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TWINKEYRUNAWAY 06-07-2013 11:05 AM

SWBF1 - Elite Corps Demo V1
SWBF - Elite Corps Demo


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SWBF : Elite Corps Demo 1 (Released June 7th, 2013)
By TwinkeyRunaway (aka 411Remnant Admin)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

Overview: Elite Crops is a vanilla gameplay friendly skin mod
aimed to improve the quality and add in new skins/models for your
SWBF experience. This demo offers a skin replacement for Regular Infantry,
Heavy Infantry, Sniper classes and special classes pertianing to the GCW (Episodes 4-5).
This version is aimed to give you a taste of what is to come. No clone wars
era yet, still under heavy development. If you find any problems be sure to
post here at SWBFGamers. Weapons/models/skins used are subject to change
espceially since more than half of them wll be switched out in a later demo.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

SWBFGamers - (You guys really helped me get into modding)
Tirpider - (for your excellent OTC skins/msh files and for the back pack add ons)
Glitch - (helpful advice)
Nedarb7 - (Helpful Advice/support)
Phobos - (For the future construction of a special skin changing add on and for
his excellent advice. Also your lvl builder was probaly the biggest help)
Kit fisto - (For very helpful advice regarding model changing)
Snake - (for your excellent ultimate mod pack, found most of the things in it useful)
Unit33 - (You sir are an inspiration to skinners and credit for your fleet trooper skin,
the attractive rebel sniper face and wookie skin).
Sereja - (For some of the weapons models, the imp sniper rifle and DC-17 models)
Buckler - (thanks for pointing me in the right direction)
Republic Commando - (For helping me and teaching me things. Also for
your sniper rifle)
411Remnant Family (thanks for the support and beta testing gentlemen)
Disney/Lucas Arts/Pandemic - (Either though both lucas arts and pandemic are
gone (RIP sweet princes), disney its up to you not to screw up star wars. )
SWBFCustom - (Thanks to all the members there who supported me)
Icemember - (Its becuase of you that my skinnig skills improved, thanks bro!)
George Lucas and God, both of which I drew a lot of inspiration.
and my brothers who listend to all my ideas and ranting about stuff :p

For true 720/1080 HD Star Wars Mod previews/reviews, comedy scripts and action packed trailers
visit the 411Remnant Youtube channel at:

Also be sure to visit these guys for more of our own mod projects:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
GO TO: My Computer/Computer
Local disk
Program files(or Program files (x86) if you are using 64 bit windows)
Star Wars Battlefront
Back up your all.lvl
Place the all.lvl you downloaded into the SIDE folder

GO TO: Applications
Star Wars Battlefront (folder or app)
Right Click
Show Package Contents
Back up your all.lvl
Place the all.lvl you downloaded into the SIDE folder

Tyler Hartman 06-25-2013 02:20 PM

I didn't even know anybody modded Battlefront, keep up the good work = )

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