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ST-321 05-09-2002 07:36 PM

RPG: The IMP Captain's Lounge
This is just another RPG set in an Imperial Captain's Lounge. It's suppost to be humorus, so, Step lively, soldier (or officer, moff, general, admiral, etc....)

ST-321 05-09-2002 07:44 PM

Well, I'll start this off (unless someone beats me, then I'll be mad). This is my third post, the second being on the same thread, the first on the YT-2000 in Clan thread.

Captain Drule stepped into the dim light, surrounded by music. He steps up to a bar stool and orders some Correllian Ale.

Jem 05-09-2002 08:21 PM

I'll be the Imperial Barman :D

Sorry Captain, were out of Corellian Ale. Rebel Scums boarded our ACP (Alcohol Cargo Ship).

Cmdr. Cracken 05-09-2002 08:28 PM

*The swish of the doors i heard slightly over the music, and in steps a white uniformed officer. Standing tall, his presence gives off an aura of power. It's Grand Admiral Cracken, loyal servent of the Imperial Navy. He calmly walks up to the bar, and seats next to Drule*

Corellian whyskey, Wheryn's reserve, if you please.

Jem 05-09-2002 08:33 PM

The Barman is getting really nervous. First he had to denie alcohol to the Captain and now it would be the Grand Admiral's turn. He swallowed his saliva and said:

"Gulp, I'm sorry sir but like I just said to monseigneur Captain, we are out of Alcohol....please don't kill me...'"

ST-321 05-09-2002 08:45 PM

The Captain pulls out a comlink.
"Drighten 9, this is Captain Drule, bring down one of our, Cargo-99s. You know where I am."
Captain puts down the comlink. Goes over to the Music Player, turns to "Vader's Eyes" song. Waits for his Correlian whiskey. And waits, waits, pulls out his viboblade and polishes it, still waiting. Then a stormtrooper comes in, carrying a small case.
"Here you go sir."
"Good job soldier." *passes bartender bottle*

ST-321 05-09-2002 08:56 PM

Soldier: "Sir, should I get the ship ready?"
Drule: Hick "No, that's all, hick, right."
Soldier: "Well, we don't want you to fly us into a star."
Drule: "Your, hick, right. I'll stay here a while."

ST-321 05-09-2002 08:58 PM

FYI: This loung is a cantina on the ISDII: Bar Pot.

Cmdr. Cracken 05-09-2002 10:31 PM

*the Grand Admiral walks over to the case, and calmly puls out a bottle of Corellian Whyskey. The Stormtrooper moves to stop him, but Cracken glares*

Dare you deny a superior officer?

Stormtrooper: No, sir, sorry sir. *Salute*

Good. *Cracken takes the bottle, and goes to a table, puts his feet up, and takes out his own shot glass, pours a drink, and takes a shot.*

ST-321 05-11-2002 04:13 AM

One hour later
The Captain swigs down more ale, all whilst drunk. He starts singing: "Yo! Ho! Blow the man down!" All in cantina look at him strangly. "What!?" *Pulls out blaster, waves it around, accidently shoots first person he points it at; everybody ducks when it comes there way* "Oops! Well, better kill that dead officer's family, or somethin' like that."

ST-321 05-11-2002 04:56 AM

An off duty soldier leans over, explains his mistake to him, then gets shot. Suddenly a weird looking alien walks in. The cantina turns very silent. The Ishi Tib looks around, then suddenly the barman, Jem, shoots him and says: "Hey! We don't serve your kind around here!"

Kuuki 05-11-2002 10:19 AM

*Another fellow walks in, obviously human or humanoid, dressing in a black cloak covering some (rather) black armour, the cloak didnt cover his head at all, maybe because he had too much hair to cover it up.
And such a strange hair style too.
Also a wierd set of eyes too that just adds to the strange appearence, that made every one in the Cantina to turn in their chairs...*
*Sits down at bar, and asks bartender*

Stranger: "What do you have."

Jem 05-11-2002 11:34 AM

Depends, what exactly are ya? If your another one of'em parasite aliens then I'll have to shoot ya! Like him:

"Jek (sounds better than jem for a barman...) the Barman points at the alien he just shot dead"

Cmdr. Cracken 05-11-2002 11:43 AM

*G.A Cracken walks over to the now drunken officer, takes the ale and the glass from him, and proceeds to strike him. on the face. really really really really really really really hard*

No more, or i'll have you hauling garbage for the Navy.

