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superthrawn 07-15-2002 01:27 PM

Cantina Six spinoff: Postlude to Holocaust
Hehe. Well, it seems I have come up with another RPG idea, one marginally better than the last. This one takes place after the Galactic Holocaust brought about by the Aesir in Cantina Six.

As this killed off 80% of the known people, things are rather turbulent. And so, as it always seems, some people are becoming ambitious, and some are simply looking for family. So a group of adventurers, having been united on Coruscant, the last remaining major world, unite to go searching for friends and family. But, as usual, evil lurks just around the corner.

How's that for a description, huh? A whole paragraph! Seriously though, I think it has potential. How about sounding off!?

Redwing 07-15-2002 02:42 PM


Hey I think we should get Battledog in here to play his "brainwashed" character :D

Maybe even Admiral to play his Aesir...

Deac, you up for this? :D

edit: @Battledog (if you show up) What happened: Flax escaped the Star with seconds remaining. The Republic thinks Deac, Rwos, Starr and Cracken collaborated with the Aesir to create the Holocaust. They think Flax is a hero for saving Coruscant. They also think Flax was brainwashed through the Force to believe the "aberrant" version of what happened.

To everyone else:

This is set in an alternate reality where an alien race called the Aesir has destroyed all major civilized systems in the Star Wars galaxy except Coruscant, using resonance torpedoes to make the stars go nova. Only 20% of the intelligent life in the galaxy remains.

(Recent galactic events - just before the Holocaust - included a Dark Lord of the Sith activating a Death Star-like superweapon inside one of Coruscant's moons, and attempting to take over the galaxy with it. The weapon got destroyed, though---just before the Aesir destroyed the systems. If you're bored, see details in The Cantina Six: Return of the Dead Guy )

Final note: This RPG would be set way after RotJ.

Oh, and shouldn't this topic be discussion for the Cantina Six spinoff? hmmmz

Admiral 07-16-2002 01:59 AM

and where is my thanks for destroying the galaxy?

A couple of things about the holocaust unleashed by the Aesir. Due to the Star being in the Coruscant, and the eminant destruction of that planet, they launched the torpedo meant for that system, to another one.

With the Star leaving the system at the last second, the Aesir attacked the planet. Given the advanced weapons, Coruscant was devistated, but left intact.

The Aesir's homeworld of Asgard is destroyed, and yes they did it themselves. In fact most the the Aesir are now dead. The fleet, is now only a few ships stong (the survivors are only the ones chosen in a prophecy). All the other ships self desturcted, (usually destroying themselves after entering Coruscants atmosphere).

The remaining ships are now far out of the reach of any power.

It should also be known, that there would be few surviving capital ships, and fighter. Many army soldiers are also dead. Leaving few experience soldiers or ships.

And finally, with so many stars going nova, radiation is everywhere in those systems, making the impossible to reach without very heavy shielding.

Deac 07-16-2002 02:07 AM

*It is interesting, but even as Deac Starkiller, Lord of the Sith [Shudders] reaks evil across the galaxy, there are always some who will resist. There is a man, scarred by the past that no=one but him remembers, who escaped the holocaust, and fights. He has found another race in the unknown regions, and become to them a prophet of the return of the light, as he is to so many others. He is the galaxy's most wanted, hated and beloved man.

Syrnl Darkstar*

Redwing 07-16-2002 05:14 AM

((OOS: Deac, this reality hasn't been altered yet. This is what happens after time is unfrozen. This is what leads up to the discovery of the Time Matrix in twenty years, by Reletha Darkstar's apprentice. So you would actually be playing need to worry about Dark Lord Deac yet ^_~

Death won't be back for a week, but when she gets back you can have Reletha "discover" her. :D

And Odin, there's a different Coruscant explanation; it needs to be intact for purposes of this RPG))

*Just before the Crimson Star detonated, a lone Jedi ascended to the pinnacle of the highest tower of Coruscant. He looked up...above the clouds, he could see through the Force the forces above there. He could see his fate as well, crystal clear.

He was going to die.

It was the only way to save Coruscant from the deadly moon. He would concentrate every last micron of his power on the forces above, and drive them far away into Coruscant's sun. Just like the legendary hero Dorsk 81 had saved the Academy on Yavin IV. The act would kill him. But it was the only way.

The Force swelled through him. He sensed his time running out. But this was, truly, the only way...

Goodbye, my friends.


