of his fellow patients on the ward, said she could speak to those who had passed "onto the other side", Joran found hope at long last.

"Tandra?" he asked timidly. "Session tonight?" His eyes were wide, yearning.

"I'm sorry," she replied with a kind smile, wanting to squeeze his hand. "Not tonight. The doctors and nurses are still trying to adjust my sedative dosage." Even though this was perfectly true, Tandra did not want to admit that she'd told Nurse Meilan about him--and that a counselor would be coming his way.

"That's all right. I'll w-wait until tomorrow." He didn't know if he could.

Suddenly the child, a young boy, pointed. "Violent patient outburst?" His voice was utterly cold, a flat monotone. He only spoke in short, descriptive phrases which may or may not have meant anything to the person hearing them.

Tandra gave a start. "I sure hope not..." She glanced around furtively.

The child clutched Tandra's hand, not unkindly, and pointed it toward a mysterious figure. "Armed man," he said. "Headed down toward our rooms."

Tandra's arm dropped reflexively, and she remained perfectly still from fear.

Cyborg Ninja 10-12-2010 02:29 PM

Xan continued to venture down the hallway, and checked each room to get a sense of where he was. He missed the music that played at the lobby as now he could only hear the sound of his own feet as he continued to walk. He rounded a corner and finally found where Tandra was staying.

For someone in their 40's, Tandra still looked good. Of course Xan wouldn't try putting any of his moves on her. Though she still had beauty, she was way too old. That wouldn't stop him from flattering her though, in an attempt for her to trust him. While Sethos had mysterious plans for Tandra, Xan didn't plan on taking her in right away. In fact if she played her cards right, he might be persuaded to eventually tell Sethos he couldn't find her. Xan opened the door and instead of finding his target found nothing.

"I really gotta stop wearing this armor everywhere," he said to himself assuming Tandra had been expecting him.

She was force sensitive after all, but then again so was he. Normally Xan would welcome a challenge such as this but this time it was different. Xan wanted to get out of this place as quickly as possible. Xan stood perfectly still and closed his eyes for a few seconds. He detected two others that had both unexpectedly had an increase in fear. He knew one of them had to be Tandra, and both beings were conveniently in the same area. He left Tandra's room and started to head to where he detected to two beings. He whistled to himself as he began to spin his blaster with his finger.

Then again, the armor does make me look really cool.

Tysyacha 10-13-2010 01:35 AM


Tandra did not like the looks of the armed man. He doesn't seem to be a police officer, she thought, and so that means he's here for another reason. I never thought mental patients would ever be the target of bounty hunters, but in this day and age, who knows...? Suddenly, she felt a tug at her arm. The young boy, no more than ten, was staring at her fixedly.

"Quaver...?" That was the only name he gave, and no other. It was ironic that her own voice was quavering as she addressed him. He was scaring her.

Without another word, the boy yanked Tandra out of her seat in the day room and began to run towards the kitchen. Helplessly, the 40-year-old-woman let herself be dragged, as she knew that there was an exit through the scullery--the room in which the dishes were washed. She and Quaver had performed the task of scrubbing the dishes when the hospital was short-handed on kitchen staff. They were paid for their work, and bought extra snacks from the hospital concessionary when they could. They shared them on Friday nights, when they could watch holovids. That made life less hopeless.

Quaver rushed with Tandra through the back hallways of the psychiatric ward, not daring to look behind or around him. He was driven, focused, and the fastest runner in the entire M. J. Skywalker Medical Center, with or without psychiatric issues. He was a pyromaniac, and the reason he was here was that he had burnt the homes of the bullies that had beat him within an inch of his life right to the ground--while the bullies were still in it. Revenge...

Revenge was what Quaver had sought, and at the cost of his freedom and sanity, he had found it. He'd been remanded to the hospital until the age of twenty-one, which would be a very long time. Was he sorry for what he'd done? No. He was glad that the bullies had finally gotten what they deserved. As for Tandra? He sensed that she was vulnerable, sad and weak. He was strong, and they had formed an intractable friendship against staff rules.

"In here," he said, opening the large chute for soiled linens. "You first."

Tandra obeyed, knowing that she'd end up in the laundry room at the very least.

