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The Lord of Chaos 01-31-2013 08:20 AM

If you want to write fan fiction based on my KotOR III story...
Go on right ahead. My story is linked in my signature. A couple members on that site said that they'd like to see fan fiction based off it, but the thing is... I ain't doing it, I suck at it. It's like how Lucas has great ideas, but we all saw what happened with the prequels when he did the directing and screenplays himself...

machievelli 01-31-2013 08:45 AM


The_Catto 01-31-2013 09:57 PM

1) Don't compare yourself to Lucas.
2) Don't just say here is my story and post a link; we won't go to it.
3)You may not be that good of a writer, but don't assume those who are somewhat competent will take up your story.

This thread is a waste of time, and so is my reply. I'm just posting because I am bored. And to let you know that if you want to get noticed as a storyteller around here (if you write or not) you went about it the wrong way. Ohhh-kay? Cool.

Oh and one last thing, what the hell did you write if not Fanfiction? It's about Kotor III, you're a fan, and its a story. Ergo, it be fanfiction, mate. Just sayin'....

The Lord of Chaos 01-31-2013 10:15 PM

1) I'm not saying my ideas are Lucas good, but I think they're good and I don't give a **** if being proud of my work makes me come across as arrogant. I meant I was like Lucas in the sense that I'm not good at executing my ideas into some kind of screenplay or fan fiction well.

2 & 3) You won't, but you don't speak for everyone else. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything, nor am I assuming anyone will do anything with it. But I'll never know unless I give people a chance to at least look at what I've done. That's why I said *if* you want to...

I wrote what I'd do for a story if another KotOR game came out. It's just an outline of my plot, no dialogue or specifics about party members and what not.

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