A voice screamed from behind him. It was his apprentice...the poor, young girl he was doing this for. She wouldn't be able to understand...

"I'm sorry, Misae. I wish there was another way. But I have seen my fate...and I have accepted it."

"Master! Please, no! No! You can't! I need you!"

" don't need me anymore. I have taught you everything I know, and you have even surpassed me. You have been the best Padawan a Jedi could ever hope for. But now it is time for me to leave...

"I love you, Misae, my darling. I love you more than any man ever loved a daughter. I will always love you..."

He reached his hands to the heavens. An incredible burst of energy burst from his body, the wind created blowing Misae back. Above Coruscant, the ships turning to attack the planet were suddenly buffeted as if by a hurricane. In an enormous burst of energy, the Aesir fleet flew violently out of Coruscant's vicinity, headed for destruction.

And Jedi Master Quhn Raas' body incinerated itself and dissolved into nothingness.*

Admiral 07-16-2002 12:15 PM

((I didn't think about Dorsk 81's move, very nice idea. Now to end the Aesir's Fleet.

With the ships damaged, and unable to return to coruscant, A cermony begins. One by one, the crews of the ships kill themsleves, giving their blessing to the chosen survivors.

The chosen then head for the unexplored regions, (which they have explored).

Still looking for a thank you.))

superthrawn 07-16-2002 01:10 PM

(Gives grudging thanks to Admiral for destroying the Galaxy.)

Now that that's over with, onto more pressing business. Redwing, Misae would be a perfect leader of the group... care to volunteer for the job? I haven't yet decided on a character, I'll have one soon. In collaboration with Redwing I plan to post the entire background for this RPG soon... be warned; it will be long. Other than that, can't think of anything that needs to be said right now, and I have other things to do. Talk to everyone later.

Redwing 07-16-2002 02:09 PM

((I don't think we should assign character slots.

And Deac, seeing as a form of Ragnarok took place, Reletha Darkstar could literally be the Darkstar again...along with someone else being the new Starkiller. Or something.

BTW, good Syrnl and evil Deac should be making an appearance in the Cantina

And Admiral, gee, thanks for destroying the galaxy ;)

Are we using this thread for discussion and prestory only? I can rename it if so.))

Deac 07-17-2002 01:33 AM

[Very well, scrap that]

Even during the darkest times there are those who resist. It is interesting that a man with a dark past will try to save the future. Ragnarok has not truly been, but the Aeges must send their agent back to help once the form of the son of the Darkstar.

Orthos Starkiller[Everybody gasps]

Admiral 07-17-2002 03:06 AM

definetly a discussion. Lets figure out what exactly happened after the destruction, so we don't get many scew ups in the time line.

Deac right Ragnorak is not yet over, the mass destruction is only the begining.

In the myth of Ragnarok. The actual end started by the disappearance of the stars. The Aesir's attack has made many of the stars vanish. (We can account for the stars with out planets, being destroyed, by mines placed by the Aesir to test out the torps).

The next result will be famine. This is caused by the major food producing worlds being destroyed.

Famine will cause war between neighoring worlds to get, resources.

A very turbulent time period. I say this would be an excellent time for this RPG.

About the remaining Aesir, they are now in the unexplored regions (they were also hit but not as hard). Going to their new home of Midgard, on the edge of teh galaxy.

Vidar, is now the leader of the Aesir, with his father's death.

Redwing 07-17-2002 05:04 AM

Okay, discussion then.

Deac, is Reletha going to be possessed by the Darkstar avatar? Or is she still simply a dark Jedi? The only given for her is that she finds and raises an orphaned Force-sensitive changeling (Death's character), and raises him in a version of the Dark arts.

This changeling (can't remember the race name; it's Zam Wessel's) has had his adoptive human parents killed in the Aesir's destruction of the stars, which will become very significant later on...

Also, Admiral, about Ragnarok: How closely are you sticking to the myth? Remember, this timeline only lasts twenty years. Then the Darkstar Ken'atra Sorack discovers the Time Matrix and undoes it all, causing the events at the end of Cantina 6. Thus, you can't really have the idealistic end of the Ragnarok myth...maybe for the Aesir, but not for the galaxy itself.

Admiral 07-17-2002 11:05 AM

Not to closely, just a guide really. For instance, Odin is supposed to die at the end of the myth, not the begining.