SkywalkerRules 10-13-2010 06:18 AM

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Kyvios 10-14-2010 11:43 AM

((do you have any idea how hard it was to get on here yesterday. -_- google kept telling me the link was broken))

Isaac watched carefully from under the rim of his hood as the girl called Lyna Honso sat in the seat across from him. He wasn't sure of what to make of this particular person, but if the strings of fate had them dancing together in these dark times he would soon figure out what drives and motivates this person into responding to a call that could of meant her death.

"Isaac Oris." he said in a melancholy tone as he raised his head a little more to allow his blue eyes to be seen by his guest.

"So tell me" he said pausing briefly allowing his tongue to travel over his lips "What do you know of the darkness over taking the galaxy." he wasn't really trying to be secretive about the whole thing, even if thats what it sounded like.

Most Isaac was after what ever assistance he could gain, whether it be in the physical sense or information. If all this girl had to offer was information then that would be fine, he could search for help some where else. But something was making his powers react to hers. And that was usually only in the presence of other force users. Maybe, just maybe he'll have to see what this female is capable of for himself.

Cyborg Ninja 10-14-2010 01:08 PM

((lol yeah, the same thing happened to me))

Xan looked up at the sign that hung above the door. According to the sign this place as called the Day Room. He was about to walk in when he felt both presences move. Xan shook his head and went inside the Day Room. He looked around the room and saw a couple of patients. They looked up at him with fear which made Xan chuckle. One patient's eyes darted to the left for a few seconds before quickly turning away. He looked to find his target and a child in the distance.

Xan let out a sigh and took off after the duo. As much as he loved a good chase, he felt that a middle aged woman and a small child weren't exactly "fun" targets. The real fun would begin once he got out of this place and got a real challenge. At the very least Tandra showed Xan that she was resourceful which would help him. Xan caught up in time to watch Tandra drop through a large chute. The boy however had not dropped down yet.

"Not so fast kid." Xan had his blaster pistol drawn as he walked closer to the boy and the chute. "That was very brave of you to let her go first, but now the game is over." Without taking his eyes off the child he shouted down to Tandra through the chute. "You hear that Tandra? I want you to stay where you are, or else I kill the kid." He couldn't tell if she would be able to hear but he would be able to detect if she moved. He kept his blaster pointed at the kid as he got closer to the chute. With his left hand free, he saluted the boy with two fingers and dove into the chute after Tandra.

Tysyacha 10-15-2010 12:21 AM


And Quaver dove into the laundry chute right after his armed assailant.

There was no way he was letting Tandra, his only friend, go without a fight.

All three of them landed with a thump in a waiting laundry cart, one right after the other. First Tandra, then Xander, and then Quaver, right on top. After recovering from the first burst of initial shock, Tandra tried to scramble out, but the armed marauder had grasped her by the throat. In turn, the young boy had him grasped by the throat in a split second, making for an interesting and highly unusual hostage situation.

It was complicated by the fact that one of the housekeepers--tall, muscular, brawny, and mean-looking even for a female--was glaring at all three of them. She had been washing yesterday's soiled linens, when cargo other than dirty sheets and towels had wound up in her largest hamper.

"What in the name of the late Mara Jade Skywalker is going on here?"

Tandra spoke up first. "This man is trying to kill me, or at least kidnap me."

Quaver was next. "That's the truth. He threatened to kill me, too."

The housekeeper, without another word, pulled an alarm. "Red alert!" Sirens began blaring everywhere, and the housekeeper bolted out of the room.

Cyborg Ninja 10-15-2010 01:50 AM

In a slight fit of rage, Xan grabbed Tandra's throat as she attempted an escape only to have the boy in turn grab his throat. Xan let out a slight chuckle at the boy's resourcefulness and how willing he was to protect Tandra. Xan turned to look at the rather manish woman that stood before then and released his grip on Tandra. Rather than attempt to explain himself like the two patients did, Xan placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. After the boy finished speaking, Xan rammed his knee into the boy's stomach. He then the boy's arm and kept his grip on the shoulder and flipped the boy to the ground.

"Not bad kid, not bad at all," he said just as the man woman bolted out of the room.

Xan jumped down from the laundry bin and placed his blaster pistol at his side.

"I put my gun away, now hear me out."

Xan practically stood in front of the doorway, even though security was after him. His aggressive just take her and go tactic without anyone noticing was clearly not going to work. He'd have to level with her or if it got worse he'd have to take her and the kid hostage just to get out of this place. It would appear he'd have to use some of his charm.

