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The Doctor 11-08-2013 02:31 AM

[OOC] Legacy: Blood of the Moonborn
~ In a world not quite our own in a time like none we've seen, the growing dark looms over the huddled masses of Man. ~

Of the myriad beasts and creatures that stalk the nights of our realm, none is as fearsome or repulsive a thing as the Werwulf. On this plane there exists no greater perversion, no higher mockery, of the natural form and spirit or either Beast nor Man.
~ The Dark of Our Souls, Chapter LXIII; Author Unknown

So. This is going to serve as a prequel, of sorts, to a personal writing project I've been working on steadily over the last year or so. The story will take place in the city-state of Harkshire, England, in a dystopic parallel-world Earth circa 1925. Technological progress has reached a similar point, if very different style, as the world we're familiar with - the Victorian Age accelerated; an anarchistic world fueled by coal and driven by steam. In this world, the creatures that live in our own stories and legends are very different, very real... and very hungry. We will each take on the roll of a Hunter, a private citizen who defends themselves and their fellow Man in the shadow war against the things that move in the dark - in this story, the darkest and most dangerous of all: the Werwulf. Exactly how different this creature is from what we know and understand to be a werewolf will become apparent once we begin.

For now, I'd like to see some character sheets. Just as in the real world, we're all going to be human. Beyond that, you can be any sort of character you'd like - so long as you think they're prepared for what's to come. I'll have my own character up come morning, but for now I'll post the general format I'd like people to use.

Name: Required and self-explanatory.
Age: Not required, but ideal. Be sensible here.
  • Height: Ideal, but optional.
  • Weight: Optional.
  • Hair: Preferred but optional.
  • Eyes: Optional.
  • Weapon(s): Required. Can be anything sensible for the time period. Guns do exist in this world, but are limited to revolvers, muskets, etc. No automatics or snipers, I'm afraid.
  • Apparel: Required.
History/Biography: I'd like everyone to put something here, even if it's just a brief overview of their personality, or how/why they became a Hunter. Don't need a full life story, just something to give the rest of us a feel for you.

If anyone has any questions or would like more information on anything specific, please ask. I'm more than happy to provide any information on the setting you may need.

Black Knight of Keno 11-08-2013 04:18 AM

If I may grind this down to the pure basic elements, it's Van Helsing or Brothers Grimm stuffed into an early 20th century setting, right? Also, are the hunters respected members of society or just shady travellers that very few people know about?
Also, well met again Doctor.

The Doctor 11-08-2013 09:28 AM

Actually, if we're comparing it to existing works then it's more akin in tone to Arrow meets Supernatural in a quasi not-quite-but-almost steampunk version of the 20th century.

As for the hunters, that basically comes down to how the world at large views or thinks about the paranormal. Very much like our world, the existence of such creatures and phenomenon is questioned by the majority of the population. Many hunters, knowing the truth, must sometimes resort to lying, theft, impersonation, and the like in order to keep their lifestyle a secret. So I suppose you could label many of them as shady travellers; but I'd use the word unknown or unnoticed rather than shady - that implies someone who breaks laws or hurts people as a way of life rather than as a means to a more noble end.

The Doctor 11-08-2013 12:58 PM

Name: Memoria Saeculum - her primary pseudonym. She has left her given name behind.
Gender: Female.
Age: 24 years old.
Description: [Image 1] | [Image 2]
  • Height: ~1.70m/~5'6".
  • Weight: ~51kg/~112lbs.
  • Hair: Dark brown; shoulder length; most often styled in a ponytail.
  • Eyes: Brown.
  • Weapon(s): A telescopic aluminum quarterstaff. The staff collapses to only a foot and a half long, but by twisting the handle can be extended to a full six feet. She also carries small explosive charges packed with rock salt.
  • Apparel: Memoria wears black denim pants, a dark red tunic, and a black military-style bomber jacket that once belonged to her father's father. She also wears two iron rings - her parents' wedding bands - on her right hand; one on her ring finger, and the other on her index. Both rings show signs of once being thinly gilded, though most of the gold has since flaked away.
History/Biography: Memoria's father was a paranormal researcher killed in the course of an experiment gone wrong when she was seven. Her mother was killed in the same accident, and Memoria lived thanks only to the heroism of her father's young assistant. Now a doctor of paranormal research himself, Dr. Seward Chase used his connections and knowledge to train Memoria to hunt and combat the creatures he and her father spent their lives researching. She has been training in hand to hand combat, stealth, and deductive reasoning for over a decade, and has been a hunter in her own right for nearly six years. She specialises in ghosts, poltergeists, and malevolent spirits in general.

