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HK-74 06-13-2012 04:17 PM

Jedi academy questions - Strange cultists/reborn forcepowers,moves saber styles
Hi guys!I registered here cuz I am burning with the desire to ask a few questions.I have played this game about 10 times,once dark side,to see how it ends,and Ive noticed some interesting stuff
1st - how come the cultist and reborn are able to jump as high as to reach the top of the map(for example on t3_rift)and I can leap only 12 times the normal height?
2nd-on t3_rift after the sabotaged bridge I battled the 3 reborn,one of them died fast but the other two didnt give up easily,so I jumped on a column to wait for their dark rage to pass.But then a red mist appeared around them,separated from them and joined between them in a red cloud,separated in half again and touched the reborn,disappearing!Then with force sense I saw that they were at full health again!At the end I saw Tavion do this by herself,and I wonder what power is this?
3rd-I got attacked by a reborn with saber staff,but after a quick skirmish he switched it to dual sabers!Once the opposite has happened-dual sabers to saber staff!
4th-Why there is a cultist_destroyer NPC in the files,but not in the game?

If someone can answer them all I will be very grateful

Professor Lamme. 06-14-2012 01:33 PM

1st - that is a npc thing. every npc that has a force jump level can jump to wherever they want

2nd - that one i think its due to the fact that tavion is using a sith sword and that gives her the ability to regain health. that can be also found on Jedi Outcast on the last level: when you go through a beam of energy in the middle of the map you get invulnerable for a time. and the effects and graphics of that beam are the same as tavion's sith sword power.

3rd - i also noticed that cant do that only they can (again, another npc thing...)

4rd - that case also repeats with the cultist commando ( a cultist that wields dual-pistols). they are there because they were leftovers that raven never introduced in the levels maybe they thought about doing so but they didn't. about the cultist destroyer funny thing: he uses a power that can suck force energy and then gets close to you, explodes and kills everything around him. you can spawn both these cultist on the console and see it by yourself.

hope that helped! ;)

HK-74 06-14-2012 02:31 PM

Thanks,that explains a lot,but only these two reborn are performing this effect,with the red mist(last night i saw it again)are they some sort of conncted in the game code?like the Kothos twin and rosh?Once I spawned them and rosh after that and they began to give him powers just like in the mission!Cant I jump as high as them?Isnt there a way to do it?It would make the game feel much more realistic!

Professor Lamme. 06-14-2012 04:09 PM

whoa, i never saw reborns doing the healing effect so idk much about that. about high jumping i dont know how to do that, if it is possible or even illegal because it could involve modifying the single-player source code.

katanamaru 06-21-2012 12:55 PM

I know that if you hit a staff saber that a reborn is using just right you can cut it into dual sabers. Never seen the duals turned into a staff.

The jump thing is a scripting issue. The game lets the dark jedi jump as high as they need to to reach the player or scripted paths.

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