"Thanks to that walking Hutt, I've got about five minutes. I'm not here to kill you Tandra. I was sent here because my boss and I need your help. You have my word that I'll explain everything once were out of here." He took a deep breath and tried to run through her dossier in his head. "You're here because you claim to talk to those who have died. What if I told you that you weren't the only one in this world? That there are many just like you. Come on sweetheart, whatta say?" He said extending his hand out to her. "At the very least I'll give you a day away from this place," he added in.

Tysyacha 10-15-2010 02:49 AM


Tandra's heart was vibrating in her chest. She wasn't sure if this man was being "on the level" about his boss or not. Maybe he'd hold her for ransom; maybe he'd have his way with her and then kill her. Maybe he was lying. However, if she didn't cooperate, he might kill the security guards.

"As long as you take Quaver as well as me," Tandra smiled, "you have a deal."

The boy was holding onto his stomach and groaning as if he might vomit at any second. However, he had enough strength and courage to look the armed man straight in the eye. "I'll come," he said, "if you keep your word not to harm her. I'll help you, too. I know you're evil, and so am I. Tandra's not. She just talks to the dead, but I'm a criminal arsonist and pyromaniac. I'm VERY good with fire." He gave his attacker a chilling smile. "Take us both, or kill us both."

SkywalkerRules 10-15-2010 05:56 PM

((I know, right guys? It wouldn't let me go on here this Wednesday.))

"It's great to meet you, Isaac Oris," Lyna said with a smile.

"So tell me" he said pausing briefly allowing his tongue to travel over his lips "What do you know of the darkness over taking the galaxy."

Lyna stared at Isaac for a brief moment, as if sensing his deepest thoughts. She then looked down quietly. "What I'm about to tell you... may shock you. I sense no hostility in you, so I guess it's safe for me to tell you this. I am a clone of Lyna Honso. She was the grand-daughter of Darth Sethos. He killed her during the Battle of Ossus. After that, they burned her in the pyre in honor of her bravery. Lemia, her best friend, attended the funeral and decided to have the clone of Lyna ready. After her and a scientist created me, they believed I could take the original Lyna's place and stop Sethos, once and for all."

She looked up at Isaac and smiled quietly. "Are you looking for help to stop the darkness? I am willing to help."

Cyborg Ninja 10-15-2010 09:26 PM

Xan turned to look at Quaver and shook his head as he let out a slight chuckle. While the boy had some impressive skills, he was mistaken on Xan's intentions.

"I'm not evil kid, I just do what's best for me. Right now that would be getting out of here."

There were a few obstacles that were in his way. One of them was getting out of here, but hopefully either Tandra or Quaver would know the way out. The second obstacle would be the security that would be waiting for them. Now that security would be alerted, he'd have to steal another ship once they left Coruscant.

"Alright then, what's the quickest way out of here sweetheart?" he said still using his charm.

Kyvios 10-15-2010 11:02 PM

As Lyna spoke Isaac leaned forward resting his chin upon his hands which at this point were now folded together allowing his elbows to rest upon the table top. Admitably this was the first clone he had ever met, granted he had never seen the original Lyna Honso, so he couldn't really judge on the likeness. She seemed all to easily trusting in his opinion, just because she couldn't sense hostility doesn't mean it wasn't there lurking in some deep corner of his being.

Isaac took a deep breath before sighing softly, his blue eyes just staring straight into Lyna's "Do you believe you are up for the challenge?" he ask since she mentioned the original failed in her duty.

Isaac wasn't to fond of failure. If a task is to be done it must be done right the first time or it could have devastating effects. Though now he was wondering if he should be so picky about the help being offered. Of course that is to say, does this clone have any memories of that battle they could use to their advantage.

SkywalkerRules 10-16-2010 11:34 AM

Finding Sethos was another thing. The thought of him killing his own blood was just crazy, the young clone thought. But why didn't the old Lyna defeat him? Was it something about Sethos she felt bad for? She had to get answers before defeating the Dark Lord...

The young woman stood up and straighten out her fingerless gloves. "So... ya ready to get off this rock?" Lyna asked Isaac with a grin.

