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Glabro 01-09-2012 08:51 PM

Canon based gameplay mods?
I'll do a bit of pseudo-threadomancy, if you'll excuse me. The question is still current, and Phoenix Rising was the answer then. It looks like PR is alive and well these days, but what about others?

I'll quote myself from 2007:

What I´m looking for:

- A close matching of EU canon (I´m accepting things like the X-Wing series here) statistics for starships and vehicles
(correct weapons, shields, speeds and other abilities, also correct attributes of all weapons etc.)

- A removal of all needless rock-paper-scissors crap - for example, I want the corvette´s lasers to do an equal amount of damage to anything it shoots - I don´t want its damage to be tripled against starfighters! All balancing of this sort should happen naturally because of the ship´s normal statistics. ACCURACY should be the only thing affected by different targets.

- A balancing and pricing of the above

- A removal of all in-battle spawning - carriers should be able to launch their full complement (the canon numbers, again), and not produce any more during the battle. Ditto for ground barracks and turrets & such - they are needless RTS relics. Speaking of carriers, Rebel ships should have a complement too (naturally of reduced strength)

- More realism in general : blasters should be deadly in ground combat, not just drain away the life bar vs infantry, but VERY inaccurate (can manage this side myself). Also, to compensate, more men per platoon. (The Star Wars firefight feeling comes from a bunch of soldiers wildly firing at each other and missing a lot, but each occasional hit dropping a combatant - not having each damned blaster bolt hit the target but require 40 shots to kill one guy).
This should, of course, translate over to space combat (fighters, for example).

- Reworked tech tree, to match canon lore better

- A unit of major importance is not included in EAW - namely the Imperial Infantry! While it can be imagined the prestigious stormtroopers take care of the critical ops that the EAW land battles are representative of, it´d be nice to actually field infantry platoons. (I actually have this and the Imperial Plex team done, as one of the rebel soldier skins fits them well, but just wanted to mention...)

After all this, everything extra is just gravy.

So, which mod would be closest to what I´d want?

I'll add my old space battle scheme for my abandoned mod, to see if any current mod agrees with it or is similar:

- Space battles based around starfighters. The lore places great focus on these, and in WW2 terms these would be the air force AND submarine forces of the SW universe!

- Bombers are like the submarine force. Very effective in relation against capital ships, especially those with their shields down

- Interceptors are the natural enemy and the best foil against other starfighters. They're the fastest space units and the most maneuverable / hardest to hit, and equipped with concussion missiles (anti-fighter). Secondary role is using this maneuverability to wear down capital ships' shields with their lasers.

- Space Superiority Fighters (like the X-Wing) are jacks of all trades, with enough maneuverability to run rings around bombers, good enough shields to take some hits, and still useful against capships with their limited payload of torpedoes and lasers.

- Corvettes are have a focus in accurate lighter lasers that are able to track starfighters better, especially good against bombers that are slower than them by a bit and less maneuverable, but against bigger capital ships, mostly useful for taking down shields with their multiple lasers. Work as Destroyers of WW2.

- Frigate, Cruiser: jack of all trades, workhorses of the fleet. Carrier capacity.

- Destroyer and up: anti-capital ship / anti-starbase, large carrier capacity.

Basically this logically makes things revolve around starfighters: bigger ships usually either carry them to battle (must be included in the cost):
Problem even if finite in battle, losses are always replenished after battle if the capship survives. How to correct this? Is is possible to make carriers dependent on purchased and built starfighters? Realistically speaking, since starfighters cannot operate independently for long (they need a base either in a carrier or a starbase, or alternatively a ground base), how smart is it to have independent squadrons going about?

After some consideration, I could also assist with implementing these changes to a mod that shares the vision. Not looking for a "prestigeous position" or a "job" as some mods put it, but I'm willing to help out.

Thanks for reading!

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