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Jagjeff 06-09-2002 02:59 AM

How do you defeat Desann????
Can anyone, ANYONE, give me some hints of info on how to kill Desann? I saw some people put how he easy he is but he has killed me many times now. HELP!!!:( :deathii:

UnrealJedi 06-09-2002 03:20 AM

Force Speed and heavy stance....also there are panels in the wall on the upper level. If you Force Pull them then a beam of light will appear in the middle of the botto level. When you enter the beam of light, you'll be invincible for a few seconds. Good luck!

Jagjeff 06-09-2002 03:26 AM

Got him! I got him by the pillar and brought ot down on him! Bye bye Desann! Thanks! I'll try the speed and stance also.

eyobedw 11-04-2010 10:26 AM

Hello there i don’t know how many of you here know jedi knight 2 jedi outcast but if there are fans out there I would like to share what I know. I played the game(pc) for over a year and I know easy ways to defeat the siths, jedi trainer( more difficult than shadow trooper) if u can beat jedi trainer then u rock!!!!!! And also I will show u how to beat desann the easy way with out using force nexus or the pillars and I will also show u how to beat tavion the easy way. The difficulty setting which I play with is jedi master and all the techniques work on this extreme difficulty setting.

When u just receive ur light saber all of ur force powers are level 1 so this technique helps very well with reborns. What u do is u stand right infront of ur opponent preferably close then force push them they wont fall down but it will make them immobile then u jump on top of them. The aim is to make them fall down this may take a few trials but it will work the point of force push is to make them immobile so it will be easier to jump on them(because they move a lot u could miss) keep repeating until they fall. force push , jump then once they fall down hack them to pieces easy this works on tavion as well. But careful some times they could counter u while u jump.


U need grip level 2 for this to work. First stand close at gripping range then target the enemy and force grip them they will be suspended on the air quickly before they counter force pull or push them they will 100% of the time fall down easy just grip then pull but be really quick then hack them to pieces this works on reborns, tavion, jedi trainer, shadow trooper etc.


This requires the blue stance and u should know the secret move as well by the way the use button u press this when u open doors and stuff this button is essential usually u can do the secret move when u stand still but with the use button pressed u can use it while u are running cool isn’t it. So for me I assigned use button to shift so while running I press shift, crouch, up, attack use this and u can unleash the deadliest move on this game. So what u do is u force push your opponent so they stay immobile ( they must be on the ground) then get really close at hugging range( no space in between) then unleash the secret move as listed above this will finish off your opponent with one hit most of the time and it’s the fastest way to kill your opponent. And good to deal with multiple enemy I can defeat up to 6 opponents reborns, shadowtroopers included with this move its just beautiful to watch.


This is just the red stance use it efficiently and u can win easly it can cut through defence but its slow so u need good foot work. Usually I use a down ward slash with foot work( going back wards and forward) easy but don’t use it too much or u will be counterd use different styles) u can even beat desann with this but only some times.


This is my favorite because with this u can beat desann 99% of the time ok so u cant grip desann instead when u try to grip him he uses force push. If u are on the ground u are a sitting duck completely vunerable so to win against desann u should only come to the ground for attack. So keep your distance. First jump high towards desann not over him towards him then grip him the trick is to make him throw his light saber so grip him while u are on the air then automatically he will use force push then there is 50% chance he would throw his light saber if he does don’t waste any time use force speed quickly and use the secret blue stance move listed above u can use it while running with the shift button pressed. Get close and hack through him if u time it correctly u will get two hits in then when the saber comes back get out of there u are in speed mode so don’t be afraid he wont attack just to be safe though u can jump out of there repeat this process until he is dead. The good thing is if he doesn’t throw his saber since u are being pushed back u can keep your distance from him. Never be on the ground because if you are close to him he will grip u. this will work 100% of the time if u are fighting him the first time I beat him 6 times using this.

Now u are done u are the master of the game u deserve the title jedi master enjoy.

eyobedw 11-11-2010 03:35 PM

but mind u many of the techniques wont work for jedi academy the game play is a whole new system the duel is different. but i will try to come up with efficient techniques for jedi academy next time.

fatkat357 11-29-2010 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by eyobedw (Post 2755712)
but mind u many of the techniques wont work for jedi academy the game play is a whole new system the duel is different.

Did you find duels on JKA as difficult as those on JKO? About a year ago, I played each one, back-to-back, starting with Academy. After finishing off Tavion fairly quickly in the final stage on JKA I naturally guessed that I could do as well against her in Bespin in JKO. Turned out the opposite was true - and she was much more formidable in the old game. With a few exceptions, the Reborn/Dark Jedi of Academy just aren't up to the task in Outcast.

eyobedw 01-23-2011 07:51 AM

yes the duel in JKA are difficult specially in jedi master difficulty. but i figured out some techniques to beat reborn, reborn master, and alora too. if u want to beat tavion very easily in JKO use the techniques i listed above.

mstr kenobi 02-26-2011 08:23 PM

Ahhh the JK series... good times!!!

As far as i remember, the random Reborn fights you get through the game in JA were harder then the ones in JO, the fights were more predictable with only single saber and less specials and the number of Shadowtroopers wasn't so big.
In JA i remember saving after every battle because i knew i could die soon.

