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AriBen_Kenobi 06-16-2001 10:37 PM

The future of this forum.........
Hey all,

I am wondering, what is the future of this board? The TPM game has been out for 2+ yrs now, and there is nothing to do. We have explored every trick, every level, and every nook and cranny we have found, and it was fun. But that was 2 yrs ago. The game has lost its zest, there are no updates, no mods, no new levels, and no multiplayer. We have asked all the unique questions we could and have given as many game tips as possible over this forum, so this is the question, when are we all just gonna give up this forum and let it die? There is nothing to do here anymore, nor anything to discuss about the game, sure, its still fun to play once in a while, but there's nothing to debate about anymore, so, whats your opinion on this?


Tie Guy 06-16-2001 11:00 PM

Forums don't die. They just fade away.

Redwing 06-19-2001 08:39 PM

This forum won't die as long as I have anything to say about it :p

Zanzibar 06-24-2001 09:24 PM


I can't argue with that kind of logic ;)

There really is nothing more to do. I keep checking in from time to time because every once in a while, we stumble across someone who has bought the game for the first time, and it's fun (for me anyway) to answer their questions about quests, strategies etc.

LEC has just released a Lucasarts Archives version of TPM in a white box (for $15!) so people may start checking in asking again.

As far as future mods etc, there really won't be any. The mace.baf model is entertaining for all of about 10 minutes. The Darth Maul model is NOWHERE NEAR being finished, and I don't have time to work on it, especially since I am 99.5% certain that LEC wouldn't allow either of the models' release. Not to mention that I just found the multiplayer mod (LAN-only, no working lightsabers) that will NEVER see the light of day because it's so friggin' buggy.

All in all, I can completely understand the feeling that it's time to move on.

AriBen_Kenobi 06-25-2001 09:41 AM

You made me cry, this has always been my favorite board, and now I realize its dead, I realize another chapter has been closed in my life. When I first bough the game, I was but a young pre-teen, as the game dies, I realize I am a young adult. I am a very sentimental person, I hate seeing things end, even cool websites I visited only once. I hate LEC, I hate them and I hope they blow up for what they did to you and TPM Adventure. This is so sad.


Pedro The Hutt 06-25-2001 11:32 AM

Dead? This board isn't dead.... crippled... perhaps... but not dead.
As long as ppl keep posting here every now and then this place isn't dead. :)

Redwing 06-25-2001 08:41 PM

Like me :D

Pedro The Hutt 06-25-2001 11:02 PM

For example ;)

Master Qui-Gon 07-17-2001 06:12 PM

<font color="green1">There's always more things to discover. I fugured out how to do more things in this game than anyone I've heard of, and I still figure new things out.

Redwing 07-18-2001 05:18 AM

You ever seen the thermal detonator near the door controls thingy (with the Neimodian) in level one? Or how too get it?

(The one thing I figured out that no one else has...I think :D )

Master Qui-Gon 07-18-2001 03:27 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">If itís there, I probably found it, but Iím not really sure where youíre talking about.

Redwing 07-18-2001 08:09 PM

Okay, in the Trade Federation ship (the first level), you have to blow up a generator to open a door. A Neimodian (protesting that the invasion wasn't his idea) is in the same room as the generator thingy. Several battle droids are quarding the door to that room. You can destroy them by pushing boxes on them. One box holds a full health powerup. The other holds a thermal detonator. But there's a trick to getting it. Do you know what I'm talking about yet? Or am I being too confusing?

Master Qui-Gon 07-19-2001 03:55 PM

<font color="green1">No, I know what you're talking about, but I haven't played the game in a long time so I need to play it to answer your question. I'll try to get it done tonight.

Redwing 07-20-2001 06:12 AM

Okay, I await your answer :D

Master Qui-Gon 07-20-2001 03:29 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">Okay, I remember this one now. The thermal detonator doesn't actually touch the ground, it floats right in the middle of the box, so even when the box busts open, it's hard to get. The way I always did it was to push the box onto the elevator platform while it's down and grab the thermal detonator at the bottom.

