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Alex IDV 05-26-2011 01:47 PM

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 will not be translated to English
Yeah, since Ace Attorney Investigations was a point and click adventure (more or less?), and is a quality game, I figured it may be of interest for some people on this forum, and some of you may not have heard of it yet.

Well, that's what it looks like right now, anyway. Capcom employee Sven says that there might be a possibility of it showing up on another platform (3DS?), but nothing's decided yet.

I don't know if it will help, but if you want to see AAI2 in the west, please take the time to sign this petition:

Kolzig 08-15-2012 10:24 AM

If only there was a way to make some fan translation. If it was a PC game, there would already be a project for this, I'm sure of it. :)

This is one of the last games for Nintendo DS that I would really need to my collections.

s-island 08-15-2012 04:13 PM there are translation projects hidden away on forums here and there. If they ever release anything is another question...

Kolzig 08-13-2013 06:13 AM

Yeah, I haven't really seen any translation projects coming to more finalized build.

It really sucks that Capcom never made the western version of this and now they surely never will when they fired the executive who was trying his best to localize a lot of golden game releases from Japan.

Kolzig 11-11-2013 04:53 AM

I heard that the game has been now 50% translated by fans and there's supposedly a first patch out there.

I would like to give those guys a medal if it really works.

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