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armadillopillow 06-03-2002 03:11 AM

A Whole Big Mess-Bookshops and Hangars on Coruscant-(formerly known as "new rpg")
<hey i dont care who rpg's here.. in fact the more the merrier any one is welcome!! but try to keep the character count down to a reasonable number :) kewl okei>

<hey i decided to add a few rules to clear up further confusion:) so.. here they are..1. DO NOT controll other peoples characters~ ie: do not make characters that are not yours do something, such as speaking, moving, or dying, the creator of the character should be the only person controlling that character unless they give permission to do otherwise.

2. Write in COMPLETE or at least understandable sentences and in proper RPG format~ ie: put * * or (( )) around narrations, something to let people know that it is a narration, and please use complete sentences unless an incomplete sentence is appropriate. ie: *Walks away*. The post must also be legible and comprehensible to prevent confusion.

3. DO NOT interupt an RPG~ ie: before joining an rpg try to read the story so far and wait for an opening in the story that allows for a character to make an entrance without disrupting the story line.

4. Be polite~ ie: respect your fellow writers and RPG'ers.

If you do not like these rules you do not have to follow them but please do not continue to post replies to this thread if that is the case. Any posts contravening the rules will either be ignored or deleted.

Furthermore never panic, and always have a towel, or your head will promptly be fed to the Bugblatter Beast of Traal. lol Have Fun>

( okei just a little back ground info on this char cause ive never used her before.... She is commonly mistaken for a guy, her first name is Ariel, but she goes by her last name- Gehn..and Artemis is her pet, although i dont think n e body would want to pet that ugly thing lol .. oh yeah and she has a lightsaber and knows how to use one, but she is not a jedi. ill reveal more as the rpg progresses.. but i thought this might clear up some stuff 'fore it happens .. okei.. )

( i think this takes place corruscant)

*Gehn pulled at the cloth that covered her face as she stepped out of the dirty small arms shop. She fumbled with the crate as stepped into the crowd of moving bodies the loose solder coils and power packs jingling about inside the box. Gehn manuvered through the seething mass of people doing her best to maintain a grip on the crate. Soon she escaped the tangle of bodies and appendages,and she slipped through the small door and into the docking bay*

[Gehn] *whistles* Artemis, come on artemis I got you something to snack on. Artemis?. Artemis come here *whistles*

*Growls can be heard coming from inside her ship*

Deac 06-03-2002 04:55 PM

[Deac Starkiller, veteran synthetic Jedi, former Chosen one of Avatar of Righteousness, and general good guy. Most people know him or know of him]

*Deac sits in a bookstore near the hanger. Due to his uncle's advice, he wrote his own autobiography, that much has been happening. Now he has to do a signing. Bummer!*

armadillopillow 06-04-2002 01:21 AM

*Gehn hit a button on a small device she pulled from her pocket causing the access hatch of her ship to open. Gehn reached for her blaster holstered on her thigh*

[Gehn]: Artem...

*Ariels words were cut off when a creature the size of a small dog crashed into her sending her sprawling on the ground*

[Creature]: GRRRRRRRR

*Ghen layed there too shocked to do anything. the creature moved its face closer to hers growling. Just when it looked as if it was going to bite her it made a squeek sound and proceeded to slobber all over her face*

[Gehn]: HAHAHAAHHA! git offa me Artemis! gross! hehehe

*Artemis leaped off of her and ran out the of the docking bay door*

[Gehn]: Artemis! come back here! haha

*Gehn ran out the door after the odd looking space creature*

Redwing 06-04-2002 03:57 AM

((OOS: Deac!! Advice...should I use Rwos, or is it time for something completely different? :D))

Deac 06-04-2002 05:59 PM

[We can more easily relate to older characters. So long as Rwos isn't still Darkstar, I think he should be here. Besides, he's in the acknowledgements section in Deac's autobiography!]

