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Gokuh 04-20-2000 12:29 AM

My opinions on the hidden strings in "Jedi Power Battles"
I recently took a glance at the updates page on, and I found your post about hidden strings on the "Jedi Power Battles" cd-rom to be extremely interesting. I read through the exerpt of the code and I came to a few conclusions about what it might be. My first notion, was of course, that it was some sort of text displayed in hidden parts of the game, but that was a given. Then, I realized that the bottom string seemed to be composed of level descriptions, and also how to manipulate objects in the game to your liking. So, basically those were just instructions for the secrets. From this exerpt of the code, I have also theorized that there may be a Kaadu racing mini-game. In one of the strings, it displayed the message, "Press repeatedly to make your Kaadu run faster. First to the finish line wins." However, I do understand that those could be two strings, but as I had said before, it is a "theory". Actually, I just took a look at the code again, and found there to be the text, "Kaadu race!" so perhaps I am correct. That whole paragraph seems to mention all of the mini-games.
I would also like to address another issue about the code. The area that has a computer directory location (with the words, "EP2 Secrets") I believe, is the string that would be inserted above a debug menu in the game, and that directory might change the text to a custom font, or make an image appear, but I am not certain. Another suggestion could be that the directories are actually computer variables (If you look closer, there are abbreviations for level select) that display the items in a cheat menu. Well, I have to go now, and I hope you found this feedback useful. Oh, and by the way, I think that IMMORTAL at the end is what is displayed when god mode is activated.

Ki-Adi-Mundi 04-20-2000 06:46 AM

You should post this in the JPB forum... this would be a great topic. I'd do it myself, but would feel guilty for stealing.

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