Black Knight of Keno 11-08-2013 04:16 PM

Name: Sir Alexander Kenneth, Lord Grimhall
Aliases: Alex Kenneth, Alex Grimm
Age: 33

  • Height: 178 cm / 5'10"
  • Weight: 79 kg / 174 lbs
  • Hair: Raven black
  • Eyes: Greyish-blue
  • Weapon(s): Revolver, a switchblade and a swordstick.
  • Apparel: Depends on the occasion. When going by his title, Alexander makes sure to dress well with expensive suits, a tophat, shined leather Oxford shoes and his cane as well as wearing an expensive overcoat when outdoors. When using an alias, Alexander wears clothing more suited for perhaps the lower middle classes with rough brown or grey jackets and simple work pants and cheaper and worn-looking derby leather shoes.

History/Biography: Alexander Kenneth was the second son of Sir Edward Kenneth, a Baronet in southern England as well as an industrialist with ties to many factories and railway lines through small ownerships here and there. Unknown to everyone the family had a long tradition as hunters of not just deer and foxes but monsters and beasts that others knew only from folklore and tales told to children to scare them if they didn't behave themselves. When one such hunter in the family received a recognition as a Baronet, a tradition was founded that the eldest surviving child was to be the successor to the Baronet and it's titles. The second son would continue the hunt with the full support from the Baronet.

And so it was that Alexander grew up with tutoring from his uncle how to hunt these legendary beasts from an early age as well as receiving all the tutoring necessary for an upper-class gentleman such as himself. When his father passed away suddenly, fallen deathly ill with pneumonia at the age of 56, Alexander's brother received the title and the lands and Alexander received in turn a lordship over the family manor of Grimhall, a title that would give him ease of passage to most of the world if he so wished. He remained in the study of his uncle until his twenties, at which point his uncle took him to Germany and the villages that were close to where their family really originated from. There he fought his first and so far only werwulf as well, a gruesome melee which gave Alexander not only a realization over the real threat the beasts posed but a scar on his right cheek and several more on his chest as well. He would certainly have died at the hands of the beast if not for his uncle who managed to surprise and kill the beast.

After travelling through Europe and the Middle-East for some years, refining his skills and abilities, he returned to England to find that his uncle and tutor had died peacefully in the manor of Grimhall just some weeks prior to his arrival back. Alexander made a vow to continue his uncle's work and started reading up on any information his uncle had gathered on the beasts of England, then finally making plans to travel further north in England. Interestingly enough, he would find his skills and abilities challenged heavily as he started his trip, his training giving him prowess against corporeal manifestations such as vampires and revenants but having very little practical knowledge on the banishment of purely spiritual beings like ghosts and poltergeists.

Hope this is to your satisfaction. Hope a bloodline of hunters and a previous lucky encounter with a werwulf is alright with you. I can change it if it doesn't fit with your vision of the world. I left the werwulf encounter as vague as possible for the sole reason of leaving the description of the "arch-nemesis" of the story to the author. I can change it to werewolf if you wish the werwulf to be a more rare and powerful being.

