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Master Qui-Gon 07-26-2001 03:24 PM

A little fun
<img src="" Alt="Qui-Gon v. Obi-Wan">

Dave Maul 07-26-2001 05:29 PM

Is that... Nah, it can't be... can it? For a second, it looked like Qui-Gon killed Obi-Wan... but that's impossible! Or is it... :confused:

Please do explain, Master Qui-Gon...

Gabrobot 07-26-2001 05:39 PM

I do believe he switched the darth maul model with the qui-gon model!

Cool! :cool:

Zanzibar 07-27-2001 04:25 AM

OK, I'm sorry, but THAT is frickin' sweet.

Here's my guess:

1. Swapped out the Maul model with the Obi-Wan model, the anim order is different, so one of Maul's animations is actually replaced by Obi's death anim.

2. Used the 'iamquigon' cheat to replace Obi-player with Qui-gon.

3. Got the camera 'stuck' in the cutscene view.

HOW you accomplished this, however, is an entirely different animal. My hat is off.

Tie Guy 07-27-2001 05:11 PM

Look, quigon kills obi-wan, but maul's meter never goes down, so he couldn't have just switched obi-wan's model for Maul's, or maul would be taking damage when obi was hit. He must have just editted the cutscene or something.

Master Qui-Gon 07-27-2001 08:49 PM

<font color="green1">No editing involved. :)

Redwing 07-28-2001 04:09 AM

WOW!!! How on earth did you do that??? :eek:

Zanzibar 07-28-2001 05:13 AM

Hmm, here's what I don't get,

about 1/3 of the way thru the .gif, you see obi-wan use a force push. This quite clearly is a Maul force push, not an Obi force push. Also, no one is taking damage here, otherwise you'd see either Maul's health meter dwindling up above, or else you'd see the player's health meter appear in the lower left. That makes me think that the Obi .baf has replaced Maul, because his sabre node is named differently than Maul's, which would explain why he isn't doing any damage to Qui-Gon. Very odd.

Well, you've stumped the panel, care to share? ;)

darth terrat 07-28-2001 01:00 PM

Howwww!! :confused:

darth terrat 07-28-2001 01:06 PM

maybe he interchanged Darth maul with Qui- gon! he as obi wan used but i feel so good cheat and got himself killed!!
must missed qui gon all the time!! :D

Boba Fat 07-29-2001 03:07 AM

He in my opinion changed Darth maul into Qui gon and then battled but he died! Maybe :rolleyes: :eek:

darth terrat 07-29-2001 02:17 PM

Ahhmm....!! :D

Redwing 07-29-2001 10:13 PM

Zanzibar, there's a cheat to give Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Maul's Force push, remember? :D

darth terrat 07-30-2001 11:49 AM

Exactly what i said*!!
(*)but i feel so good. ;)

pandemonium 07-30-2001 03:32 PM

He is a genius! ;)

Master Qui-Gon 07-30-2001 03:37 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">You are correct about the Force push. I didn't think about that because that's the Force push I always use. As is usually the case with puzzles or riddles, the correct answer is usually skipped over in favor of a more complicated one. That is the real Obi-Wan and it is the real Qui-Gon. As Obi-Wan, I simply killed Maul and took his place fighting Qui-Gon. The only trickery I used was making Obi-Wan look like it was Qui-Gon that killed him. Actually, Obi-Wan did it to himself. Shot himself in the foot, so to speak. Stupid Padawan.


DanJericho 07-30-2001 03:50 PM

Let me restate: How???

Gabrobot 07-30-2001 07:28 PM

Uh, how come Qui-Gon is still alive?

Master Qui-Gon 07-30-2001 08:01 PM

<font color="green1">I told you, I killed Maul before he could kill Qui-Gon. I posted a topic on how to do that a long time ago.

Gabrobot 07-30-2001 08:31 PM

Oh I see, could you give a link too that topic you said you posted please?

darth terrat 07-31-2001 11:42 AM

Go to his site to know * :D
(*)find it :D

Master Qui-Gon 07-31-2001 04:22 PM

<font color="green1">Actually, I don't think I added that one to my site yet and I don't have time to go looking for the topic now.

Redwing 08-05-2001 10:14 AM

LOL! That's cool. (BTW sorry for my absence :( )

Zathu Koon 12-28-2001 12:00 PM

That was like, what, a year ago?

I still cant do it though

Sido Dyas 12-29-2001 12:09 PM

I have done that! It is cool! You have to use an r-65 blaster an Maul for awhile then change to obiwan and use energy balls on him. Repeat if needed.

Master Qui-Gon 02-07-2002 09:44 AM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">Actually all you need to do is alternate weapons and one shot is enough (if it hits him). I use the missle launcher because he can't block it. I think I added this to my site. If not, I guess it's... out of site.<font size="-2">

CaptainRAVE 02-09-2002 12:33 PM


Originally posted by Master Qui-Gon
)I use the missle launcher because he can't block it.
Who could :rolleyes:

Redwing 02-09-2002 06:31 PM

Qui-Gon can block a missile. He sabers it in half :D

CaptainRAVE 02-10-2002 06:54 AM

But wouldnt it blow up anyway??

Pedro The Hutt 02-10-2002 08:40 PM

Most likely ^^"

Master Qui-Gon 02-11-2002 10:45 AM

<font color="green1">That's what it does with Maul. That's why it works.

Redwing 02-17-2002 07:05 PM

When Qui-Gon *blocks* it, it gets sliced in two pieces and both pieces fall to the ground. They do not blow up.

Master Qui-Gon 02-26-2002 10:36 AM

<font color="green1">It blew up when I did it. What level was this?

Redwing 03-09-2002 02:10 AM

The very first one. I never tried it on the later levels with Quigsy.

Master Qui-Gon 03-19-2002 11:52 AM

<font color="green1">It doesn't work in the Assault level.

Redwing 04-21-2002 07:43 AM

Oh. Well that would explain it, then, I guess. ;)

Master Qui-Gon 04-26-2002 02:47 PM

<font color="green1">Guess so.

Redwing 05-03-2002 11:55 PM're lying! :D j/k

Master Qui-Gon 05-08-2002 05:59 PM

<font color="green1">I never lie.
<a href=""><font color="green1"><img src="" Border="0"><br><font size="1"><b>Master Qui-Gon's TPM Strategy Guide</a></b>

Redwing 05-27-2002 08:31 PM

Lies! All lies! :D

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