*Cracken now notices the strange creature in the bar....... he has a mildly surprised look.*

Deac 05-11-2002 05:52 PM

[All right! You've probably heard of Deac Starkiller's evil bother, Syrnl Darkstar! Well here he is!]

*Lord Syrnl Darkstar enters the bar, oddly enough not flanked by his Doomguard. He sits at the bar, pulls out a ryll cigar and a bottle of Ultio Rum*

Gods! You won't believe it! I had another fight with my wussy brother! Why can't he just die!

ST-321 05-12-2002 12:43 AM

The Captain gets up, wipes the blood off his face, then pulls out of nowhere a small BioTech Bacta Container and dowses his face in it, then proceded to say: "Yeah, I know what your talking about" to Syrnl Darkstar

Kuuki 05-12-2002 12:47 AM


the cloak didnt cover his head at all, maybe because he had too much hair to cover it up.
Stranger to bartender: "Well im just passing though really... And but frankly if you'd try to pull anything like what happened to who ever that poor sap was? I would make it so that you'd end up worse..."

*The stranger glares up at the bartender but quickly notices Cracken*

Stranger: "Bartender, i want some shot glasses..."

*Stranger looks back at Cracken with a smirk, while semi pulling out a bottle of Romulan Ale, just enough so the just Cracken would see it...*

ST-321 05-12-2002 12:54 AM

*Suddenly a bright red beam rips through a vent in the ceiling, then the bartender hits a button and a shield around the bar shuts tight. Then a bright blue blade comes down, with its master behind it*
Captain:"Oh ****!" Suddenly a button is pushed from behind the shield and several turrets pop out from the ceiling. Everybody has a blaster out.

superthrawn 05-12-2002 02:02 AM

I stepped through the doors of the lounge. I doubt anyone knew who I was, or why I was there. To tell the truth, I doubt they knew I was there. A confused aura surrounded the place. Blasters and shields were popping out of everywhere. To add to the untastefulness of the place, the rotting stink of a just dead alien filled the room. It was almost more than I could take. But no, I couldn't leave, I had business to take care of...

Cmdr. Cracken 05-12-2002 03:20 AM

*Through the chaos, the Grand Admiral was completly at ease. A Romulan. he came across them when the Late Grand Admiral Thrawn was his C.O during his trips to the Unknown Regions. A dasterdly breed, tricky and sly, both in mind and body as well as armed conflict.

Thrawn loved them.

Thier culture, thier entire civilization facinated him.
But Cracken was a mere 2nd mate, under Pellion. He was nothing more than an observer.
Which is why he managed to stay hidden. Not even the Emperor knew his true heritage, the heritage he would one day step up to reclaim.

Well, today was that day. He calmly moved his hand toward a flashlight shaped cylinder on his belt......*

Kuuki 05-12-2002 11:06 AM

im not romulan! im trying to make a character that resembles sephiroth :)
all i did was sumuggle the ale (hence illegal) :D

*noticing that he kept a bottle of illegal winery, the stranger tried to defend it that best he could, noticing that the person whom he'd shows the ale to was drawing a weapon of some sort.

The Stranger pulled out a Katana wiht measured about four and a half feet in length, it gave off a sort of power that cracken could feel, reguardless of what weapon cracken was about to wield...

The Stranger kept in a defencive stance...*

Cmdr. Cracken 05-12-2002 01:17 PM

*The man who was wielding the blue lightsaber turned to the Grand Admiral, who now cleared his own lightsaber. they stared, then he laughed*
*To the blue Lightsaber d00d.*
You have about 20 blasters, one Katana and on elightsaber one you, and you honestly think you will win?

Deac 05-12-2002 05:41 PM

Oh gods... can't you take it outside? I'm trying to drink here!

*Syrnl is becoming angry, and the Darkstar spirit, the strange entity that inhabits him comes to the surface...*

Don't make me destroy you...

