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Plo Koon 04-30-2000 01:32 AM

Lookey lookey...
How many Gungan artifacts are there? I found one in the cave at the end of level two, but I think I heard someone say there are three artifacts. Can y'all tell me where they are?


Mace_Windu 04-30-2000 01:34 AM

3. One on tatooine and one in the ruins

Plo Koon 04-30-2000 03:08 PM

On Tatooine? Where?


Jedi Kanigget 04-30-2000 03:59 PM

Take a look at the strategy guide Darth Wart has written. It's posted at the link in my signature. That'll tell you exactly where it is.


Darth Wart's Strategy Guide in a friendly, easy to use form!(Sorry, that was bad.)

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