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CrisG 01-19-2013 05:13 PM

Enjoying Hoth
I am really liking Hoth, not sure if it is partly because i love the colour blue :) but it is a fun planet and the missions for the Jedi are interesting and doable, so far. Some are challenging but i am learning to level up well in advance of the specs to have fun with the game.

I went looking for Datacrons yesterday and got two but the one up on the Star of Coruscant, i went along a ledge of the ship when i should have gone down, i will have to try again.

in this pic i see that my companion has an itch...i guess they get to be human too.

One of them you have to defeat a level 47 unless i get some help i will have to wait on that one ...

well almost to level 40, seems like it has been a long journey, but i am glad i made it this far.

I noticed something, once you level up a certain amount from a world you cant get any XP from the battles there, i went back to Alderan to try to level up some and i got no credit for defeating any ordinary foes and only a few XP for a Heroic mission, i guess that is to keep people from XP mining. I will have to go back to Balmora before I get too far ahead as i still have some of the Bonus missions to do there.

hope everyone else is doing well and having fun, i hope to join in the group events sometime once i get to 50 but that may take a couple of months :)

May the Force be with us all, except for Imps and they have to settle for the Emperor being with them :):thmbup1:

RogueJedi86 01-19-2013 05:29 PM

You can tell if you won't get xp if the quest in your log is gray-colored. Ditto for a foe's level in the targeting frame. Alderaan has a bonus series that starts around 36/37, so you could go do those. Go in Castle Organa, bottom floor, second or third room on the left side of the main hall. You'll see the quest icon on minimap as you get close. They have a few heroics and stuff that will definitely be a challenge, plus normal missions for around 36-40. You do missions for Jace frickin Malcolm himself! I guess he's cleaning up Alderaan after he wiped out the Imps in the "Hope" trailer. :)

CrisG 01-19-2013 05:46 PM

Wow thanks, i do like Alderan, it is one of my other favorite planets. thanks a lot i will go there once i get up to 40 for a nice break. I am getting a little cold here on Hoth but thanks a lot. appreciate that info.

Another thing i really enjoy is helping out strangers i come across in tough battles, and some times they help me it is a nice way to expand the game. I have been invited to group up but my servers have been so bad and my game freezing still at times i was embarassed to hang someone else up so i tend to run away, is hard to change the chat window over too, so i am pretty shy about that and have not even gotten my social badge points yet i dont think, i went to Corussant to respond to that prompt for that msission but didnt see anything to it is still on hold even tho i have grouped up about eight times already...i guess i didnt know how to get credit for it. So i am a lone wolf...except for my companions.

CrisG 01-20-2013 02:22 AM

and i made it finally and to Level 40 WOOT! :)...well it will help ...makes a diference i noticed immediately between level 39 and level 40 which is nice. I get tired of these dang pirates.

thanks for the hints and tips here and on line from Guild members. Much appreciated.

CrisG 01-21-2013 03:01 AM

well taking a break fro Hoth to go back to Alderan and do some bonus missions. I tried my first space missoin, not good at those, had to figure out how to target, it wont target lock until you see the little light blue circle around the target would have helped to have that instruction in the Tutorial. i managed finally to succeed in one, but it sure took a long time. and you dont get very much XP. And yes i did upgrate my shields and missle supply. anyway i will try a few more maybe but it is hardly worth the effort. on with the bonus missions. i think the first one will be gainst the bugs, had forgotten about them.

JasraLantill 01-25-2013 08:12 AM

I liked the Bonus Round on Alderaan, even though I really hate the bugs. (Things with more than 4 torso appendages just creep me out a bit. Tails are ok. Scales are fine. Just multiple arms/legs/tentacles.... eew.) Got a lot of credits during that Bonus round of missions, too, as I recall. And some nice gear for my companions. Found the very last Heroic and Area missions a bit tough, but found someone to group with when I was just about to give up. If you need help with them, I'll be happy to lend a hand. :)

Char Ell 01-25-2013 09:12 AM

I didn't find the heroics in the Alderaan bonus area to be worth my time. If you need the credits, have other players you can do them with, and have the interest then by all means go ahead. I did them on my main and IIRC your rewards for the heroics are a choice between Alderaan commendations (which aren't all that useful since Alderaan commendation vendors offer lvl 28-32 gear and you're likely lvl 39 or higher if you're doing Alderaan bonus area) and a prototype lockbox that awards a random prototype level item. Really meh awards IMHO. So now I just do the single player quests and possibly the Heroic 2 mission that takes you to the cave where you blow the wall to access a datacron. I agree that getting to work for Malcolm Jace is cool. :D

JasraLantill 02-19-2013 10:11 AM

I have to go back to Hoth! I just found out through a bit of random net surfing that there's supposed to a pet to be had there in a little secret hidey spot. Going to check it out tonight to see if it's true. :) (Gotta go there anyway for that Gree mission anyway.)

mimartin 02-19-2013 10:34 AM

Jasra, on that mission for the gree where you have to travel around, the only one that may give you some problems is voss. When you are going there yell (if I am on) and I will go with you. Otherwise, on your sawbones, stealth in unstealth by starting coversation, then after convesation hit escape and run away. Leyn'a and Mar'ina I just killed the droids, with Brem I had to resort to heroic moments, with Sliv'ilia I did the stealth trick...Way easier. I used that method for all the droids on the other plaents, even though the rest are easy to kill.

On topic: I hate Hoth. Some fun datacrons there though.

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