armadillopillow 06-09-2002 12:49 AM

*A tall dark figure in a long coat waiting outside the hangar watched as Gehn chased the little space creature out the door. As soon as she turned the corner the figure began to walk towards the hangar, two other tall dark figures emerged from the crowd and jumped in a small speeder nearby. The first figure pulled out a strange looking box from underneath his coat and tossed it into the hangar before hopping into the speeder as well and flying away*

*Gehn having caught up with the little creature walked back into the hangar to see a small box lying on the ground beside her ship. Ariel retrieved the box and held it up for a closer look discovering that the box had no opening!*

[Gehn]: hmm? thats strange

*Ariel tossed the box into the crate of miscellanious blaster parts and slid it into her ship, then proceeded to close the hatch*

[Gehn]: I'm kinda hungry, whaddya say we go somethin to eat Artemis?

*The little creature answered by letting out a low squeeking sound. Ariel and Artemis left the hangar and made their way to the nearest diner and sat down at a booth*

*In the crate the small box began to vibrate, there was a faint beep and the vibrating stopped*

*The diner shook with the sudden explosion that sent debris flying in every possible direction surprising Ariel and Artemis*

[Gehn]: What was that!?

Deac 06-09-2002 05:47 PM

*The crowds scatter, the bookstore's auto security activates and Deac is escorted to the outside. Whilst others panic, he moves in the direction of the explosion*

armadillopillow 06-11-2002 01:00 AM

*Gehn quickly got up from her chair and pushed her way through the mass of bodies that formed by the windows all trying to get a better look at the rubble. Ariel made her way through the door trailed by her alien pet, Artemis. Ariel stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the damage, Artemis running into her ankles.*

[Gehn]: what...what.. happened?..

*Gehn glanced around at the debris at her feet, the once sturdy Hangar, now a pile of smoldering rock*

superthrawn 06-11-2002 03:29 AM

(Well, since I've never RP'ed before on RSRP, I guess I should give a little character background. His name is Uglrrgrumparrumparwump, but most people just call him Ugly. While many beings in the Universe find themselves unfortunate, Ugly is one of the worst. First off, his name. And then, to add to it, he comes from a species known for it's strength and prowess. But, due to a sick and cruel Imperial experiment, he was born a midget Wookie. Only a meter tall, he still has a lot of power, but nothing like that which his species is marked for. Finally, he has the worst string of bad luck in the known galaxy. He makes lando look like a double lottery winner. Even now, it extends to him, as the explosion in the hangar has demolished his portable interpereter droid. He tries to make an intimidating scream, but it comes off more to the effect of a teenager squeaking when he speaks. A passing 4PO droid catches what he said.)

993-4PO: Now! There's no need for such language! You should be ashamed of yourself. Why, will all this civilization around here, you'd think you'd be able to pick up on a little of it...

(Ugly lets out a short grunt, and it's meaning is clear, as the droid shuts up. He lets out a string of growls, and Ninety-nine translates.)

99: Master Ugly cordially suggests that since it seems that you need to repair your ship, you should bring it on over to his grage: Ugly Mechanics Inc. He says they'll have the best people working on it available. You should be satisfied in no time. But he also says that you must act quickly, this is a one time offer only. So, what do you say?

armadillopillow 06-11-2002 09:23 PM

*Gehn looked down at the little hairball of a wookie and then at the droid translating for him*

[Gehn]: well.. I uh.. thatís really kind of you, but in case you havenít noticed it appears I no longer have a ship!

*gestures towards hunks of twisted metal scattered upon the ground*

superthrawn 06-13-2002 03:41 AM

(Ugly growls out a few more lines, then looks at the droid to translate.)

Well, what he said this time was that he also owns a hotel chain which has been a bit hard pressed to find customers lately. It seems no one wants to stay anywhere known as The Ugly Hotel. He also says that he knows someone who could help you find a new ship, at a respectable cost, and was wondering if you'd care to be party to his hospitality?

armadillopillow 06-13-2002 10:43 PM

*Gehn a bit suspicious eyes the wookie carefully*

[Gehn]: ...sure.. why not!..