The Doctor 11-08-2013 04:28 PM

Not at all, the bloodline of hunters is perfect - adds a nice layer to the craft, if you ask me. Me likes. The previous run-in with a werwulf can stand as well, so long as you're prepared for the fact that the beast in this world is different in several key ways to the one from our own folklore. We'll get to the specifics with that once we get going, though.

As for werwulf/werewolf, the spelling is irrelevant. They'd be the same creature, I just preferred the Old English spelling over the modern one.

Black Knight of Keno 11-08-2013 04:43 PM

Excellent. I'm prepared for the werwulf being a badass mofo. Alexander wasn't prepared for the first encounter and probably won't be for the inevitable second encounter either. I'd say he didn't even get a good look at the beast in action in between being pummeled and thrown around by it.
I rather like the fact that only after writing that did I realize that Alexander is a great counterpart for Memoria, with his proficiency with beasts and her specialization on the spiritual.

The Doctor 11-11-2013 12:14 AM

We're a bit thin on characters here, even with Writer working on one as well. So I'm going to create another one myself.

Name: Darren Coal.
Gender: Male
Age: 73 years old.
Description: [Image]
  • Height: ~1.78m/5'10".
  • Weight: ~92kgs/~203lbs.
  • Hair: Mostly bald; remaining hair is steely grey.
  • Eyes: Dark grey.
  • Weapon(s): Prefers a crossbow, but also maintains a collection of blades as well as a rather extensive set of both chemical and alchemical stores.
  • Apparel: Dark, thick cotton slacks, a simple tunic (usually green or brown) and a heavily battered brown leather jacket with heavy steel boots. He carries a large duffel bag across his back where he keeps whatever weapons aren't currently necessary. This usually stays behind in whatever shelter he's secured for a particular hunt, but of course travels with him when he's on the road.
History/Biography: Coal has been a traveling professional hunter for over fifty years. His wanderings have taken him from his hometown in West Yorkshire, across the English Channel to the shores of war-torn France, down the Italian peninsula and across the Mediterranean, all the way across the ice fields of Greater Russia and back again. His wide experience paired with his extensive knowledge of lore has made him something of a legend in many hunting circles. He's equally famous, however, for his complete disregard for whatever human life may come between him and his targets. He's ruthless, bitter, stubborn, and highly reclusive, maintaining very few stable connections within the hunting community and even fewer beyond it.

Black Knight of Keno 11-11-2013 04:49 AM

Oh you managed to trick Writer back, eh? Well we both know that we'll be waiting for that character for a while.

Writer 11-11-2013 09:42 PM

I resemble that remark. :p

Coming in with two of my own, actually. And hey! One of them has a name already! :D

The Doctor 11-19-2013 12:51 PM

While we wait ever-so-patiently for Writer to post his character, I thought I'd share a little bit more about the nature of the world we'll be playing in. Bear with me, as this information will come in bursts over the next few days while I write out and expand on how this parallel Earth looks and feels.

Master_Archon 11-19-2013 09:16 PM

Re-used an old character (like I've been doing lately, lol). Mostly done; not sure of the attire, I understand 1925 attire to be similar to that of Bioshock Infinite, yet the alternate Pseudo-Steampunkesque setting and the mention of the Victorian Era made me jump on the idea of my old character, who was decked out like an old Highwayman.

Either way, tell me what you think, and I'll change what's needed! :)

Name: Dante Eligius
Gender: Male.
Age: 37
Description: Normal
  • Height: 194.31 cm / 6'4.5"
  • Weight: 96.16 kgs / 212 lbs
  • Hair: Light Auburn; slicked back
  • Eyes: Aniridic/Pure Black
  • Weapon(s): 'Purgatus' - Sword Revolver; Pepper-Box Rifle; Guisarme; Knuckledusters
  • Apparel: Cloaked | Armored - When not out "hunting", Dante wears grey striped trousers, Tweed-Leather Boots, a tucked in white linen long-sleeve shirt (tie is optional), with a grey corduroy vest and white silk gloves. When "hunting", he wears a set of custom armor. And no matter what, whether it be for "hunting" or not, he almost always has his sleeved black gentleman's cloak.
History/Biography: Dante's life before the age of twenty is a sad tale to those that know him. And even to those that don't, simply studying his body language, physical appearance (with or without clothes), manner of speech, and thought processes, it can be deduced that his early life was that of torturous servitude, as well as bigotry and hate, even most slaves would be treated better than his body suggests.

