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Lando Jeffrini 08-04-2012 03:22 PM

KOTOR & KOTOR 2 Combo Pack compatible w/ Vista
Have the Star Wars Best of PC that has KOTOR and had multiple issues playing it with Vista. The game would lock up in various spots to the point I couldn't continue. Just saw a KOTOR 1&2 Combo pack at Best Buy yesterday (8/3/12) and noticed that it is now Vista compatible in the System Requirements, assuming LucasArts finally fixed whatever issues the game(s) had and updated it. Has anyone played these? Are the games fixed or do they still have issues? I'd like to be able to play the game(s) and be able to complete them, but am hesitant to buy the new Combo pack without having a little info first. Any help/info will be greatly appreciated.

Q 08-04-2012 08:48 PM

Have you seen this thread? Specifically the second post?

If you already own the games, buying them again shouldn't be necessary.

Lando Jeffrini 08-10-2012 02:55 AM

have seen and followed the threads you speak of . In fact you've helped a bit, but the game (KOTOR) kept locking up at various spots and I gave up. The system requirements for the 2 disk set I just saw (KOTOR 1&2) actually says its compatible w/ vista and has a copyright of 2012 on it. I assume that LucasArts fixed the game and it's now compatible. I was just curious if anyone had bought it or had experience with it and could verify that yes it does work and won't lock up. The version I have (Best of PC) had multiple issues that we tried to fix, unfortunately no good results. I'd just like to be able to play the game(s) in it's entirety without any issues.

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