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Hans Svetty 07-21-2000 05:48 AM

How do I get force speed to work? It's not with me!
I'm new, just running single player for the first time, and having real fun. Then I got to the spot wher you need force speed to jump over to the roof above the market area to reach the ruined city. I read the manual, tried the hotkey, tried "F", no Force Speed. I miss the game; it's been a week and I can't progress. Does anyone have a suggestion or two? I checked and do have two stars for force power, BTW.

Another week of trying, and it still won't work. I'm playing They Hunger2, but I miss Jedi. (July 25)



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Kurgan 07-21-2000 11:11 AM

Go into setup and see what key(s) you have assigned to speed. If you have not marked a specific hotkey, the you will need to cycle to that force power (using the "next force power" or "previous force power" keys) the hit the "use force" key. You also have to be sure you have enough force mana (red indicator on the lower right of the screen..). Speed doesn't use that much, but if the indicator is all black, or has just a tiny tiny bit of red at the bottom, you'll need to wait for more to build up (soldi red or orange) before it will work (grab a force boost or surge to speed up this process).

To use the power, you should just hit the key and the words "force speed" should appear at the top of the screen (along with an icon of a guy running in the upper right corner of the screen). If it "worked" you'll hear the sound effect and be able to move faster for a short time.


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Hans Svetty 07-21-2000 02:59 PM

Well, I just checked in setup. Force Power is "F" previous power = ; next power=. The force speed hotkey = F5. Force mana, red in bottom right indicator? is number 155. Red in bottom left is 100. (Health)

I tried cycling force power, but no result, maybe because I have only two stars for force speed in the Jedi Powers screen. I tried F, F5, but no "Force Speed" or icon on upper right corner. Reinstalled game, but no result.Some questions: Do you need to wait a while to build force mana before using it for the first time? I ran around for maybe 20 minutes; did shooting the Tuskens drain it off or something? Is there any way to get to the roof without it? Is this possibly something that was addressed in a patch? I seem to have version 1.0.

Thanks Kurgan for the excellent forum, and for your help.


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