Tysyacha 10-16-2010 12:07 PM


"It just so happens that there's a service exit out the back of this room," the rather startled Tandra replied. As much as she hated the idea of trusting her life, and that of her sole friend at the Mara Jade Skywalker Memorial Medical Center, to this masked assailant, she knew she had no other choice. "Sometimes delivery trucks back up to that door and bring in supplies. Let's go." As soon as she said those very fateful words, the armed man shoved her and Quaver toward the exit she had mentioned. All three departed the building, and a chilly outside wind rushed into their faces. Tandra Kerthian shivered, and not just from the cold.

What would happen to her and the boy, now that they were both "free" of the psychiatric ward of the hospital? Would the "cure" be worse than the disease?

Cyborg Ninja 10-16-2010 10:44 PM

It looked like Lady Luck was on Xan's side today. With the conveniently placed exit being near them, they now had more time to get to the ship. However it appeared Lady Luck liked to tease him too, as he now had to bring the kid with him. That didn't matter too much to him though, as the boy seemed like he could hold his own in a fight. He guided the two down the street as quickly as he could. The sooner he got away from here, the better. He jumped into the pilot's seat and began to start up sequence.

"The kid will have to sit on your lap," Xan said as this current one was only a two seater. "We'll get down to business once we leave, so try to sit back and relax," he added in with a chuckle.

Kyvios 10-16-2010 10:52 PM

So quick was this one to jump into the monsters den, Isaac thought to himself as he arose from his seat his head tilted down slightly so the rim of his hood masked part of his face again. First thing was first in his mind, was she capable right now in her current state to be of any challenge for what they could possibly face on the road ahead. This was a matter Isaac had to make certain of. One is a bigger fool if they follow another fool so blindly into danger without knowing each others capabilities. At the moment he wasn't really paying attention to if this "clone" actually answered his question satisfactorily enough or not, the answer he sought could only be found in one way.

Isaac watched as he placed one step in front of the other walking around the table towards Lyna. First lesson he learned in living on his own, always be prepared for the unexpected, and never assume anything about anyone. In order to survive trust is something earned and not given freely. As he reached Lyna's side he summoned up his force powers for a brief moment and used force push to try and send her across the room. As he did that he reached around his back and pulled one of two lightsabers he had from his belt and ignited it. As the blade of pure energy revealed itself it showed nothing but the blackness that could be found in any creatures heart. He used his blades as a reminder to him that even the purest soul can be corrupted by the darkness of the universe.

With the saber firmly in his right hand he stood there, his left side facing her. His head still tilted down at an angle so only his lips were showing. The corner of his lips slightly rose as he spoke calmly "Show me just how prepared you are"

SkywalkerRules 10-16-2010 11:35 PM

As Lyna flew back towards the wall, she successfully landed on the wall with her brown boots on her feet. She then jumped off the wall, landing on the floor with her feet and standing up. She looked at Isaac and grinned. "Ah yes. Almost forgot. Rule #15: Never trust anyone too quickly." She used the Force to pull out her two lightsabers from the sides of her utility belt. Both blades ignited. On her left hand, the blade was orange. On her right hand, the other blade was red.

The young clone raised both lightsabers and grinned."All right. If you want to see how prepared I am, let's take it outside." With that said, she used the Force to throw Isaac out the cantina.

Rav sat there, laughing. "Can't wait for Cade to see Lyna 'back from the dead' all right!" The others laughed as well.

Kyvios 10-17-2010 12:18 AM

Isaac slid on his feet out of the cantina. He gave the impression that it was Lyna's own force push that moved him from the spot he was standing to now, out side of the cantina. In truth however he jumped at the right moment to give the impression that her attack had succeeded. He moved his own lightsaber so the blade would travel up the back of his arm giving him a better defensive posture. Isaac had never been one for direct attacks, but more for let your opponent make the first critical move it make exploiting their weaknesses easier.

Now outside of the cantina, Isaac would probably admit that he was somewhat excited about the moment. It had been a while since he had a good sparing match, he was almost worried he had gotten rusty over the time that has passed. Waiting patiently he dragged his left foot back and lowered himself down slightly so he was in a squatting position. The girl named Lyna had some force ability, whether or not he got to see all she was capable of was up to her, and also him on how hard he was going to make this for her. Right now he was only interested in the basics. If they traveled together, he would make it a note to attack her every so often so she would be ready and on her feet if the need arise.

