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gottico2 02-24-2002 12:01 AM

listening device mission HELP ME BEFORE I CRY
Oh my dear GOD somebody f-ing help me!!!!!

I have played the "Plant listening device" mission a dozen times (6 hours worth) and have gotten Aeron back on the ship twice. The problem is, there is no nav buoy to hyper to--her part of the mission (Aeron complete mission) remains unresolved. I almost broke the CD in 2--I am so damn frustrated--Is it because she is ID'ed by the IMP's? And if that's the case why dont they friggin tell you that's why it won't work. Every other friggin wrong thing you do you get that damn buzz and mission failed appears---I would say not being able to find the damn nav bouy because she is ID'ed is a failed friggin mission!!! IS there a way I can just skip this hell bound torture? ARRARARRAARRAARRRRRGGGGH

Also, anyone else hate the fact that you have to start at the beginning of the mission if you lose or choose to close out the game? Why isnt there a save mode? If any of this game's creators are reading this--What kind of cruel joke is that, playing the game for 22 friggin minutes, one small error and you have to restart--My suggestion, next game make it saveable------

JR2000Z 02-24-2002 01:14 AM

If you don't see the Nav-Bouy and she's in the ship, then that means that she didn't have enough time planting the device. Someone must have caught her.

BattleDog 02-24-2002 12:55 PM

The troopers destroyed the sat, so you can't complete. You need to ignore Omega group and go for the other troopers, they attack the sat.

mivoci1 10-30-2006 11:42 PM

Look here is the catch once Imperial zero g stormtroopers arrive switch to enemy craftlist forget the stormtroopers who go after you and go directly for the once who go after Aeron or if you got invicibility option on destroy the assault shuttle before
can launch zero g (space troopers) that's how I do it. Good luck (you gonna need it)

Keyan Farlander 10-31-2006 10:39 AM

Easiest way to do this is figure out where the Assault Shuttle comes in, wait for it, and torpedo it into oblivion the instant it jumps in. It may launch a few troopers before you can get it, but you should be able to take them out fast.

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