*Places hand on Darksword*

superthrawn 05-13-2002 02:26 AM

The tension in the room was so thick, you could cut it with a vibroblade. I was getting sick of all the nonsense, so, with a wave of my hand, stunned everyone where they were. Yes, even the Jedi. They all sat there, with stupid looks on their faces. Kind of like drunk Gammoreans. I couldn't help but laugh a bit. I surveyed the situation, catching my reflection in a rare shiny spot on the bar. I wasn't physically intimidating, standing only 5'11", around 160 lbs. My dark brown hair was cropped short, and my dark brown eyes glared back at me with a hate so hungry, it seemed to eminate from my very soul. I turned to the Grand Admiral.

"Listen, G.A., you've got about thirty seconds to get this place under control, or people start to die. I've got business with somebody here, and you'll find out who, because they'll be the last to die, got it? And just for the record, don't even think about trying to kill me. I have become more powerful than you can ever imagine. Besides, you shouldn't try. As Luke Skywalker says, do or do not, there is no try."

I went on like this for some time, spouting one useless platitude after another, for a few seconds, then realizing that no one can do anything, release them all. That is when chaos erupted again.

Redwing 05-13-2002 03:55 AM

((OOS: Godmode already? :tsk: ))

*a blue flash of light lights up the cantina. A brown winged creature appears in the middle of the room. Everyone stares at him in stunned silence. He stares back at them in equal confusion*

Deac 05-13-2002 05:25 PM

[Didn't last long did it? It never does. Did you know Starkiller and all related paraphenalia was invented as a counter to another Godmode?]

*Syrnl is horrified. That gargoyle that hangs around with Deac ius bad enough!*

Gods! Not another!

Kuuki 05-13-2002 05:44 PM

*Reguardless if he'd felt odd weilding a Katana of anysort, it was still metal, espcailly agenst blasters and a lightsaber...

...He'd still knew he'd do fairly well agenst defecting the blasts, but the thought of a lightsaber which could easily cut through his Katana, made the stranger feel quite uneasy

with this he couldnt help but snarl at the situation. Then he decided to get Cracken on his side before it was too late (unless it was already)*

Stranger to Cracken: "Im sure that we both know that both our weapons can deflect blaster weapons, but we both know that what ever you wield it'll cut through rather easy.
And i put much time in the craftmanship of my sword, could we prehaps not go to these measures agenst each other sense we both know that i can very lose in a battle agenst one of your very talents and ability to obtain such weapon."

[remember im a character that dont know what jedi nor sith is...]

Jem 05-13-2002 05:59 PM

Jek the Barman spots the Gargoyle and immediately loads hids Double Barrel Blaster Shotgun. kuz all real barman are equipped with shotguns ;)

"No Alien freak is allowed in MY bar!"

Jek Shoots at the beast:
Gargoyle is critically hit in the head for 99475924619335 hit points causing it to explode and addind some extra pain. Alien Gargoyle guts burst out all over the Cantina and the Jedis get their fancy outfit all dirty and goo-e, Yerk!. The Cloaked man seems annoyed in having his precious katana full of greenish-pink-purple goo.
The Barman quikly hides his shotgun and continues cleaning a glass and whislting as if nothing occured...

Kuuki 05-13-2002 06:11 PM

*Advoiding wiping off his blade, the Cloaked Man still stands there even with goo covering him and his sword. Still in a defencive stance awaiting an answer from Cracken.

Next, to the Bartender's surprise, all of a sudden the Stranger's Blade on the Katana was entirely clean! It seem in nearly an instant that it was covered with Green Alien Goo, next Spotless.

Now instead of the Entire Cantina in a huge tenstion amonst them selfs, now the Entire tenstion was upon The Cloaked Stranger and his (also now strange) Katana facing Grand Admiral Cracken with his Blue Crystal LightSaber.*

Cmdr. Cracken 05-13-2002 07:27 PM

*Cracken thinks. He hits a silent button on his lightsaber, and it signals his Imperial guard.*

I have no quarrel with anyof you, this is for me personal safety....

*he dissapeared, out of everyone's view, and suddenly the Royal imperial Guard, flanked but 60 stormtroopers, enter, blasters firing! Lots of innocents are hurt or arrested*

Jem 05-13-2002 09:50 PM

Jek the Barman continues to clean the bar glasses and says to himself:

"pfff I'm not impress by some lousy katana..."

A Stormtrooper blaster laser hits and breaks the glass he was holding, Jek sighs and starts cleaning an other one. Stormtrooper Bar raids were frequent in these harsh times.

