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TWINKEYRUNAWAY 11-10-2012 10:27 AM

Star Wars Battlefront II : Rising Conflict V1.0
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YouTube Video

Created By Dreadnot9

Uploaded, Recorded and Edited by TwinkeyRunaway

Download Link:

People we would like to thank:

Company : Audiomachine
Album : Deus Ex Machina

And to buy this track here is the album link:

Voice Acting portrayed by Whitefire7

His Channel:

And of Course Dreadnot9 for giving us the opportunity to play this during beta stages and for creating this awesome mod.

WIP Thread:

Description: This is the final version of Rising Conflict by dreadnot9, which is a new clone wars era using some of the best models by the community. He uses all the skins and coding with permission and heck he even created some custom maps for this era mod. It is very well done and one of the coolest clone wars era mods out there, right next to Ultimate clone Wars. Personally one of my favorite Era mods!

Visit our official home here (SWBF Custom):

Also be sure to check out gametoast:

Battlefront belongs to LucasArts and Pandemic Studios. Please do not be a noob and steal content from our videos(Graphic Designs, titles and scripts). There is no law prohibiting the stealing of ideas, but it does reflect the character and unoriginality of those that do. The 411Remnant respects the views of others and is a proud supporter of the battlefront community.

battle111 11-10-2012 11:10 AM


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