Those few that know him, know that Dante was born to his parents in a small superstitious village in the far southern regions of Italy on a Saturday. Like most children he was born with deep black eyes, with not much thought of it until he was able to walk, where his parents began to take notice of his eyes as the very fearful and wary villagers began to point out that his eyes were 'soulless', empty pits without color. His eyes were not black in color, no, he had aniridia, where the near entirety of his eyes were nothing but dark empty pupils. In this moment, his parents gave in to their fears, and that of the slowly noticing villagers, over superstitious beliefs that he was born a child of demons, or in some way was possessed of evil; they attempted to rid themselves of him. Knowing none would take him in, they sought to kill him, and in their attempts they, from what Dante had been told, lost themselves, and took their own lives while trying to take his also.

He was found and taken in by the local Father, whom, although he was almost as superstitious as the villagers and feared Dante almost as much, was a pious man that knew that it'd be better to care for the child than leave him to die.

While growing up, Dante was nothing more than a serf, treated lower than a dog as he cared for the chapel; most of his young life was spent on all fours, explaining quite well the large callouses on the heels of his hands and knees. And while the Father never treated him poorly, he never showed great care for him either. While the local Sisters, the 'Nuns', despised him, treating him horribly. When the father wasn't around he was spat on, beaten, whipped, and when he made even the slightest mistake, he was punished by means that would be considered horrid in nature. Often this is enough to explain the extensive degree of scars on his neck, back, and even the tips of his fingers.

But Dante never grew up resenting them for it. He was grateful to the Father for taking him in, despite never showing him the love parents showed their children, nor providing him with the life a child should have growing up. But the Father was a kind enough man, whom was very wise, and was always willing to pass his wisdom on to Dante even if dismissively. This helped Dante to grow into a man of great wisdom, though he lacked any real education, Dante grew up learning all he needed in the chapel. And anything he didn't learn for himself, he would be taught later on.

When Dante turned eighteen the Father told him that he was to leave and get a proper education. He told Dante everything he'd learned about the boy, and anything that Dante didn't know for himself. He told Dante that there was a reason beyond pity or mercy that the Father took Dante in. He told him that he was born on a Saturday, making him a Sabbatianoí - a Sabbatarian; having eyes like a newborn, empty and...'Soulless'. He did not believe that Dante was possessed of anything, and that he did in fact have a soul, he'd always told Dante that. Though Dante knew much of this already, there was much more behind it that the Father revealed to him also, of a 'secret', or 'dark' world that the village they lived in, feared, for the superstitions that they held were held with good reason.

The Father gave Dante an old sword of the Crusades, a weapon that was apparently the chapel's, though by some twist of fate it once belonged to his family lineage, for his ancestors wielded it in it's glory. By his understanding it had been refurbished into a crude 'sword-shot' and used after the Crusades to fend off the dark and evil things that had once, long haunted the village that he lived in.

He took the sword, and left the village to get his education. In his time away he would join the military to have access to a quick and remedial education, where he absorbed all the knowledge he could, before being sent off to join the "War". He became a skilled combatant, and a veteran of many battles, where he would earn commendations for early release from service. He left the military well decorated, with a horse, a rifle and ammunition, and improvements to his ancestor's sword, having improved it's gun portion into a well-made, modern revolver, capable of firing six shots and the most modern (and the rarest) forms of ammunition, rimfire bullets; as well as improvements to the hilt, where a basket guard was integrated with the rest of the hilt and old cross-guard. Creating a strange but effective amalgamation of a sword-revolver.