*Gehn glances back at the pile of debris and is slightly saddened at the loss of her ship*

[Gehn]: Okei so where is this hotel of yours?

Redwing 06-19-2002 06:25 AM

((OOS: I'll bring in Termand Rwos, later. But he won't be the central character this time))

A short girl with dark brown skin and darker brown hair runs into the docking bay. Her eyes widen at the destruction, and then she notices Ariel.

"Hey you! What happened to your ship?"

armadillopillow 06-20-2002 07:18 AM

*Gehn spins around to look at the girl *

[Gehn]: i.. i dont really minute my ship is there.. next thing i know .. well ..
wait a minute ..who are you?..

Redwing 06-20-2002 04:40 PM

"My name is Marin. We hafta leave, now. I'm sorry bout your ship, they were trying to kill me."

*The girl motions for Ariel to follow her*

Deac 06-21-2002 01:32 AM

*Deac bumps into them all, and is about to ask the question "where are you going?", but is then only narrowly missed by a sniper bullet*

Redwing 06-21-2002 11:05 AM

*Marin grabs Ariel's hand* "They've found me! Let's go, now!"

armadillopillow 06-21-2002 01:14 PM

*Gehn is suddenly yanked forward by the girl *

[Gehn]: wait a minute!

*Gehn continues to be pulled along, glancing bak at the confused Deac*

[Gehn]: @ Marin: what are you doing!? who is trying to kill you!?

*Gehn wrenches her hand free and stops in her tracks staring at marin with a confused look*

Redwing 06-21-2002 01:23 PM

*Marin gives up and ducks into the nearest shop. Sniper shots impact the ground next to Deac and Ariel. Deac ducks behind a piece of debris, and Ariel is hit in the back of the shoulder by a sniper's laser bullet*

armadillopillow 06-21-2002 01:42 PM

*Ghen spins around from the force of the bullet catching two more bullets in the chest as she spins. Gehn falls to the ground cursing*

[Gehn]:GAwd @#% @#$&%*( @#&$

*Gehn crawls over to Deac pulling off her outer blast resistant -coat and tossing it on the ground three dark pits smoldering on the material*

[Gehn]: I just bought that coat too!

*Gehn pulls out a large bulky blaster that had been hiding beneath her long coatand pointed it in the direction the sniper was coming from*

Redwing 06-22-2002 05:49 AM

*hidden far above them, in the mess of rigging above the docking bays, a black-coated figure aims his rifle at Ariel's head and speaks into his comlink*

S-02 to 03, should I finish the job?

He gets a reply:

03 to 02, negative, we don't know who he or she is. Can you identify the male target?

01 to 03, his name is Deac Starkiller. He is a sort of Jedi. He is well known in this dimension.

02 to 01, can you ID the male/female target?

01 to 02, negative, but it's a she.

03 to 01, should we take out the Jedi?

01 to 03, more importantly, where is the main target?

03 to 01, she entered a shop. She's temporarily out of range.

01 to 03, it seems that the second female target is the owner of the demolished ship.

02 to 01, you mean they got the wrong ship?

01 to 02, that's exactly what I mean.

01 to all, base gives confirmation to eliminate the secondary targets. Order we enter the shop and ensure main target does not escape.

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 06:20 AM

[Gehn]: where are you?.... AH HA!

*Gehn fires an explosive round at the snipers hiding place*

[Gehn]: @Deac: well dont just sit there!!

*Gehn leapt up firing several more rounds at the sniper befroe leaping into the nearby store with Marin*

Redwing 06-22-2002 07:01 AM

*Ariel's shot have completely missed; the snipers have retreated deep into the rigging*

01 to all, get down there NOW!

03 to all, there are people leaving the shop!

01 to all, get them all! We can't lose the target again!