Tysyacha 10-17-2010 08:00 PM


Quaver couldn't believe it. "Sit on her lap? You mean, like a three-year-old?"

Tandra smiled. "It won't be all that bad--unless you don't want to come after all." Her smile was genuine, but her eyes were worried. They seemed to be giving the message, Maybe you really should stay here at the Medical Center. I don't want you in any danger, and something tells me this armed man is either part of it or headed straight for it. She hoped her young friend got the message. Better safe than sorry, even in a psych ward.

The boy shook his head vehemently. "No way, Tandra. If you're headed for trouble, I want to be there with you. Besides, the hospital food reeks."

Again, the older woman felt light-hearted in the midst of this heavy-handed situation. She couldn't help but chuckle, because she agreed. "All right," she said. "On my lap, and if you have to use the latrine, I hope there is one aboard this vessel." She cast a meaningful look at Xander.

Once she and Quaver were strapped into the armed man's vehicle, she whispered in her fellow patient's ear. "Remember: be good, and he won't shoot." Tandra shivered, not wanting to imagine what would happen if he did.

Cyborg Ninja 10-19-2010 12:47 AM

Xan just chuckled at Quaver's reaction to having to sit on Tandra's lap. He waited for the two to strap themselves in before he took off. He was surprisingly quiet as they left Coruscant's atmosphere. It wasn't until they were in space that he began to speak.

"So here's the situation. My boss and I are looking for a jedi named Lyna Honso. He hasn't been able to locate her or else he would have taken care of the situation himself. As for me, well let's just say I'm not too great at detecting people."

Xan hit a few buttons in front of him to allow an image of Lyna Honso to be displayed on a screen located on the back of his chair. He too had an image of her in front of him.

"You're able to actually communicate with the dead which is very good. I need you to try to reach out to Lyna, but don't let her detect you. I need you to find out where she currently is, and where she's planning on going."

Tysyacha 10-19-2010 09:44 AM

At first, Tandra seemed to understand Xander's request, but then she blinked.

"I am able to contact and speak with the dead," she replied, "but are you sure that this Lyna Honso is dead? If she is indeed part of the spirit world--if she has gone to the other side--then her actions in that world would have no bearing on this physical one unless you chose to listen to what she has to say."

Quaver was confused, too. "Why would you care where a dead woman's going, or what she's doing, unless you're a religious fanatic or something--sir?"

SkywalkerRules 10-19-2010 10:37 AM

Lyna met Isaac outside, and grinned. "Impressive, my friend. However, your skills may need improvement." The young woman jumped in the air towards him, using Force Speed. Using her abilities really paid off. But she didn't want to hurt the guy or anything. She just wanted to show him who was boss.

Lyna brought down her lightsabers on him, seeing what he was planning to do next. If having a sparing session met buying his and her trust together... then so be it.

Kyvios 10-21-2010 01:48 PM

Isaac didn't really respond to her words. Talking didn't solve a battle, only action did, and that is what he was looking for. Anything that fell from her lips would simply fly through the casim that was his skull at the very moment. She had some talent he would admit, but she still needed practice. As she drew her lightsabers down towards him, Isaac simply stood there waiting his position unchanging.

At the very last moment Isaac moved to the right and spun around in a circle. His activated lightsaber still gliding itself mere inches away from the back of his arm. Isaac noted that so far she was more into using her own force powers, then the other talents her body could possess if she was an exact copy of the original. As he heard the Lyna's lightsabers crash down upon the ground where he was originally standing he swung his arm around trying to hit her back with the butt of his lightsaber. This battle he had no real intention on having his blade make contact with anything, this was just a small test.

As he swung his arm around Isaac twitched his left hand and brought his second lightsaber to it bringing the butt of that lightsaber up towards her chin. Isaac was more interested in seeing if she'd use her force powers once again, or her own natural reflexes. Force powers were all well and good, but could be easily resisted given the opponent. There will possibly be times when one will have to simply rely on their own natural abilities.

Cyborg Ninja 10-22-2010 04:02 AM

Xan initially thought the two of them were just trying to get on his nerves. Then he realized that Tandra didn't know what he was talking about when he mentioned jedi. Perhaps this would be one of those times where he would have to show as well as tell. He engaged the ship's autopilot and turned himself so that he could see the two. He took on of his blaster pistols and placed it on his left hand. With his right hand he reached out for it using the force. He had some ability in moving objects but he was no expert. Within a few seconds the pistol began to float in the air. Xan could control where the pistol went with his right hand.

