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Qui-gon John 08-30-2000 04:18 AM

Jedi Power battles forum loading slow!, but the rest are fine!
Hi, if you have noticed latley, the Jedi Power battles form is taking forEVER to load, I have a cable modem, and it has NEVER taken that long, I think there is something wrong with th server or something


Dave Maul 08-30-2000 04:16 PM

Bear in mind, John or whatever your name is now, the forum does have over 15000 posts, whereas the cantina has almost 5000. Big difference.

Dave Maul

Obi-Juan Kenobi 08-30-2000 09:09 PM

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......ah yes, that is a very good point, it does have alot of post, that might be the problem.(my real name is John)


Dave Maul 08-31-2000 10:38 AM

I was referring to the thing with Obi-Jaun Kenobi, Qui-Gon John, and any other names you have. Nothing wrong with it, by the way. Just a bit strange when you can remember the password for the first one.

Dave Maul

Qui-gon John 09-01-2000 02:06 AM

Ohh, well Juan is John in spanish, and it is pronounced Wan, that is why I made that one. and the qui-gon John, is self explanitory

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