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Al_Ciao 11-01-2013 02:23 PM

Better Graphics Settings?
When I play KotOR 1 or 2 now, it's somewhat grainy looking; that's how it is, it's an older game. I'm just wondering if there's some kind of tweak or mod or something that will sharpen the graphics at all. I have GTX 560ti, and I'm on Windows 7, so I know my computer's capable of it :P

Thanks. ^-^

EDIT: I *do* have max graphics settings and such turned on in the game options. ;)

Sith Sizzle 11-01-2013 09:41 PM

It would help if you could post a screenshot because your idea of grainy might actually look great to someone else or even worse than it appears to you. I'm not familiar with your computer and don't know the rest of your specs, but I do have Windows 7 and play with max graphics and the game has always looked great. So it might not be "how it is", but something else entirely.

I'm not sure how it will effect the graininess, but there are some different mods that can change the resolution, color, and overall look of the game. Just search around!

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