The bosses however, they were major pains in JO while they were nothing special, no different than an ordinary grunt in JA, only exception Kyle. (still, a lot easier than taking Desann head on however).

Taking on Desann like a man (no vortex, no tricks) was a biiiiiiig challenge...

Obs: If you just want to take him down, use red style and turn on force speed before you jump down to face him, apparently, if you engage him with speed already turned on he doesn't detect that you are on speed and doesn't turn his on lol, very cheap and painless way to kill the beast.

eyobedw 04-02-2011 12:31 PM

man i was seeing the posts how old is this site??? i mean some of the posts were posted before 10 years amazing.

SITH LORD 872 04-02-2011 04:25 PM

I have found both games to be fun, And with great story lines, However I'm currently playing Jedi Knight 3, Because i found a bunch of mods that continue the story after Tavion dies.

Plus there are full conversions for both games, That bring new life to each!!

Kurgan 06-07-2011 12:40 AM

Thanks for the memories guys. I was thinking about breaking out JK2 again after not playing it for a few years (my JA server is still alive and running!). I still have people telling me that 1.02 was the "golden age" of the game (and to be frank I played most of my MP when that's all we had), so I might just try it vanilla when I do, time permitting.


eyobedw 07-25-2011 12:06 PM

techniques for jedi knight jedi academy
guys i found an awesome way to beat the reborns, jedi master(in case u decide to turn dark), and reborn masters. this techniques works on the new tavion as well( that is before ragnos corrupts her body).
first u will need:
-grip level 2 (i recommend level 3),
-blue stance (fast slicing and dicing does some good damage).
so what happens is in the end the enemy will be "defense less" for a short time, enough time for u to finish him(the enemy) off.
step 1
Equip the blue stance. Make sure ur not on ledges, since u will be pushed around make sure to stay of ledges.
step 2
grip the enemy and press the speed button simultaneously, i assigned the speed to shift button. press the grip button first though.
step 3
let go of shift(speed button) but keep on pressing the grip button, until the enemy uses force push on u to break the grip(which will not be long in jedi master difficulty because the enemy has outstanding reflexes.) then just hack him to pieces.

note: here is the fun part since ur in speed mode u will recover from the force push quickly but the enemy has not yet activated speed button so it will take him much longer time to recover until that he(the enemy) is "defense less". which will give u ample of time to attack the enemy. i recommend u use the blue stance for fast attacks u don't have to worry about being countered because the enemy is standing still.
i am telling u this thing works on pretty much every one except kyle and tavion( after ragnos corrupts her body) and after wards u still have some force points to use as a back up.

side effects
1. some times the enemy will use force push even before u have a chance to grip them in this case u will have to repeat the process again. remember don't go attacking,because the enemy is not stunned and wont take much time to counter.
2. stay of ledges and if u cant avoid the ledges make sure there is a wall behind u before u execute the move to protect u from falling.
3.some times it will take u longer time to recover, when this happens use force pull u will shake of the recovering animation.
4. care should be taken when dealing with multiple enemy's. even though it works on multiple enemy's, u should move around a bit to avoid being attacked by the other enemy. or if ur uncertain use force protect that will take care of ur problem.

eyobedw 08-10-2011 08:35 PM

technique to defeat tavion (after being possessed by ragnos)
first u will need:
1) wookie bow that shoots metallic bolts...looks like a bow
2)force absorb
3)dual light saber......has the twirl move....just in case tavion decides to be aggressive use this move, it will keep her away from u.

step 1
activate force absorb and equip your light saber.

step 2
keep jumping away from her in other words stay away from her not too far though.....the idea is for her to throw her saber at you.

step 3
once she throws her saber, evade the saber and stand between her and the saber....remember don't get hit or don't jump.....just try to maneuver your way through the saber on the ground......don't even roll or she will take back her saber. don't activate speed either.

once ur in the middle not too close to her equip ur bow caster and just shoot at her if she retracts her saber get out of their......equip ur saber and repeat the takes a very short time to beat her and u can finish the battle with out being scratched.

Kurgan 10-31-2011 10:25 AM

to be honest, I always played these games with the "realistic saber damage" on, so the duels were often over quite quickly (either way)! Kept it edge-of-seat exciting though (and I admit, I often reloaded to play it again even if I won). ;)

Scorge 11-03-2011 01:51 PM

Lol I havent even gotten to desann yet, I heard hes hard

Tinny 11-03-2011 04:20 PM

Do a barrel roll!

eyobedw 01-04-2012 06:32 PM

kurgan..are there any santa hats for sale. i wanna put one on kyle, looks cool ::thmbup1

irish_texan 01-27-2012 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Tinny (Post 2794708)
Do a barrel roll!


Kurgan 04-04-2012 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by eyobedw (Post 2800589)
kurgan..are there any santa hats for sale. i wanna put one on kyle, looks cool ::thmbup1

Every Christmas I dig one out. ;)

Actually I created the ones I have using photoshop and google image search (I went a little crazier on the other). Try it sometime, it's fun (Paint.Net is free if you don't have PS or PSP).

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