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Achilles 09-13-2013 03:11 AM

Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords 1.1 feels good to be posting mods again :)

Link to mod, posted at DeadlyStreams


Title: Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords


Special Thanks to the following individuals:

Alien - 99% of the work is his. This fix for his fix is uploaded with his permission.
tk102 - Since GFFEditor broke stuff and KGFF saved the day, teekay deserves some recognition for his awesome (TSL-friendly) tool.


Original mod info (including link to download and screenshots) can be found here:

As you can see, Alien's work is remarkable. Unfortunately, v.1 has some issues with the Actions UI in the lower left (mines and force form are borked, and the action description hovers over the menus rather than displaying above, making the arrows a pain to use).

After some digging around, I was able to fix these issues and am releasing the fix with Alien's permission.

To install, simply copy the two .gui files into your Override folder.
To uninstall, take it back out.

Phildevil 09-13-2013 08:53 PM

What Widescreen mod should we use yours with?

Achilles 09-13-2013 09:18 PM

No idea. My game is WS via the .ini.

I can't imagine how it would matter.

Kainzorus Prime 09-13-2013 10:15 PM

It works, unlike other hud fixes floating around the web.

Phildevil 09-14-2013 03:06 AM

So you just add something like say 1920x1080 into both the swkotor2.ini's display and graphic fields?

Achilles 09-14-2013 05:59 AM

TSL will run 1280x768 without the need for cracked .exe's or utilities that hexedit said exe's.

Unfortunately, that's the only resolution you can get that way.

Achilles 09-24-2013 03:27 AM

v1.4 has been posted over on Deadly Stream (see link in 1st post).

All the bugs I've been able to find have been fixed, however if any more come up, let me know and I'll have a look.

Q 09-24-2013 10:18 PM

In answer to your question, Achilles, this is how it looks @ 1080p:

Outstanding work by you and Alien, especially considering that Sweetz (aka Stevedroid), the KotOR widescreen guru, said that it couldn't be done. :thmbup1:

In Sweetz's defense, I have a feeling that he was thinking about keeping TSL's dynamic HUD size while accommodating different aspect ratios instead of making it static like KotOR 1's.

Achilles 09-25-2013 12:51 AM

Yeah, after I sent that I did some more tweaking on this end and it looks like we'll need Alien's hud for 16x9 and the one I'm working on now for 16x10.

I mostly finished one that looked good in 1280x800, however looked like garbage in 1680x1050.

Started over for 1680x1050, but there's some glitchiness if I try to it 1280x800.

At this point, I'm definitely going to finish and release the 1680x1050 version. It probably wouldn't take much to wrap up the other, but after this, I think I'm done with hud mods for a while. Talk about mind-numbing.

EDIT: Screenie of work completed so far. Upper right and the combat related elements are all that's left.

Achilles 09-25-2013 02:44 PM

Couple of things I noticed in Q's screenshot:

There appears to be some stretching in the party avs. Did this start after 1.4? They appeared fixed in Alien's screenshot. The pictures themselves should be square.

The minimap is also oblong rather than square and it doesn't appear as though he resized the pointer/marker along with the rest of the map. The pointer would be an easy fix, as would the shape of the map, however I don't want to "fix" something that people don't consider broken.

Kainzorus Prime 09-25-2013 03:10 PM

Yes, the portraits did get stretched after 1.4 update.

The map size would be a nice fix though.

Also, even with 1.4, I still notice the enemies healthbar is still incorrectly displayed at 1920x1080.

Achilles 09-25-2013 03:31 PM

Thanks for the feedback. The party icon stretching is probably my fault.

I should be able to fix that fairly easily.

I'm perplexed by the health bar though. The display area for that element is governed by the name bar (which he resized to 133). The health bar was still set the default value of 200 (so the first 33% of damage wouldn't show). When I tested this on my end, it worked fine.

Can you elaborate on what's still not working?

Edit: I just double checked the math and 16:9 should resize that to 113, not 133. I may have put in the wrong value, which would explain why the issue is still there (though it wouldn't be as bad). I'll double check the file tonight.

Kainzorus Prime 09-25-2013 04:14 PM

Well, basically, as you've said - some of the first damage dealt wouldn't show up, and the enemy would still have a full health bar, despite having taken damage.

I'll see if it's still there after your next update.

Achilles 09-25-2013 08:38 PM

1.54 is up with a new screenshot.