"You and I are have something in common Tandra, we're both force sensitive. Your "ability" is actually quite normal among force sensitives. Lyna Honso is indeed dead, however my boss detected that she was cloned. My boss, however can not exactly locate her because she might be hiding from him. You however are a complete stranger to her and we think you will be able to find her."

Xan stopped using the force and placed the pistol back at his side. He took back the controls and turned back to looking at the stars.

"The picture is there so that you have something to concentrate on."

Tysyacha 10-23-2010 10:14 PM


Instead of becoming less confused, Tandra was drawn into an even greater conundrum. "Wait a minute," she said, holding up her right palm to stop Xander from speaking further. "So, the original Lyna Honso was a Jedi, and she was either killed or died of natural causes. Thus, Lyna was cloned, and you want me to contact the other side to find out where the clone is." She closed her eyes. "Most people who want me to reach out to the world beyond this physical one have not had cloned loved ones. In this case, no matter which spirit I find, it could either be the dead Lyna or the living one. They're like mirror images of one another, if the original Lyna Honso's spirit hasn't become one with the Force altogether." She concentrated upon the picture he handed her. "That doesn't mean I won't try. It seems we have no other choice, because I don't think you intend to take us back to the Mara Jade Skywalker Memorial Medical Center anytime soon." She smiled wryly.

Concentrating upon Lyna's picture, Tandra closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Then, after a moment, she said, "Lyna? Lyna Honso?" A pause. "My name is Tandra Kerthian, and I'm...what would be called a 'medium'. I can speak with the spirits of the dead, and--no, no, don't run away..." She suddenly convulsed, as if in pain, and opened her bloodshot eyes again.

"Her spirit vanished," Tandra replied. "I can't tell whether it's the soul of the clone that I saw, or the spirit of the dead Jedi. Whichever one it was, she turned and fled deeper into the netherworld as soon as she seemed to sense who I was." She raised an eyebrow. "Why would she sense hostility in me? I wasn't trying to harm her."

DrPhil2501 10-25-2010 03:38 AM

((Atlast, after long waiting: Cade's intro ^.^))

It was pouring with rain over the expanding cities of Zeltros. Night brought about the illumination of the skyscrapers, flying speeders and the population below living within amongst the atmosphere of leisure and corruption.

Atop of a tall building, stood the dark knight wearing a heavy exoskeleton powersuit glowing with blue streaks and defining shoulder pads. His face was covered with a black helmet, bearing features similar to that of Mandalorian design.

He held his sniper rifle, the scope eyeing the sexual predator hunting amongst the alley ways. His specialities ended with drug trafficing and slave trading. Reaper had been hunting him for weeks.

The stalking Zeltron took a glance at a passing bystander. It was when he moved his foot, Reaper fired his sniper rifle. The bolt casted through the rain and pierced through the Zeltrons heart. Reaper stood up and disasembled his sniper rifle. The local authorities would deal with the body - at he didnt pose as a threat any longer.

Nobody had ever seen Reaper's real face under his helmet. It was hard to tell what he was thinking, and feeling. But his mind pondered over the death of his beloved comrade, Lyna Honso: whom had died face-to-face against Darth Sethos; Master of the Imperial and Sith Empire. But that was a long time ago. Reaper was a different person...

SkywalkerRules 10-29-2010 08:35 AM

((Sorry for taking long, peeps. And welcome back, PK! :D ))

The young clone was on the ground, hurting a little. "He's good, I gotta admit. But not as good as me!" Before his lightsabers could touch her, she jumped out of the way quickly, not even using the Force. She relied on it... but she knew she had to trust her natural abilities as well.

She deativated her lightsaber and placed it on her utility belt. Then she clenched her fists and stood in a defense stance. "C'mon, Isaac. Surely you can beat me in a hand-to-hand combat." Lyna knew that she had to get back to her mission on finding Cade and Sethos... but if proving her skills to Isaac meant getting trust, then it was fine by her.


