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Oden1234 11-14-2011 10:48 PM

Canderous sidequest issue
It's been a while since i last did Canderous' sidequest, and i can't seem to get him past his first war i have to complete some other quest before he'll start talking?

Shem 11-15-2011 04:47 AM

I haven't done this is so long, so bare with me. If I remember right and you want to get all the stories done right after you have escaped Taris, just get on the Ebon Hawk and talk to Canderous. Once you can't anymore save your game and then reload it and talk to him again. Once you have heard them all, leave the Ebon Hawk with Canderous and watch Jagi show up.

R2-X2 11-15-2011 06:34 AM

I think Shem is right about that... Unlike most of the other party members you can get him to tell you all the stories without having to 'wait'. But only after you finished the main Dantooine plot, if I remember right...

Oden1234 11-15-2011 06:55 PM

which is weird, because i just finished the first star map after dantooine, and it still won't give me any option besides "do you know anything about this world" and "never mind"

i don't have to have a strong good/evil leaning do i?

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