I'm using the end part "the fire destroying everything, after Odin's death as the begining." This is to through the galaxy into turmoil, and basically everyone for themselves. Simlar to the beging of Ragnarok. This promises many adventures for the Cantiners.

If you noticed I spell Ragnarok, as Ragnorak. Close but differently.

I believed you made mention of a prophecy concering Ragnarok. Ragnorak, then is different. THe galaxy remains and is not completly destroyed. Just in exterme turmoil.

The Aesir are warriors, and want to be left alone. When Odin was first captured, the torpedoes were launched in an attempt to save their lord.

The Aesir blame, the whole galaxy for his capture. Hence the whole galaxy was targeted. They felt that it was the galaxies combined fault for not being able to deal with Cracken, without involving Odin.

Aesirians are vengeful, and love Odin: without him life was bleakless for them. Since they blamed the rest of the galaxy they sought punishment on the galaxy. Hence the destruction, and they wanted to die with their lord (why they targeted their own planet).

The few chosen were to carry on their race with Vidar (Odin's son) becoming the leader. They have renamed themselves the Vanir, and live on the planet Midgard. It somewhere in the unkown regions of the galaxy. Hidden safely away.

Can you follow that?

superthrawn 07-19-2002 01:20 PM

Discussion is definitely the best for this part. About character slots, it just seems that a Jedi with a newly dead master makes the most sense, it was just a suggestion. By the way, is this going here, or should it be in XWARP? (in order to limit it more exclusively to Cantiners) When we all agree that we're ready to start this, I think we should post it here, but that isn't up to me.

Redwing 07-19-2002 03:47 PM

Well, my only possible reason for posting it here would be that I have the ability to sticky it here. I have no such power in XWA-RP ;)

That, and other people might be interested in joining.

It probably should be in XWA-RP, though, since it's a Cantina spinoff. But you know, most of the RPGs here share the Cantina's continuity, due to the use of the same characters. (in fact, the rpg with the really long name (formerly "new rpg") is supposed to happen sometime in the future after Cantina 7)

Regardless, due to absentee issues, it shouldn't be started till next week. Feel free to sound off.

Deac 07-20-2002 12:38 AM

I'm ready

@Redwing: People with Avatars are not "possessed". They mearly have another voice in their minds, it cannot always overpower them. They must willingly give it control for it to do so.

Redwing 07-20-2002 04:26 AM

Oh, really? My only experience with that was when Rwos was possessed by the Darkstar avatar. And...*remembers* Rwos allowed it to take full control of him, didn't he...

Oops. Ehehehehe. :D

I think when Death gets back, she can play Reletha's new apprentice...the one that will get the Time Matrix in twenty years.

Wraithy should also be here to play Atex Dinn, a young slicer. He's a relative of Corzip (who died in the Holocaust).

I have a couple other people who might be up for playing some characters ;)

However, Death, Admiral (and apparently Battledog) aren't around, so...we wait. Just a little bit longer... ;)

Admiral 07-20-2002 01:42 PM

I won't be here next week. wednesday to be exact and a few days after that. I'm here now.

Anyways as you guessed I'll be playing the Aesir, most prominatly Vidar.

I assume that there will eventually be a hunt for the Aesir. A couple of things to remember. They have extermely advanced weapons. Midgard's location was only known to the ruling counsel which was destroyed along with Asgard. That, clues to Asgards location would be very hard to find. Only Odin and a few others ventured outside their home the rest fortifing it for the end.

the Aesir/Vanir follow prophecies. One of which is that an Ultimate Weapon uncovered from holy fire will bring life to beloved lord. (Ultimate weapon=time matrix, beloved lord=Odin) They will also seek the time matrix in time.

Any other ideas for adventure?

Redwing 07-20-2002 02:50 PM

Well, Reletha has to learn the location of the Time Matrix, presumably. She'll have to die before obtaining it, so that Ken'atra can get it by himself in twenty years.

There won't be a hunt for the Aesir for another twenty years. That's when Katani Chass wakes up.

Which worlds are still intact? No Imperial-held worlds...that includes KDY, Mon Calamari, Tatooine, etc...and no major populated systems (except Coruscant)

Will we just be inventing worlds then eh?

([Cantina chat])

Oh by the way...the next stop of the Time Matrix will be "prehistoric" Asgard...where the Aesir will be developing to the stage they are in; to fulfill the part about their race being transformed into savages. (A biochemical agent most likely) This seems like the simple solution...eliminate the Aesir, and no Holocaust.

