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SkinWalker 09-12-2012 06:18 PM

US Marines Get an ATAT?

"...and if it frightens the enemy into submission, that's a plus."

A robotic "pack mule" for ground troops is about to be field-tested by embedding with Marines on deployment. The video is interesting but the thing is just too noisy...

Darth Groovy 10-21-2012 06:44 PM


Lynk Former 10-21-2012 08:36 PM

Oh yeah, a lot of vids of that have been posted. Remember first seeing it a few years ago.. though it was at an earlier stage of development... reminded me of a Metal Gear Gekko.

duster 10-22-2012 02:30 AM

Cool.Looks to me that the future will look a bit like star wars.The far future.

90SK 10-23-2012 09:33 PM

Not really an ATAT so to speak, I remember seeing something in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops II trailer that looked like a walking mech of some kind, that would be cool to see in the future (not like more war machines would be "cool" compared with the kinds of conflicts we'd have that would be better avoided). I've seen videos about this robotic pack mule thing before, and I feel like its cool but seems impractical when you get right down to it. Maybe if they focus on the walking technology they can apply it to larger projects in the future.

Kjølen 10-25-2012 03:25 AM

Looks more like a FENRIS Mech.

Darth Avlectus 11-09-2012 10:04 PM

Thread title is a tad hyperbole but, meh.

That's pretty cool. I was aware several years ago we were making "bug" robots that had 6 turning legs which could traverse over obstacles and uneven ground (to a point). Nice to see we're improving our technology. I don't know if I'm going to like it so much when we get the pricetag for it, though.

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