Rav was in his chamber, contacting an old apprentice. One that he liked and disliked. After the hologram came through, Rav grinned. "Well, well. If it isn't Reaper. Or that's what you call yerself nowadays, after the you-know-what." He laughed. Then he said, "I got a job for you, myo buckee..."

Kyvios 10-29-2010 12:27 PM

Issac grinned a little Lyna was underestimating him, all of this now how ever was not advancing them any further to what could be their common goal. Issac placed his right handed saber back on his belt holster that was behind him. While his left handed one disappeared up his sleeve. For a little humor sake on his part however Issac raised his hand and tapped lightly upon his right cheek as a sign that maybe she should check hers. She still had a lot to learn, and moving more quickly was one of them. The mark itself was not blood or anything, but simply a red mark from what she moved Isaac had adjusted himself just enough that the end of his lightsaber would graze her cheek leaving a small scratch.

"I assume you have a ship. We have wasted enough time with this game. We've already drawn enough attention to ourselves." Issac said that last part as he looked around, some people watching in fear and fascination.

Tysyacha 10-31-2010 12:38 AM


Quaver leaned inward toward his friend, putting his wrinkle-less hand upon her older one. "Tandra?" he said gently. "Are you okay? You seem a little out of it." She had been staring into space after receiving only silence as an answer to her comment. The woman immediately snapped back to life, as if out of a trance.

"Sorry, sorry!" She bit her lower lip nervously. "I do that sometimes when I go into these altered states of consciousness. I don't always 'come back out' in the blink of an eye. Thanks for bringing me back to reality, Quaver." She smiled and then sighed. "I might be losing my touch, but I don't think so. A more likely scenario is that the spirit I was trying to contact doesn't want to be found."

DrPhil2501 10-31-2010 04:08 AM

Reaper returned to his headquaters/safe house. It was an old apartment building by the river side, that had been abandoned for some time. Reaper and his collegues managed to resurect the place by restoring electricity using Solar Panels and Hydroelectrical Generators. It was also fortified with sentry guns and a security defence system.

Reaper returned to his chambers. Just as he was about to remove his helmet, he heard a constant beeping from the holographic portable terminal. He switched it on, to see a projection of Rav; one of his old ties.

"Well, well. If it isn't Reaper. Or that's what you call yerself nowadays, after the you-know-what."

Reaper crossed his arms, unimpressed. "I got a job for you, myo buckee..."

"Cut the crap! I hardly have the time, nor patience to deal with you. Get to the point..."

SkywalkerRules 11-04-2010 05:02 AM

Lyna gently touched her cheek as well. A little scratch, nothing big. Maybe she needed more training. But after the original Lyna died, this clone was twice as skillful than the old Lyna. Still, a little more training would do.

The young woman glanced around, seeing crowds of people as well after watching their sparring. She then turned to Isaac. "You're right. Let's get going." She turned to walk towards the landing platform, where she left her ship, Justice, at.


Cut the crap! I hardly have the time, nor patience to deal with you. Get to the point..."

Rav chuckled darkly. "Same as always too. I've been having problems with this one smuggler. She's been stealing my shipments and I want it to end. So I figured: if I asked you for the job, you'd probably want it. The bounty: 100,000 creds." He showed Reaper the picture of the smuggler. She had long blonde hair, fair skin, and red goggles on. "She goes by the name of Midnight. Find her and you get your creds, lad."

DrPhil2501 11-04-2010 10:01 AM

"Same as always too. I've been having problems with this one smuggler. She's been stealing my shipments and I want it to end. So I figured: if I asked you for the job, you'd probably want it. The bounty: 100,000 creds."

Reaper stared long at the image Rav had displayed. An image of a girl, with the same face and blonde hair but wore Red Goggles. ...That face... it couldnt possibly...

"She goes by the name of Midnight. Find her and you get your creds, lad."

"Maybe theres a good reason why she's taking your shipments; your not exactly the type of person whom distributes baby bottles to human colonies. For all I know, she could be doing everybody else a favour..." Reaper crossed his arms. "I want to know whats in the shipments, if I am going to bother helping you."

Cyborg Ninja 11-05-2010 01:36 AM

((sorry guys, I've been pretty busy))

Xan couldn't help but get a little excited when he heard Tandra call out to Lyna. She had actually made contact with her, but only for a bit.

"You saw her? Could you tell where she was? Some type of location, anything," he said to her.

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