The rest of his early life goes blank after his leaving the military, much of his activities are never discussed after this point, though he has made it known that he went out to the far east to come into a greater understanding of this hidden world of living superstitions the Father had told him of, as well as to find someone to train him, as he knew of no one, and never was able to find anyone, no matter how hard he searched, asked, or tried in the whole of Europe. When he finally came back years later, it was as if he were returning from war all over again, only this time, the battles he'd fought and the lessons he'd learned were all too different than what he'd experienced before; and Dante is never ashamed to admit that it was his experience with killing and fighting in the military that kept him from getting killed when he went to find a master out in the east. And it was his Master, when he finally found him, that had kept him from being killed when he came into a full understanding of the 'world' that the Father had spoken of.

After his return to Europe Dante made it his duty to return to his old village and rid them of their living fears. He freed them of their torments, and was held up like a saint, and almost worshiped just as much. They made him armor, fashioned in the manner of an old Highwayman, and provided him with everything they possibly could. It was then that he noticed that it was because of his eyes; this time rather than bringing him ridicule, prejudice, and hate it brought him worship, almost like he were divine. He hated this just as much as the ridicule, being a humble man he did not want worship or praise. He found himself blessed that the Father was still very much alive. Turning to him for help on the matter, he was told that for those that knew no better, his eyes would always bring him one thing or another, if not hate and cruelty, then worship and exaltation - simple minds brought about simple thoughts. If they knew no better, then it was his place to let them know.

Dante donned his armor and cloak, and left the village without a word, leaving them in the hands of the wizened old Father, for this was his place, his words would straighten them, not Dante's - Though they would have heard, they would not have listened, to them he was beyond reproof, even his own, that is how bad it had gotten. From then on Dante has never dwelt in one place too long for fear of the repercussions it might have.

Dante specializes in the realm of the Sabbatarian: the hunting and killing of Moroi, and more importantly, Strigoi. As well as extensive knowledge of the more exotic and foreign creatures of superstition. Beyond that he is best suited against, well...Other people - Even those, if not especially those, whom deal in darker forces.

((Finish it a little later. Will put a description of the actual attire, and add his weapons and Bio.))

The Doctor 11-21-2013 01:57 PM

Alright guys, here comes a bit of a long post. Bear in mind that this is an incredibly basic overview of the ninety-odd years leading up to where we are now. It is not going to be very detailed, and you will notice some things that won't make a whole lot of sense. That's because this is a parallel reality that diverges from our own much farther back in time than where this post begins. Also keep in mind that this RP is not about the war. I'm writing this all out purely to give you a feel for the tone and feel of the world we'll be playing in.

The early 1800s saw a great deal of tension between Great Britain and her neighbours. British naval expansion further into the North Sea was met with resistance from the growing Netherlands, while their choke-hold on the ever-contested French/English channel led to animosity from France. And while officially Britain's allies, Spanish patience began to wear thin as their struggling economy suffered further under constant occupation of the Bay of Biscay by the Royal Navy to ensure that Spanish naval power remained confined to the terms of greatly outdated treaties.

Tensions reached a boiling point in May of 1831 when a British naval vessel fired on and sank a convoy of Dutch fishing vessels in the North Sea. The exact circumstances surrounding this incident are unclear - the British vessel involved, the OMS Westminster, was not under orders from the crown to enter the area, nor did she return to British waters following the incident. She was found adrift several weeks later with the crew missing, save for her executive officer Charles Tucker. Tucker who was found hanging by his neck from the mast with his eyes burned from his skull. The rest of the crew was never recovered, and thus details of the incident are unknown.

The survivors of the Dutch vessels, however, reported the attack to authorities upon arriving ashore. In retaliation, the Hague dispatched a portion of its own fleet to occupy the northern waters of the English Channel in Auguest, while France took action in the south shortly thereafter. In a surprise move, isolationist Germany lent military support to this alliance, claiming a desire to see Britain brought to heel after centuries of trampling across the interests of mainland Europe. In the mean time, Slavic military power had quietly but rapidly expanded as well; however, requesting Slavic support was deemed unnecessary.