Unfortunately, the Crimson Star may then survive...perhaps necessitating more drastic events. Remember, the end reult of the "new reality" wasn't just acheived by eliminating the Aesir from the equation...

Something I thought might be interesting for pre-Asgard: monstrous trees that grow into each other (something that could produce a literal Yggdrasil).

Just a suggestion, of course. I'm not exactly an expert on Norse mythology.

([/Cantina chat])

superthrawn 07-21-2002 12:39 AM

My vote (as if it even matters anymore... I'd better get credit for this RPG, just so that I can put one on my resume!) Is that we at least wait for Death to get back, as she'll play one of the more important characters, and I still haven't decided who I want to play. Most likely a young, rebellious girl whose parents were visiting Corellia, and who picked up some survival skills when they were gone, because she planned to run away. Ok, maybe I do have a character, now all she needs is a name...

Redwing 07-21-2002 01:21 AM

Well, that's also possible. We could skip about 20 years in between introducing our characters. Perhaps even end with having our characters removed and stuck in the Cantina-verse when their timeline ends (as sort of the wild cards; the ones who know where the Time Matrix is hidden)

How would you mix the nine worlds thing with sci-fi SW-verse? Are the nine worlds all part of the same planet?

The reason the Darkstar has gone to Renare is because that's the only possible place that Asgard's location or any information at all about it might be listed. The repository there works off of a semi-sentient entity created by Sith magic. It collects information by sending its essence traveling through space to sense things that are there (that's a bad explanation, but I can't think of the right word)

Thus it knows things no ordinary being (or information database) could possibly know. At least, that's my concept of it.

edit: whoa, how did this post end up before the one it was answering? O_o

Admiral 07-21-2002 07:00 AM

I thought that this timeline was to be taken 20 years after the holocaust, a little before the discovery of the Time Matrix. If another 20 years pass before the hunt, then time would already be changed. (not that I really mind if you don't try and kill the Aesir just trying to get things straight)

The Tree you mention is basically gives life to the nine worlds of Norse mythology.

Instead, have the monsters of the huge Frenris Wolves Lead by Fenrir, and Jorumangd the sea serpent.

Admiral 07-21-2002 11:46 PM

I still need to know is this RPG before, finding of the time Matrix, or after finding it. Vidar, can only exist if Odin is alive, since he is Odin's son.

If after it, I'll have to think up a different character, to lead the Aesir.

anyways as far as the nine worlds are concerned. Six will make up the worlds inhabited by the Aesir. Similar to the corellian sector. Only Midgard will be far from these planets.

Asgard: Home of the Aesir, the highest world. Destroyed in the holocaust by the Aesir. The system is also were Vanaheim is located.

Vanaheim: Home of the Vanir, allies to the Aesir, a more peaceful though. When allied they assumed the name of Aesir. Also Destroyed in the Holocaust. The remaining Aesir take the name Vanir to symbolize a lessing of their war like ways.

Alfheim: The technological power world. This is where the Aesir developed their advanced weapon, shipyards were there. Also destroyed.

Midgard: The paradise world. Hidden away, and heavily defended, this is the new home of the Aesir/Vanir. It obviously survived the holocaust, and to this date nothing except the Vanir are aware of it's location.

Nidavellir: A mountanous planet. Rich in resources, the Aesir built underground cities, that were vast and bueatiful. It was destroyed in the holocaust.

Svartalfheim:A forest planet, the cities were made amoung the giant trees, foundly known as Yggdrasil. Destroyed in the holocaust.

The rest will be as follow:

Jotunheim: To the Aesir an ugly world, were actual land cannot be seenl. It surrvived the holocaust and is know by the rest of the galaxy as Coruscant.

Helheim/Niflheim: (names can be interchanged). This world was destroyed in the holocaust and was the capital of the Imperial Remant (can't think of the world's name at the moment, except it starts with a B).

Muspelheim: The only world that holds the knowledge of the location of the Asgard. The Aesir have yet to find the world, so it hasn't been destroyed. The common name for it is Renare.

How is that for explaining the nine worlds.