I scrapped the previous file and started over with a fresh copy of Alien's original mod, so any 16x10 experimenting I did won't be present in this version. Also, I forced my monitor to 1920x1080, so I could confirm that everything is as it should be before packaging it up for download. Shorter: hopefully, no more bugs.

While I was digging around, I noticed that a lot of the math was off in some of settings. Unfortunately, I don't think it's something that little tweaks will resolve, but neither it is resulting in anything that makes this unusable. I may rebuild this from scratch at some point, but it won't be until after the 16x10 version is finished.

Kainzorus Prime 09-26-2013 12:10 AM

Just tested it, works flawlessly now.

Achilles 09-27-2013 12:41 AM

16x10 (optimized for 1680x1050) is finished. I want to take the weekend to tidy up some of my documentation but it should be ready to go Monday-ish.

I did have to add one additional file to manage the "bark bubble" (the pop-up text field for for voiced NPC that don't get an actual dialog window). Unfortunately, there appears to be something hard-coded in how it's managed depending on whether or not you have the mini-map activated. I've done the best that I can with it, but I bring this up to mention that I did absolutely zero testing for this with the 16x9 stuff. Has anyone encountered a situation where the bark bubble doesn't appear overhead if you have the mini-map off? If I need to include a version of this tweak, I'd like to include it in the next release.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Q 09-28-2013 07:57 PM

LOL@ "bark bubble."

Anyway, tried it, and it doesn't show up when the mini-map is deactivated.

Achilles 09-28-2013 10:27 PM

Yeah, the stuff you really need to find, they label with some archaic system of letters and numbers; the thing you never think to look for they call "barkbubble".

Thanks for looking. That means I need to include a modified copy of that in the next release.

EDIT: Good news is that the tweak I made for 16x10 works for 16x9.

Q 09-28-2013 11:25 PM

Can't wait to try it.

Achilles 10-01-2013 07:57 PM

2.0 is up. I didn't get as much time to play this weekend as I'd hoped but I finally managed to test everything in the 16x10 folder and confirmed that it's bug free for 1680x1050. I had also hoped to finish up the documentation, but alas, that's going to have to wait.

v3 (if it happens) will be a mostly re-written version of 16x9 that fixes a lot of the math in Alien's release. If v3 doesn't happen, an update will be published at some point that will include modder's resource information so that no one ever has to learn this stuff from scratch ever again.

Achilles 10-06-2013 09:37 PM

2.01 is up with a fix for the 16x10 version. If you are using the 16x9, you do not need to re-download.

Achilles 10-13-2013 07:39 PM

2.02 is up. Like 2.01, the fix only applies to people using the 16x10 version.

mathfreq 10-18-2013 07:46 PM

What method do you use to get the game to run in widescreen HD in the first place? I know some people recommend UniWS but that involves having to revert the game to an older version (I'm playing through steam). Thanks in advance!

Phildevil 10-18-2013 08:07 PM

What specific resolution are you referring to? If you mean 1920x1080, I ain't convinced it is doable, depending on the version you are using. Out of the 3 TSL versions, I know only one that will probably work and that's neither the 4 discs version (CD's) or the steam version. I could be mistaken though...

Achilles 10-19-2013 03:04 AM

You can run the game in 1280x768 just by opening swkotor2.ini and entering the respective height and width values in both Graphics and Display sections. This is the only WS resolution that you can get this way (however most WS utilities will require you to change these values after running them).

Achilles 10-20-2013 08:03 AM

v3 is pretty much finished.

I still have a couple of things to tweak in 16x9, a few changes to make to 16x10 (based on what I learned re-writing 16x9 from scratch), and the documentation to finish, but it should be out soon.

I thoroughly tested this as I went, however if anyone would like to assist with beta testing, please PM me with your email addy.

milestails 10-20-2013 03:08 PM

Thanks Achilles. Your persistence for perfecting this fix is very inspiring!

Achilles 10-20-2013 10:54 PM

v3 is out. I'm still working on the documentation but didn't see the point in sitting on this for another week just so that I could finish the modder resources. All work/testing was done in 1920x1080 so there shouldn't be any surprises, but please let me know if I missed anything.

Please note that the content of the folder marked "Alien" is Alien's original with all bugfixes up to v2.02. The download now contains 3 versions of the UI: 16x10, 16x9 v2.02, and 16x9 v3. Please be sure to only install one of these.

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