With the majority of Europe now arrayed against them, Britain attempted a swift and decisive strike at Dutch shores in the Spring of 1832 the hopes of not only gaining a foothold on the mainland but also demonstrating that they were much less concerned than they appeared. The ploy was unsuccessful - German forces retaliated remorselessly, and the first battles of what would become a decades-long war finally broke out. These were joined by French incursions on British soil, backed by a Spanish fleet that fought tooth and nail to keep the Royal Navy engaged in the Bay of Biscay and unable to head north to defend the crown. They were successful - while the King escaped the city unharmed, London itself was occupied by Mainland forces in 1835. Parliament was placed under French control while military rule was administered by the Germans. The Netherlands, meanwhile, took charge of the pursuit of the King himself who was believed to have fled northward. With London lost, the rest of the country fell under martial law.

Meanwhile, the Slavic Union determined that now was the time to express its own interests. In a bold move, Slavic forces betrayed German trust and crossed the border easily in early 1836, occupying Berlin with little resistance. The response across Europe was chaotic. German allies attempted to lend aid where possible without prematurely ending what had so far been a very successful war in Britain, but it was insufficient. Now an annexed Slavic state, the command structure of her military was dismantled and their forces integrated into Slavic structures. Many German troops fled to France or the Netherlands, swelling military numbers there; most, however, were forced by the now very real threat to their families to fight for Slavic commanders arriving on English shores by the end of the year.

Now facing the joint military might of two of Europe's most powerful nations, on two fronts, the French/Dutch alliance was forced to call a truce with Britain in the face of the greater Slavic/German threat. The Royal Navy was freed from Iberian waters and allowed through the French/English channel, where an attempt was made to force the Slavic-ruled German forces from London. While technically successful, the victory was a pyrrhic one - London was all but destroyed in the process, reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble and charred stone. Military losses on both sides were devastating, but the civilian casualties were incalculable. While the land was reclaimed, the city itself was converted to military barracks and training grounds, while the governing military council remained in Liverpool with the King. By 1842 the King had officially named Liverpool the nation's new capital.

In the decades that have followed, the intensity of the war has waxed and waned. While their military might is greatly superior, the Slavic/German "alliance" is fraught with discord between the German people and their Slavic overlords. The German resistance has succeeded in a handful of key operations in both Germany as well as the Slavic Republic itself that have enabled the Allies to win a handful of decisive victories that would have otherwise meant significant steps towards a Slavic victory in Europe. There have been horrible losses as well, however, including the absorption of the Netherlands in to the Union; the betrayal of Italy, who joined the Union war effort in 1866 after decades of refusing to become involved; and the military assassination of Queen Alexandria Victoria in 1887.

The year we'll be playing in is 1924. The current monarch is King George V, son of the assassinated Victoria. Having raged for so long, the war has reached a point where both sides are financially and militarily exhausted, leaving the conflict itself at a standstill of sorts - very little actual combat is currently taking place, though there is still no lasting peace in sight. Britain is all but a martial state now, Parliament having temporarily surrendered much of its authority to the Crown Admiralty Board in the last forty years. However, the military does not have the numbers to properly police much of the nation, which has led to a marked rise in crime. This coupled with a century of war rationing has led to a severely diminished quality of life for the population at large.

The Doctor 11-25-2013 10:22 AM

So... Writer, Archon, are you guys still working on character sheets, or what?

Master_Archon 11-25-2013 03:43 PM

I am, but I was looking for input on my guy's attire, remember?

Writer 11-25-2013 08:28 PM

Yes, still working on them. Sorry, been surprisingly busy lately. Should be able to finish at least one tonight, I think.

