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jb4479 01-23-2011 08:40 PM

Super skip Taris mod fix
(If this is the wrong spot for this moderator please move)

I've just gotten back into KOTOR I after a while and was reinstalling my mods, when I discovered an issue with the super skip taris mod. The fix is really simple if you are only getting what looks like a readme when clicking the executable.

Simply download the latest version of the TSLPatcher itself, then place a copy of the TSLPatcher.exe in the folder with the mod, run and enjoy.

Afte4r looking around the net for a while I saw several people having this problem going back for several years, so now you know. This fix can be used any mod that utilizes the patcher but doesn't want to work.

Ser'eck 02-17-2011 11:26 PM

Thank you for posting this. I was having problems earlier with this mod and did exactly what you suggested and got the mod to work first try.

Thanks again!

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