This just occured to me. Since I'm bring in so much Norse Mythology into this RPG, we can do this somemore. To keep the Aesir from destroying the galaxy, do this: Before the Aesir and Vanir became allies, they waged war against each other. This war lasted for centuries, neither the Aesir nor the Vanir could gain the upper hand, and a stalemate ensued. Neither side advanced in anything, they just waged war. Finally the Aesir and Vanir realized they were accomplishing nothing, and danger from the outside was growing. So each side makes a peace offering, and the war is ended. So to keep the war going, and prevant any advancement have whoever changes time, simply assinate the peace delgation, the war would continue, and advancement would be stopped. Timeline for this war is after the Sith war, and before the rise of the Empire.

The Aesir/Vanir are basically humans except for their life spans. They are mortal but seem immortal. Your opinion is required: Should they have a natural life span of centuries, or should the eat a substance that keeps them from ageing, or both (the eating of foods is from Norse mythology, were they ate a certain type of apple, but also had long lives. The gods were actually mortal)?

sorry long post. If you want I can post more on the war between the Vanir, and Aesir. Idea, perhaps we post a brief bio on characters here?

Redwing 07-22-2002 01:10 AM


This RPG takes place before the discovery of the Time Matrix. Vidar is very much alive, (and Odin is very much dead).

I like your assassination idea better than my biochemical agent idea. More interesting. Far more interesting in fact ;)

As for the age length thing, 'both' would probably be good. Both make sense. A healthier diet would naturally make the lifespan lengthen by itself, and age-retarding food would help even more to make the Aesir seemingly immortal.

I'll post character bios once I get them typed up...but we need to figure out two things first.

A) Does this take place right before the Holocaust, right before the discovery of the Time Matrix, or somewhere in between? (or all of the above - see below)

B) What will be the plot? Will our characters be simply wiped out of existence? Or will the purpose of our characters being brought together have something to do with the Time Matrix? The Aeges would know that something was changed...and perhaps our characters in this RPG could be somehow key to the final battle between good and evil that Odin was talking about...

Of course, after twenty years our characters would be a bit old...unless some other interference took place. Maybe they discover the Time Matrix before Ken'atra, and the Aeges or Craynoir interfere somehow...of course, that could get complicated.


superthrawn 07-22-2002 03:01 AM

Ok, since it seems we've still a few more issues to handle, like the placement of this RPG, I'll address that as best I can, though others may differ. We basically have to start right after the Holocaust. Whether or not we stay there long is up to you guys, but my character needs you to start immediately after. Ok, maybe not, I can work her in some other way, but her background would work best right after.

Speaking of background, I'd like to be the first to offer mine for my character. As always, this will be rather long, though I hope you enjoy reading my writing. If not, yell at me, and I'll work on shortening it down.

Josine Osaja, aged 17, stepped through her door, into the small apartment she shared with her parents and younger sister, Susana. Carefully taking off her shoes before she set foot upon the carpet, as her mother always insisted, she placed them upon a rack built just for that purpose, resting them on the six-inch metal tines that extended upwards. Her father always told her mother to move that thing, that someone was going to fall off the balcony that was above the door she'd just entered and impale themselves. She'd always countered by asking how much he enjoyed clean carpet.

Josine moved upstairs, and entered her room. Although she'd had a bad day, she began to do her homework, which was customary for her.

A few hours later, Josine's mother called to her, asking her to do something. When she didn't hear the first time, she came into the living room and yelled with a voice that was more than perturbed.

Josine threw open her door, and barged out, regardless of what stood in front of it. Even if that was her kid sister. Josine's elbow caught her square in the small of the back, knocking her off balance, and sending her tumbling over the edge of the balcony.

The doctors told everyone it was likely that Susana hadn't even felt the initial impact on her arm, which had shattered. It was positive, they said, that she never felt the tine enter her eyeball and impale through the back of her head, killing her instantly and splattering blood everywhere.

Josine's parents were loving and caring. They knew how tough this was for their daughter, and tried to get her to talk about it, but she was shut up like a bank on a holiday. She had a plan, and it involved killing herself. She felt so responsible...

So, when the time was right, she drugged them, and set them in the family's private ship, with the rather advanced autopilot having instructions to take them to Corellia, then if not overridden, to Mon Calamari.

Finally, the time had come. She'd been debating all week about whether to kill herself or run away, her original plan had whithered. She just couldn't see herself dead. So, in the event that she chickened out, she'd taken some survival courses over the HoloNet. She turned on the news, for one last look at the world, before she had to say goodbye... mabye. She pulled the borrowed blaster from it's holster in her canvas bag sitting next to her, and placed it in her mouth. This was it. On the count of ten.