The Doctor 11-27-2013 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by Master_Archon (Post 2840425)
Re-used an old character (like I've been doing lately, lol). Mostly done; not sure of the attire, I understand 1925 attire to be similar to that of Bioshock Infinite, yet the alternate Pseudo-Steampunkesque setting and the mention of the Victorian Era made me jump on the idea of my old character, who was decked out like an old Highwayman.

Either way, tell me what you think, and I'll change what's needed! :)

Name: Dante Eligius
Gender: Male.
Age: 37
Description: NormalHistory/Biography:

((Finish it a little later. Will put a description of the actual attire, and add his weapons and Bio.))

The attire looks alright to me. I'm not too worried about "historical accuracy" in a parallel world story. At least not where fashion is concerned. So long as you don't put him in a polyster no-iron slacks, a tye-dyed cotton t-shirt, or similar then you're pretty much clear to use your own judgement. :xp:

Re: your equipment. I'll just point out that firearms in this world would be incredibly difficult for the average person - hunter or otherwise - to come by. Ammunition even more so. You certainly don't have to get rid of either anything, but I would suggest building a reason for his having them into his backstory somehow - maybe they were his father's, or he's fought in the war at some point, or something to that effect. Because people are going to notice a civilian with a firearm. Also keep in mind that ammunition in a Britain ravaged by a century long war that it seems to be loosing would leave proper ammunition - along with many other things - incredibly scarce.


Originally Posted by Writer (Post 2840609)
Yes, still working on them. Sorry, been surprisingly busy lately. Should be able to finish at least one tonight, I think.

Nights must be long indeed in your neck of the woods. :p

Writer 11-28-2013 11:41 PM

Hah! Yes, indeed. What's this night been? Going on two days now. Sorry, I keep getting distracted. Here's the first:

Name: Adara Moore
Age: 29
Description: Image
• Height: 5’ 7”
• Weight: 125 lbs.
• Hair: Brown, shoulder, length, curly, often artificially straightened.
• Eyes: Blue
• Weapon(s): Bow, arrows, throwing knives, 1 long knife for close-quarters combat.
• Apparel: For her day-to-day life, Adara dresses in the fashions of the era. As a vigilante, she wears a mask, and a costume done in the same style/colors.

Adara Moore was born into wealth, but her parents were careful in raising her. Not everything she desired was given to her. She was taught the value of her future wealth long before she would ever be able to spend it. At seventeen years of age, she was kidnapped, to be held for ransom, but a boy two years younger defeated her guards and returned her to her family. Realizing the boy was one of the orphaned street rats, Adara’s father offered him a place to live in exchange for his service to the family. The boy declined, saying he already had a home. But a week later, he returned and asked if the offer was still open.

This new addition to their house fascinated Adara. She spent much of her free time with him, even inviting him to attend various social events with her. They introduced him as Graham Jones, a distant cousin come to live in the city for a while. In a matter of weeks, they were inseparable, for Graham was as fascinated by Adara as she was by him. But her interest in him took a sharp turn a month later when her would-be kidnappers tried again, and Graham fought them off, and was injured in the process.

During his recovery Adara scarcely left his side. When he was conscious and feeling up to it, she pressed him with questions about his past. When at last he admitted he’d been trained in combat from a young age, she demanded that he teach her everything he knew, but he stubbornly refused. He insisted she didn’t know what she was asking, and for a time, she let him be.

One year later, having failed to snatch Adara twice, the men responsible for the attempts instead set fire to her home. Graham got her to safety, but her parents died in the blaze. Deeply grieved, Adara first ordered the reconstruction of her home. Then, she ordered Graham to teach her how to fight. Again, he begged her to reconsider, but this time, her resolve was stronger. She insisted the deaths of her parents could not go unanswered. Graham tried to persuade her that he could hunt them himself, but Adara answered that if he did, she would never speak to him again. Reluctantly, he began training her, much as he had once been trained.

