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Kevin1415 12-20-2011 06:42 PM

The Prismatic Guards > Be fabulous
Located on Terentatek (PvP) server as the republic, The Prismatic Guards are dominating any who stand in our way. We are LGBTQ friendly and fierce. We only have on rule; be fabulous. Being fabulous includes a variety of things, but we mainly believe that working together as a team is our greatest asset. If you cannot handle our glitter then move aside, we will rainbow over your parade.

In all seriousness, PG is a relaxed and fun environment filled with dedicated and enjoyable players. Not only are we a laid back group of people, we want to be progressive at end game content as well. We want to focus on PVE and PVP content alike. Therefore, if we want to be successful as a guild, vent is a must. ( Not only does Ventrilo help raiding, PvP, and quests, it also helps build a stronger community within our guild.

With that being said, here is a ranking of traits we are looking for in possible fabulous recruits:

1. Be fabulous
2. Friendly
3. Hard working
4. Attentive (when necessary)
5. Sense of humor
6. Helping others
7. 18+ years

If you believe you have these traits and like what you have read so far, then The Prismatic Guards are for you. Either reply on the forums stating your in-game name and a reason why you believe you belong with us or contact me in-game at Kylen.

I'm out.

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