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Gabrobot 09-29-2001 02:36 AM

BattleGrounds Demo!
What, no topic yet?

The demo is out! you can download it at: or be linked to it from

I'm going to be tying up my phone line over night I see. ;) It's 70 MB. No problem. :eek:

sheared 09-29-2001 12:52 PM

I found the demo kinda boring. I didn't get to build any units - just march around blowing things up.

I was hoping for a demo similar to the first one released for Age of Empires where you could at least build up a massive army (even if it was not necessary). I also tried getting on the zone, but half the graphics would not load and when I clicked on the demo link, nothing would happen. I'm hoping that it's a problem on their side and not mine.

I also ran into a couple of problems:

- I set a group of storm troopers to guard Darth Vader, but when I moved Vader, the guarding troops just stayed behind.

- One area of the screen remained lit up like I had some troops in the area, but I had no one there (I looked and looked).

- I couldn't switch the resolution to 1280x1024. This may have just been a limitation of the demo, though.

The "Victory" tune was WEAK! I hope they come up with something a little more Star Wars sounding for the retail release.

Gabrobot 09-30-2001 01:31 AM

I'm impressed!
That I was able to download the demo completly last night, that is! :D

Took 10 hours and 50 minutes :eek: , but it did finish!

I enjoyed the demo enough that I'll probably buy it, though I'm not really into strategy games.

I found the lit area, when no troops were there, problem somewhat annoying however. Haven't tried MP yet.

antilles 09-30-2001 12:44 PM

Well, i just lose a battle to other Zone this afternoon...

In SP, u can only choose Empire, but in MP, u can Choose Rebel...The worker is R2, the rest is just fine.

Not as good as i have thought, but good enough. Hope they will upgrade it before the Full vision

And i know why there is always some place visible even there is no troop...
When u wait for longer, there will be some reforcement...

DJJaded 10-01-2001 02:06 AM

Overall I think the demo is pretty good. I just wish there was more campaign stuff like in Age of Kings demo.

The other things I noticed are interesting:

1)It seems like they added to many extra useless units just to make it faithfull to the movies and the expanded universe stuff.

2)Possible episode 3 hint...If you select Leia's campaign in the campaign section, it says that she is meeting with a Bothan spy to get the death star plans. I am assuming that means that we don't see that happpen in episode 3.

The rest is good, although I do find myself building up huge armies for no apparent reason.

antilles 10-01-2001 12:35 PM

Well...the biggest Spoiler might be...Chewie's father is working with Qui-Gon!

That's in the Naboo Campion...

And u can build Bounty Hunter...A Rodian.

Note: when i using Vader, i try to convert building, and the screen shows:Only Master can do it...Maybe Emporer or some Sith Lord can lure building to our own????

ESE_Sithlord 10-03-2001 02:26 AM

Demo kicked ass in MP its okay in SP

Hannibal 10-03-2001 01:50 PM


Originally posted by DJJaded:
[QB]2)Possible episode 3 hint...If you select Leia's campaign in the campaign section, it says that she is meeting with a Bothan spy to get the death star plans. I am assuming that means that we don't see that happpen in episode 3.[QB]
Only if someone pushes her there in a stroller. :) Lucas said that at the end of Ep 3 Luke and Leia would be babies.

hyoi 10-08-2001 08:03 PM

I liked the demo alright, but when someone got up any sort of defense, it was almost impossible to break through it. It seems like the buildings are too hard to destroy. Also, the AA is too powerful. I dunno, these are just my initial thoughts.

Hannibal 10-09-2001 01:13 PM


Originally posted by hyoi:
<STRONG> Also, the AA is too powerful. </STRONG>
They need to recalculate the hp of units and the strength of turrets shots. A TieFighter has 25 hp. That's rediculous. The ground soldiers have more than that.

ESE_Sithlord 10-09-2001 06:52 PM

Has anyone ever really attacked someones base? without the Monument? have you guys or ladies ever destroyed any important buildings with your Armies of units whatever type?

I can say I have done this but holding the Monument is too easy for some and its way too short.

For a long game make it harder try to stay away from the Monument for a good game.

There are some good games fighting for the Captured Monument but it makes it way to short.

[ October 09, 2001: Message edited by: Darth Vader ]

Hannibal 10-09-2001 09:30 PM

It's to easy taking the monument. Even if you only have 2 units you can wait till the clock runs down send them to the monument take it for 2 seconds and win the game. That sucks.

ESE_Sithlord 10-09-2001 10:45 PM

Yeah Iam saying have any of you invaded anyone elses base with anytime of units?

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