Adara took his training and put it into use as a vigilante. By the time she was twenty-five, she’d created a mask and costume, and made secret purchases of a specialized bow, arrows, and knives. Graham joined her in her vigilante activities, though more because he knew Adara’s father, were he still living, would kill Graham if something happened to Adara. And since he can’t stop her, he just has to do his best to make sure she doesn’t get herself killed. Needless to say, his costume is much less flashy than hers.

In four years, they've hunted down the men responsible for the death of Adara's parents, as well as a few other notorious criminals. What they don't know is that their next hunt will bring them face to face with something they're not remotely prepared to deal with.

The Doctor 12-06-2013 04:10 PM

So what's going on here, guys? Still waiting on both of you to complete your character sheets... two weeks later...

Master_Archon 12-08-2013 02:08 AM

Done. Backstory isn't the best, but what can I say, I'm rusty.

Writer 12-10-2013 01:41 AM

Sorry, Doc. I'm actually ready if you want to get this moving. My second character will be up tomorrow night when I'm off work. That's a promise.

The Doctor 12-10-2013 10:31 PM

Excellent. Thank you both. I'll have the opening post up sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Writer 12-11-2013 12:33 AM

Alright, as promised, here's my second.

Name: Graham Jones
Age: 27
Description: Image
• Height: 6’1”
• Weight: 180 lbs.
• Hair: Brown, buzz-cut
• Eyes: Blue
• Weapon(s): Bow arrows, throwing knives, 1 long knife for close-quarters combat.
• Apparel: As with Adara, Graham dresses in modern fashion while not playing a vigilante’s "sidekick." Unlike her showy costume, his is entirely black, including the mask


The boy’s first recollection is a strange man lifting him off the street, and taking him home. His next is combat training. From an early age, he understood he was being prepared for something greater, and for many years, he accepted it without question. Then he saw Adara Moore from a distance and learned a completely different lesson: there are many paths life might take. When his master discovered his interest in the girl, he tried to beat it out of the boy. Instead, the boy, at fifteen years of age, took what his master had taught him and used it to save the girl. Though the girl’s parents offered him a home, he declined, promising he already had one. But when he returned to his master, he did not receive the welcome he expected.

His master flew into a rage, insisting he was training the boy for something far more important than the life of a simple rich girl. Though the boy had heard this lecture many a time, this was the first time he demanded to know what he was being trained for. His master coldly informed him that there were monsters in the world and defeating them might well save all humanity. The boy, ever a skeptic demanded proof of the monsters, and his master insisted he wasn’t ready. Without proof, the boy called his master a delusional fool and left. With nowhere else to go, he returned to Adara’s home and asked if their offer of a place to stay was still valid.

Adara’s father brought him into the house and took him aside. He explained to the boy that he was still concerned for Adara’s safety, but that she was reluctant about going out with a bodyguard. Her father hoped that this boy would be less conspicuous, and therefore more acceptable to Adara. The boy promised to keep an eye out for her. Upon learning he didn’t have a name, Adara’s father called him Graham Jones, after a distant ancestor, and welcomed him to the family.

Graham Jones has been with Adara ever since. He saved her from a second kidnapping attempt, saved her from the fire that claimed her parents, and reluctantly joined her in a vigilante lifestyle to continue guarding her life, as he promised her father he would. In return for his service and training, she taught him what it means to “play rich,” and now, no one would suspect young Graham Jones of being one of the pair of masked vigilantes patrolling their streets.

Master_Archon 12-11-2013 06:19 PM

Yeah, sorry about that Doc, you just gotta keep poking us ol'timers to keep us going is all!

The Doctor 12-11-2013 06:40 PM

That's why I keep this around. :p

The Doctor 12-18-2013 01:57 PM

So really, am I giving up on this one or are you guys still interested?

Master_Archon 12-18-2013 02:45 PM

Yes, I'm still interested.

The Doctor 12-22-2013 12:16 AM

Alright, well, the game thread is up. I'll have a second post up, this one for Coal, tomorrow morning.

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