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Darth Avlectus 04-10-2012 02:12 AM

A Crossroads. WWYD?
Which one would you choose (FIRST) if you were in my place?

Financially ing good shape, but in a bit of a bind b/c 3 things all at once are coming down on me and I'm not rich. Usually ~150 a month of relatively flexible income at best. More often it's onlu about $35-50/mo. Usually put away into saving.

Issues are 2 minpr to moderate health issues, and car service/repair expenses. Whatever the choice I'll have to make a payment plan and pay down before I can save up for the next one. OR put on credit and pay down, or debit.

1) Impacted molars on right side of jaw (4 of them: 2 upper, 2 lower) causing cyclical migraines interfering with work and life. Can't see straight sometimes. Estimated price to fix problem: $1800-2800. Makes right half of face sensitive to touch, usually lasts in spells of 1-2 agonizing weeks at a time, then goes away for about 4 months though this is beginning to shorten lately.

2) Ingrown toenails, left foot instead of head, causing the same sort of excruciating pain interfering with life and work, and makes walking troublesome. Causes black and blue swelling and occasionally breaks skin and bleeds. Big toe inner side (left) edge, second to last little toe, inner side (right) edge. Bad enough I can't walk well sometimes. Sub-constant basis. Pull and clip minor releif for 2 weeks and then have to grow it for 2-3 months before I can do it again.
Estimateed price for laser surgery ~$1000 average. I'd like to try to salvage the nail before telling them to take it off permanently.

Show spoiler

Right now 1 & 2 are hitting me at the same time.

3) Majoer service due for car, and is falling apart due to age, and vandalism from wild animals, and weather has been brutal on it. Required to keep working and keep money flowing. estimated price ~$750
It'll probably keep going if I don't but it's starting to run noticeably crappier. Simple maintenance just isn't going to get it anymore.

No wmabe one answer or another seem pretty obvious to you. Keep in mind I am not thinking straight atm. For me all I know is 3 expensive choices are in front of me. This really SUCKS. things arnt making sense likw normal

I suppose I'll heard advice. just not wallsssa of text. I'l copm back later to se qwat yousaid but rightnow i amstarting to losemy composurr. urg

Totenkopf 04-10-2012 03:09 AM

I'd say go with it in pretty much the order you've listed them. The 1st problem is really effing with your head, literally. Second one affects your mobility, w/ or w/o a car. Car problems are a bitch, but not as important as your body. Given your descriptions, I'd say (whether you intended it or not) that you have them in the right order. Not sure how it impacts your wallet, but serious health problems have to trump $$ whenever possible. Good luck whatever you do.

purifier 04-10-2012 03:37 AM

Man I hear ya buddy, been there - done that. Especially with the teeth, that's the worse pain I've every had. But then you got the ingrown toenail, never had that before, that's probably just as bad if not worse.

Anyway, the one thing I've learned in life, if you don't have your health, nothing else matters. So basically what I would do, if I were in your shoes, is get those health issues taken care of as soon as you can. Now some people may say that the ingrown toenail is not a major health issue, and they maybe right, but to me it depends on how bad that mother hurts, so that's up to you. But I do know from personal experience that bad teeth can cause you more problems in the long run than what you might think. Infection, not only in your gums, but in your blood stream working it's way to your heart. Now I'm not trying to scare the crap out of you, but the doctors always warned me that if I didn't take care of the teeth that were bad (get'em capped ,pulled, root canal or whatever), then it might cost me a trip to the emergency room. And that will probably cost you more money then what you wanted to spend in the first place.

So all I'm saying is, if it were my teeth, I'd get those taken care of first; even if you have to have them pulled. Because it's not worth the trouble, that can be a helluva lot worse for ya, that you'll probably haft to endure later on.

Hope this helps, bro. And good luck.

ChAiNz.2da 04-10-2012 10:13 AM

Teeth first. It will eventually get so bad you won't be able to eat.
No food = bad things to come. Infections can be particularly nasty (and lethal) if it isn't taken care of.

Car or nail next. I'd personally go nail because pain is pain and it wears on you mentally too after awhile. Use a cane (if need be) for the feet/nail probs till you can remedy it. Canes are kewl :cool:

Darth Avlectus 04-24-2012 03:25 AM

Feeling better because it all wore off, but little closer to achieving any of it. Since Car is closest, that'll go first--I cannot work if the car breaks down. If I can't work, I can't afford anything.

Next I'll work something out with my local maxilofacial dentist guy. We're cool like that. We already spoke.

Ingrown nails...well, as pain as it may be, surgery may lay me up and I simply *cannot* afford that right now and prices have not been fully estimated but it perhaps figures around the same as pulling impacted molars. I'll limp until it's time to clip'n'rip again--repeat cycle.

Hmm. You know, a cane is looking kind of reasonable right now.

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