Redwing 07-20-2001 08:07 PM

*gasp* Exactly the same thing I did! :D (Figures... ;)) I found it by using the "perf" cheat code and saw it floating two feet down inside the FLOOR. I eventually figured out I could push it onto the elevator and when the elevator sank it would be right there in midair for me to grab :)

Master Qui-Gon 07-23-2001 06:54 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">How did the "perf" code help you figure that out? I figured it out the same way I figured everything else out, I guess. Just sniffing around and feeling the rhythm of the game. Anything else you figured out that you want to ask about?

Redwing 07-25-2001 06:36 AM

I used "perf" after I knocked the boxes down, and the wire frame image of the thermal detonator was below me inside the floor. I thought it was kind of strange. :D

Once, when I was playing the demo, I was really bored and ran in and out of the rooms outside the poison-gas-filled chamber (up to the first door that requires you push something) and somehow, when I used "i like to cheat" and tossed around thermal detonators (dangerous, yes I know ;) ) I ended up with unlimited thermal detonators. I had to use up ALL the thermal detonators, toggle thru the weapons and a new thermal detonator---just one---would be there again. The symbol for chosen weapon at the bottom of the screen was a picture of a thermal detonator (as usual) but IT HAD NO NUMBER ON IT. It was blank. I could throw the detonator, toggle again and a new one would be there. Unfortunately however I could not find a way to replicate this incident, and when we got the full version of the game the saved game got deleted.

Have you ever encountered that bug and if so do you know how to replicate it?

Oh and another thing, on the first level you come upon some droid starfighters. One of them will shoot you until you get close. I was able to kill all the starfighters in the demo version. However in the PC version, even three thermal detonators leave them unscratched plus they take off really fast when you get too close. Have you been able to kill them?

[ July 25, 2001: Message edited by: Redwing ]

Master Qui-Gon 07-25-2001 02:52 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">No to the first one, but I havenít messed around with any of those kinds of cheat codes. I saw somewhere that they change your end ranking to Cheater, or some such thing, so I havenít bothered with it. As for the Droid Starfighters, yes you can kill them. However, I have not paid all that much attention to exactly how to do it. Thermal detonators do work, but maybe you have to stand further back or something. I know that the last time I played I got one of them and it was a couple quick thermal detonators that did it. Iíve gotten all of them in the past... and Iíve never played the demo version of the game.<font size="-2">

[ July 25, 2001: Message edited by: Master Qui-Gon ]

Redwing 07-25-2001 10:49 PM

Actually, you only get the "cheater" rating at the end if you use a cheat code to afect your health or increase your weapons. Any other codes, like happy, perf, slowmo, but i feel so good etcetera, do NOT affect your rating. Otherwise I wouldn't even consider using them.

I only used 'em in the demo because I was bored out of my mind. :D

[ July 25, 2001: Message edited by: Redwing ]

Master Qui-Gon 07-26-2001 03:31 PM

<font color="green1">I realize that. I just thought the "I like to cheat" code was one of them.

pandemonium 07-26-2001 04:07 PM

They'll replace it with 'The Super Bombad Racing Dicussion Forum'

[ July 26, 2001: Message edited by: Darth_Rommel ]

Redwing 08-05-2001 11:02 AM

Yes, "i like to cheat" gives you a Cheater "X" rating at the end

JawaJoey 12-19-2003 03:46 AM

Hey. I think this forums dead. I wonder if anyone will ever see this again EVER.

Pedro The Hutt 12-22-2003 06:45 PM

Trying to boost your post count? =p

Master Qui-Gon 05-10-2006 12:41 PM

Strange to read this after so long and not remember my own posts.

Redwing 05-10-2006 07:26 PM


I totally forgot about all this stuff. :o I need to play TPM again... too bad the disc broke XD;;

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