She was just preparing herself ready to suck some blaster juice, when a news story caught her attention. Of all the terrible luck.

"It appears, ladies and gentlemen, that the battle over Coruscant is over. The giant moon shaped object seems to have been destroyed, and the fleet overhead repulsed. Again the Galaxy has been saved. Remember, you heard it on the Galactic News Network first."

Over the next few days, Josine learned all that was available about the Crimson Star, which was precious little. She was more horrified though, when she learned of the destruction of so many stars throughout the Galaxy. When she learned about Corellia... her parents should have been there. Her inadvertent destruction of her family was now complete. This time though, she'd decided not to kill herself. She'd always been a good thinker in times of trouble... mabye somone could use her help.

Redwing 07-22-2002 03:17 AM HAD to have the shoe rack :p ;)

I think we should have the RPG begin at the event of the Holocaust. Then have a search for the Time Matrix...then have the Aeges interfere and do a time skip thingy. We just need to know when to place that and why it happens...simple? Not at all ;)

If we're going to move this in the direction of telling personal stories, or making a little 'group'...the Aesir need to fit into this as well. And Vidar can't be one of the little group, because he's one of the Cantina 7 "band o' warriors". ;) Plus all the new characters here seem to be young (in direct contrast to Cantina characters)

Deac 07-22-2002 09:22 AM

Aren't all our Cantina characters supposed to be in the future anyway, so we can't RP them, because they've disappeared from this section of the timeline


Cantina People Leave here...
¦Cantina people gone so they can't be here
20 Years Later, Time Matrix Discovered
Cantina People fighting here.

They have gone [I]around[I] time.

Admiral 07-22-2002 03:13 PM

With the exception of Vidar, our original Cantina characters are dead, as far as this time line in concerned. Vidar will be missing. The holocaust will take a couple days to be over, for the torps to travel to the systems and then detonate.

Good starting place: The holocaust if basically over, yet is still isn't known how many worlds have survived, and where those worlds are. In other words a time of confusion, anger, and sadness.

Possible plot:Everyone's characters have suffered from the holocaust. They want revenge, against the people who caused this. Eventually they come together and help each other to find the home world of the Aesir. In the course of this search for revenge: They can encounter raiders, pirates ect. In the course of their Search they learn of the time matrix. A device that can save their famlies ect. and may give them their desired revenge. Finally they find the time Matrix and Cantina 7 begins.

Now the plot for the Aesir. Being very unpopular, and with the disappearnce of Vidar, head to their one sanctuary Midgard. They know that the galaxy will eventually send something after them. To watch for this they send Heimdall to keep watch. He will join the rest of your characters, but they won't know His true reason for joining the group.

The Disappearnce of Vidar, cause the Vanir to choose a new leader. They pick from the surviving sons of Odin, and choose Tyr the eldest (after Vidar) to be the knew leader. (his role will mainly be communication between Heimdall)

Heimdalls cover story:

The son of an owner of a small but profitable trading business based out of Corellia, where his family had lived for years. Going on a short trip Heimdall says good bye to his family and leaves for Coruscant to meet with an old friend and long time partner. Just before leaving Heimdall hears that the hostile fleet has departed, and sees no problem with going to Coruscant.

Arriving there, he hears the terrible news about the holocaust, and Corellia was destroyed. His friend Tyr, decided it wasn't wise to go to Coruscant and stayed away. Heimdall was angry, he wanted revenge against those that had killed his family. Arriving on planet he realizes that he alone will not be able to take revenge, but he needs others to help him. To begin his quest for vengeance Heimdall seeks out others who like himself want revenge.

At least that is what Everyone believes. In reality Heimdall seeks out those who hunt the Vanir. To keep his people alive.

Age:Heimdall apears to be about 20 years old. In actuallity he is centuries old.

Admiral 07-22-2002 08:07 PM

So we have the war between the Aesir and Vanir keeping them from advancing. Interesting thing can happen. Odin would be alive for this war, so Odin from the future, can find Odin from the past. Now, that could get really confusing...

Redwing 07-22-2002 08:14 PM

Actually, our character's haven't disapeared. Because this timeline had to happen for the Aeges and Craynoir to go back in time and retrieve the Cantina'ers to go after the Time Matrix. This is SW-verse; the future is ever in motion, so not even "all-powerful" superbeings like the Aeges and Craynoir can predict with exactness what is going to happen until it actually happens.