*inside the shop, the girl Marin is nowhere to be seen*

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 07:30 AM

*Gehn confused looks around inside the shop Marin no where to be found*

*Gehn turns and looks towards the door when someone grabs her*

Wacky_Baccy 06-22-2002 09:27 AM

Tarin had been watching the 'excitement' from the shadows near the bookstore when he saw a girl run inside and another person, seemingly a man, follow her. Being his usual inquisitive self, and having heard the shots earlier, he decided to follow them to find out what was happening - and hopefully, if he was lucky, there might be a job in it for him...

He moved swiftly to the entrance, and as he opened the door he almost walked into the second person that entered, who was midway through turning to face him. He acted quickly, and grabbed her arms to stop her from getting to a weapon (it was obvious now that she was not male).

She looked stunned, so he quickly said:

"I'm not going to hurt you - don't worry."

She looked slightly relieved, but her body stayed tense.

"I can help you lose those snipers - I'm in the business myself, so I know what they'll likely do - but we need to move quickly to get away from here."

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 09:37 AM

*Gehn tore her arms away from the man who grabbed her*

[Gehn]: get your hands off me!... why should i trust you!? who are you!?

*Gehn steps back, one hand on the blaster at her side, still wary of the stranger*

*Gehn nervously adjusted the cloth covering her face*

Wacky_Baccy 06-22-2002 09:47 AM

*Tarin, surprised at her sudden fierceness, held his arms at his sides, keeping them at shoulder height to show he was not holding a weapon*

You should trust me because you want to live, and I can help you. My name, not that it really matters, is Tarin.

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 10:05 AM

*Gehn stares at Tarin suspiciously*

[Gehn]: why would you want to help me?..

*Gehn glanced up at the door to see two figures entering with blasters drawn*

[Gehn]: you want to help me?.. heres your chance!

*Gehn pulled out her blaster and pointed it at the door firing wildly*

Redwing 06-22-2002 10:29 AM

*Four tall, dark men enter the shop. They are dressed in a sort of gray uniform with long black coats over them. They spray the shop with stunbolts*

03 to 01, our men have entered the shop.

01 to all, orders are we back them up. Go in and scour that shop. Mobile Base -078 is setting up a sensor grid. I don't think the girl's going to be getting out this time.

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 10:36 AM

*Gehn stops firing at the door when there is a large explosion towards the back of the shop, Gehn turns to see a gaping hole in the back of the shop, Gehn turns bak to look at Tarin*

[Gehn]: what was that?!

*Gehn decides to figure it out later and instead runs towards the hole while firing bak at the door with her blaster*

Wacky_Baccy 06-22-2002 10:44 AM

*Tarin smiles at her, drops a small, rapidly beeping device, and runs towards the hole*

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 10:51 AM

*Gehn cooping up artemis as she ran, leapt through the hole just when the bomb exploded*

*Gehn looked around for Marin or Deac finding only shocked faces staring back at her*

*Gehn looked back at the shop as Tarin emerged from the smoke*

Redwing 06-22-2002 10:52 AM

*the men back away from the grenade, which goes off in a blinding flash of light. They shield their eyes until the blast dissipates*

Man 1: Hurry, scan them! *motioning to the unconscious customers in the shop*

Man 2: Done! I scanned those two running away...they're clean too!

Man 3: It doesn't matter! We need to capture them---they might know something.

Man 1: If she isn't here, then...*he hears a clanging sound above him and looks up, eyes widening with realization*

Man 4: She's in the ceiling!

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 11:39 AM

*Gehn looks at Tarin then at the hole*

[Gehn]: where is Marin?

*Gehn hears someone yell from inside the shop*

Redwing 06-22-2002 12:00 PM

*the men blast the ceiling with blue stunbolts, and the clanging stops*

Man 1: Get her?

Man 2: Negative--I've got her on scanner! She's leaving the shop!

*they dash outside as five more men arrive. Two head for the hole after Ariel and Tarin*

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 12:04 PM

*Gehn, shocked, when she sees two men running out of the shop after them and quickly truns around and starts running the opposite direction*

[Gehn]: @Tarin: GO GO GO!!!