Not paying any close attention to what is going on, Jek continues in whistling the "Darth Vador" tune with a Jazzy sound to it.

[This is a message for those of you who role play over at the "Omnipresent Chaos" Thread (Hence Cracken, Deac and Scarface). I havn't posted there in a while because I don't have time to properly type what I want to. This lack of time is due to a Math Exam I'll have in a couple hours and that I've been studying for the last few days... I'll post on the OC Thread Tomorow or after the exam...]

Redwing 05-14-2002 03:14 AM

*Termand Rwos finds himself in a jungle several million light years away, wondering what the heck he'd just left. He'd clearly seen himself blow up in a bunch of green and pink goo, which he was certain wasn't the color of his innards. He also could have sworn he'd seen Syrnyl Darkstar. And then his out-of-control teleporter had decided to take him somewhere else again. Oh well he thought. Didn't seem like my kind of place anyway.*

Kuuki 05-14-2002 12:05 PM

*After being locked up, it only seems the teh Stranger can only handle the Katana, not even a droid can handle it. it seems the Katana can only choose whom ever wields it....*

could post more on here but not enough time for full thoguht

Deac 05-14-2002 04:29 PM

Oh Gods! It WAS Rwos! Why can't I just lead a normal life?!

*Bartender gets out harmonica, Syrnl a guitar*

Syrnl is my first name,
My second name is Darkstar,
Lost my woman,
And the annoying gargoyle's gone! Oh yeah!

Well, I come home from work!
I work all day!
Just had a fight
With my wussy brother,
We never got on,
Since we lost our mother
The swords messed us up
I'm drinking it away
I'm Syrnl Darkstar!
Submit! Today!

*It is clear that Syrnl has perhaps had to much to drink...*

Jem 05-14-2002 09:17 PM

Bluesy, very bluesy.

The Bartender and Syrnl drown down there sorrows in glasses of good ol illegaly imported Correllian Ale Deluxe (Jek had kept this very rare bottle for a special occasion...)

OoooH and they call me Jek
And this Cantina is all I own,
It's a real pain in the neck
But it's a place I can call home! Oh Yeah!

Hit it Syrnl !

*Syrnl plays a Bluesy guitar solo*

That's the stuff! *Snaps fingers*

New faces everyday
Step over my way
They' re welcomed to stay
As long as they pay.

Bring on the booze,
I got the Cantina Barsman Blues!

Just drinking some Ale,
Feeling kinda Stale
Staying out of jail,
Kuz the laws on my tail!

Bring on the booze,
I got the Cantina Barsman Blues!

*Bluesy harmonica solo followed by guitar*

Bring on the booze,
I got the Cantina Barsman Blues!

Deac 05-15-2002 03:44 PM

No longer Darkstar, now Syrnl ROCKSTAR!
*Syrnl grabs his guitar and begins to mosh*

Rock on, barman! This beats Deac Starkiller: The Opera!

My son ran away!
He's such a coward!
"Evil won't pay?"
No longer my ward!
Get lost you wuss!
Go kiss up to Deac!
That goody two shoes-he's a big Rebel freak!

Kuuki 05-15-2002 06:53 PM

*Upon his release the Stranger naturaly wants his Weapon back... Time to look for G.A. Cracken...*

Cmdr. Cracken 05-15-2002 07:05 PM

*G.A Cracken sat in his Star Destroyer's meditation chamber, concentrating. He has some scar tissue from some friendly fire, and wanted to try a Jedi Healing Technique. It should work. itting, he camled himself, and started the skill. He felt the wounds close, and heal. Excited, he felt triumphant! Then, like a brick wall, he lost the connection to the Force. The wounds returned. not long enough, DAMN. He wish he had ateacher, someone other than this stupid Holocron.*

Deac 05-16-2002 06:23 PM

Yes Syrnl fans! Syrnl is the new king of Rock!

Hey, bartender, you want to start a band? We could rock those rebels to death!

Jem 05-17-2002 08:15 PM

All da way Syrnl! Count me in. We must find a drummer but meanwhile we can use this DrumDroid over here:

:c3po: *DrumDroid proceeds in impressive drum solo but suddenly freezes*

:sweat: He-he, he's a bit rusty but it can be fixed. Just needs a bit of oil here and there, Voila!

:c3po: *Drum Droid finishes impressive drum solo*

:D cool droid ey?

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