What I assume to have happened:

Deac, Rwos, Starr, and Odin died on the Crimson Star. Rwos' teleporter was on a delay so Rwos could fight Cracken without any accidents, so it couldn't save them.

Flax apparently escaped at the last second.

Cracken was killed by the Aesir as threatened.

Vidar apparently went missing for some reason. Or maybe he was amkilled in Raas' last-ditch attack.

The Cantina'ers have not gone around time yet, because the interference hasn't happened yet. The interference may be being planned, but it hasn't occured yet.

Hey Deac, remember my new character from "new rpg", Marin? She would still end up in this dimension regardless of new events...the only difference would be that she would escape the Shadows, without you, Ariel or Tarin to worry about. (She came back in "new rpg" to tell you to leave.) Plus the Swordsmen/Blades would never have come over to (attempt to) rescue her.

An interesting world she would be trapped in...

It seems that Orthos Starkiller is the oldest in the group so far (well obviously except Heimdall) at almost forty. Since Wraith Squadron in this timeline was formed a little before the Battle of Yavin, and Orthos was 19 at the time.

Unless you have something odd in mind? (;))

Odin from the past meeting Odin from the future? Interesting :D

Admiral 07-22-2002 08:49 PM

I was following what you and Deac said. Since if I'm correct this is what would happen.

Holocaust--Vidar alive--Time Matrix found--Vidar still around--time messed up--Aeges go back in time and interfer, placing Vidar with Odin in Cantina 7. Meaning Vidar wasn't around to lead the Aesir. During this timeline, changing time again. Playing with time gets confusing.

If that doesn't make sense, then lets just say Vidar, went to Midgard, ahead of time, and left Tyr in charge of getting the Vanir there. SO we don't have to explain another altered timeline.

You know not only can Odin met himself but the other characters can met each other as well. Doubles for everyone :D

What do you think about my plot outline?

Redwing 07-22-2002 09:50 PM

(this again being Cantina chat :D sorry ;))

Well, the idea was originally that they were "copied" in a way, leaving a duplicate to finish out their destined dead-end path in this twenty-year timeline. (Even if it was being killed in one second. ;))

Note: Rwos spent only a few days in this dimension in the "new reality". Without the Jedi Corran Horn to set him off (resulting in his teleporter being broken) Rwos arrived in this dimension on Drall, and went to Coruscant to capture the two persons he came to capture. Then left, without a ripple.

Deac will probably meet himself, in his status as Dark Lord of the Sith. :D Maybe Flax, but probably not Starr and definitely not Cracken, because Cracken is Palpatine's son.

Admiral 07-22-2002 11:42 PM

I was kidding about the Doubles for everyone, but since you pulled out the copier for characters why not. ;)

So far Characters are

Josine with a shoe rack
Tyr, who plays a limited role
Vidar, who may not play a role, depending on if he is copied or not(would be extermly limited)
Orthos Starkiller

Do we have others?

Redwing 07-23-2002 01:01 AM

Misae, apprentice of Quhn Vaas (who killed himself to save Coruscant)
[possibly] Marin, yet another otherdimensional being; shapeshifting, waterbreathing, mutant human girl.
[possibly] another character that I haven't named yet...germinating in my mind. ;)

edit: make that two characters...I might end up playing anywhere between one and four characters here, lol

Death might play a character here.
Wasslera might play a character as well.
There's also a couple other people who might want to guarantees yet tho.

Deac: What exactly happened to Orthos during the years after Wraith Squadron?

Admiral 07-23-2002 01:35 PM

when will we find out?

Redwing 07-23-2002 02:44 PM

Well, when it starts I suppose. I figured we were going to wait until you got back, since you kind of play an important part. ;)

*pokes everyone else to voice their opinion*

Admiral 07-23-2002 03:32 PM

Fine by me. I don't really know when I'll be back though, at the most 1 week I guess.

Redwing 07-28-2002 02:34 AM

Deac is gone for two weeks as of if we start, Orthos (or other of his other characters) won't show up for a while. I had an idea for the "wild card" concept...but as I'm pressed for time right now, I'll post it later on.

Admiral 07-30-2002 11:44 PM

I'm back uppiee. I see you have had a large discussion. :D

Redwing 07-31-2002 12:06 AM

*kick* :p

Welcome back. I see everything went alright? :D

Admiral 08-01-2002 01:42 AM

yes, can't sit for long at the moment. so what are we doing with this if anything.

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