*Gehn truns and fires a few shots bak at the men emerging from the hole as she runs*

superthrawn 06-22-2002 01:40 PM

OOS: Ok everyone, really sorry to interrupt the story and all, but I've kind of dropped off here, and I want to explain why and say I'm sorry. (Now that the whole politeness thing is out of the way... j/k) Basically, here it is. I've gotten rather caught up in the whole Cantina Six: Return of the Dead Guy RPG over on In short, I've been writing absolutely gargantuan posts (check it out if you don't believe me, some of them are over 5-6000 characters.) That can tend to be rather draining on emotional writing ability, as well as wrist ability. (I know, I know, that sounds rather wrong... if you think remotely like some people I know. ::Cries to self:: The woes of high school!) So, I'm very sorry for not keeping up, and I'll try harder to jump in, if possible here, although I'll not be staying with Ugly. To be honest, he was kind of a joke. Anyway, that's all there is for now.

Signing off--Good luck and Godspeed.

superthrawn 06-22-2002 02:22 PM

Alright guys, here's my new chara info

Name: Thrr-gilag, Clan: Kee'rr
Gender: Male
Species: Zhirrzh
Description/ a little background: Roughly human in height, with slender torso and a pair each of arms and legs in more or less hman arrangement. A hairless head sits atop what passes for a neck, the face roughly triangular in shape as large brow ridges over the deep-set eyes narrow to hawklike beaks. Always dressed in tight fitting jumpsuits, made of a shimmery material. A small scar rides on his neck just below where it narrows backward into a triangle, the scar is roughly the same size and shape of that of an small appendix removal scar in humans. This scar is due to the removal of the fss organ. The fss seems to be unique amongst the galaxy. It is an organ, that, when removed from it's host and kept from decay, it acts as sort of an anchor. Should the former host be killed, or raised to Eldership as it is said amongst the Zhirrzh, then they will immediately (not physically, but their essence, spirit, soul or Force presence, however you want to say it) yanked back to their fss in their family shrine. There they will become nearly literally a ghost, with decreased sensory abilities, but the ability to pass inside the anchor areas of their fss instantaneously. Also, the fss can be cut, in order to move that cutting even as far as a different planet. The Zhirrzh can then move instantaneously between those pieces, so long as they are not blocked by concentrations of some of the denser metals. (That includes Deac's head... just kidding Deac). As well, when radio waves are passed over the fss in high enough concentrations, the Elder will feel wracking pains in growing amounts up to death. These concentrated radio waves are known as the Elderdeath weapons to the Zhirrzh. Uh, I think that's a pretty good physiological background to the Zhirrzh, oh yeah, they have two thumbs and three fingers, both thumbs opposable, and the Zhirrzh homeplanet, Oaccanav, is in the Unkown Regions, though they do have hyperspace capabilities, just at much slower speeds than normal. Within the Unkown Regions, the Zhirrzh have built a small empire of about 18 worlds, which they control through their strict clan system which is over seen by the Overclan Prime, most powerful of all the Zhirrzh.
Personal Background: Thrr-gilag is from the planet Oaccanav, home planet of his clan, the Kee'rr. After his bond-engagement to a female from another clan was broken for political reasons, he devoted himself to the furtherance of Zhirrzh society. As a result, he rose highly through the ranks of his clan, before becoming Speaker, and using his incredible political leverage and background as a scholar and student of aliens to get himself appointed upon an expidition to search beyond the Zhirrzh empire for other peoples. It was in this way that the Zhirrzh stumbled on to the New Republic. And so, in due course, they have traveled to Coruscant to contact the New Republic, and find out what they can...

Redwing 06-22-2002 03:09 PM

*the main group of men rushes outside of the shop*

Man 1: There she is! Stun her!

*a small blue, shimmering, lizard-like creature is scampering down the street*

Redwing 06-22-2002 04:18 PM

((OOS: @ superthrawn: You might want to post in the LucasForums - Post your character for the RPG. + BIO! thread =D))

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