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zelda 41 12-27-2013 05:17 AM

The Resurrection Has Begun
Hiya oldies. What's everyone up to nowadays, for old times sake?

Me, I'm currently in college for culinary arts, but in the middle of changing majors to hospitality management. Keeping grades up whilst balancing being lazy and wanting to play games/avoid spending money on useless junk such as games.

I dyed my hair purple and it sucked.
Being an adult sucks in general.

What about you?

Miz Mayhem 12-27-2013 05:21 AM

Hi. I sucessfully graduated high school and dropped out of college.

Das Mole 02-17-2014 01:57 PM

it's bizarre realizing that i joined LF when i was 12...which is now half of my age...??????? like ??? ?

i think i stopped posting here probably around 2008 which means i had just graduated high my associates, haven't finished a bachelor's yet because no money. live in a studio that i can barely afford but i still love it. work at the grocery store full time...basically i'm a twentysomething failure (for now) until i stumble across enough money to finish school

DarthAve 02-21-2014 12:31 AM

I'm a month shy of 21 working through college and being hella cute. I think I've got it pretty nice, swaggin and such.

Sabretooth 02-21-2014 04:15 AM

I am now twenty two and a half and

good god what am i doing

urluckyday 02-21-2014 11:31 AM

I make just about as much money now as I did back when I started posting on LF all those years ago! Consistency!

Smon 08-16-2014 06:51 AM

Nearly twenty four, and when I'm not selling alcohol in one way or another I'm trying to make independent video games.

Darth Avlectus 09-26-2014 09:25 PM

I'm closing in on the big thir--err 29 again. :P

I may have a really good but temporary job prospect at my old high school as a janitor, so I'll probably go there instead and put off moving to Reno NV for a year or so to apply at Tesla motors' giga battery factory. Worth a shot considering it's full time plus benefits and it makes a bit more per month than I currently do. I stand a fair chance seeing as how I'm already a handyman who has done housekeeping on the side for...well ever since I graduated HS in '02. So tons of experience...To think I would ever be doing this? Damn.
I'll make several thousand more a year than I currently do, I am at least guaranteed to work 260 days, though a school year is only 185. I'll get a good boost of extra money to save up before I GTFO of California. Wish me luck!

Future plans are moving to Reno NV, getting some voc ed or something to expand my skill set and go back to working for myself again. Even if Tesla doesn't hire me, I found out I have a friend who owns a bar and one guy at a supply store said he'd consider hiring me given my experience.

I've gotten into 3D modeling as a new hobby. Though it's on hiatus for the time being. Daz studio and XNA.

Some douchenozzle started a fire pretty much right in my back yard.
I'm used to the dryness and smoke cuz it happens around here at least once a year, but I tell ya it still ain't no fun. BTW it's now at 68% containment as of tonight the 26th.

Selling old vidya outta my storage.

Huz 09-28-2014 04:37 PM

I've got some big plans. I'm going to wait a year or two before I kick off though. First I'm going to shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Any suggestions for how to choose a victim though? I'm thinking something along the lines of shooting up a bar, or a supply store or a car battery factory or something.

Nah, come to think of it, that's probably a bad idea.

DarthAve 09-29-2014 02:19 AM

Considering I gave almost no information, I'm a semester and a half shy of graduating from Ohio State with an English Degree and some fun creative writing stuff sprinkled in between that. I'm in management at an on campus dining facility, and I tried writing about 8 things here but they all make me sound really sad. It's nice to know how a lot of you guys are doing though!!

zelda 41 10-16-2014 02:50 AM

Since it's been a yearish, I guess I'll update a bit. In Hotel Management and hope to get an Associates degree and call it a day, hopefully graduating December 2015 if I can buckle down and handle a heavy workload next semester. Not the most exciting or impressive degree, but it's something nonetheless.

Don't really have a solid plan for the future minus move out into my own place and..... have a job...... hopefully. :'D

For a hair update, I had a pretty bright red for a month or so before it bled out so no more crazy colors for awhile.

Darth Avlectus 10-28-2014 03:47 AM

F***! So the janitor job was nebulous. 1 year contract, only for people already hired within the district.

Guess there's always Radio Cra--I mean Radio Shack.


Originally Posted by Huz (Post 2854975)
I've got some big plans. I'm going to wait a year or two before I kick off though. First I'm going to shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Any suggestions for how to choose a victim though?.

Yeah. Some guy who looks like a wookiee. Make sure you bring extra nerf balls too. Nothing quite like killing sasquatch with nerf ball shooters. :)

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