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ShadeShifter 04-30-2000 11:07 PM

Though about findin Ki-Adi.
A friend mentioned something interesting to me today. According to EP 1 Insiders Guide, Ki-Adi was on Tatooine at the same time as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. Hmmmm...interesting.


ShadeShifter 05-01-2000 01:12 AM

I know I posted this on JPB, but I wanted to hear the RD opinion on it.

Plo Koon 05-01-2000 03:42 AM

That is interesting. Where was he on Tatooine? What was he doing there?


ShadeShifter 05-01-2000 03:19 PM

I believe that he was originally there looking for a Jedi Master, but, he ran into the bounty hunter, Aurra Sing, who was also looking for the Jedi.


ShadeShifter 05-01-2000 03:22 PM

Last night I searched every I could think of on Tatooine and found nothing.


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