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Deac 07-20-2002 12:32 AM

The Canitna 7: Fight For the Future
And here we are, Cantina part 7. We've all come a long way from our humble beginnings.

Usual rules, no godmoding,no need to re-post chars, etc.

The story:

Deac, Rwos, Flax, Odin, Cracken and Starr must all (for various reasons) find a device called the Time Matrix and take control of it, lest the timeline be altered in a most horrible way...

And so, the parties are separated and arrive on a strange planet. They do not know how they got here, but they know why they are here...

To fight for the Future...

Redwing 07-20-2002 04:57 AM

"Not yet!!"

It was dark.

It was windy.

It was foggy.

And there was a fifteen-foot-tall gray behemoth that looked like someone had carved it out of stone standing on the mountainside in front of Termand Rwos, very much alive and very much startled to see a gargoyle appear out of thin air right in front of it.

Rwos: Sithspit! I knew he'd do this!


The creature didn't seem to happy to see him. Apparently, it didn't take kindly to strangers appearing in the middle of its evening meal. Because that was what it was doing. Eating something. Something unrecognizable.

The behemoth swiped a giant gray hand at Rwos. Rwos ducked and tumbled several feet down the steep slope before regaining his balance. The beast came lumbering after him.

Then a lightsaber appeared through its skull. A crimson red one.

Starr Hailfire leaped off the beast's head as it fell and landed in front of Rwos.

Starr: This place is strong with the dark side, alien. You're nowhere near a match for me now.

*Starr raised his hand and it began to glow purplish-blue. Rwos readied himself to deflect...

But nothing came out. The glow fizzled and died away.*

Starr: What in the Force?!?

*Starr raised his hand at Rwos again and concentrated. Nothing more than a fizzle of electricity, instead of the expected stream of deadly lightning, came out.*

Starr: WHAT IS THIS???

Rwos: Didn't that lizard thing say something about dimming all of your connections to the Force?

Starr: SCUM!! *Starr raised his lightsaber and rushed at Rwos. The two exchanged blows and parries with difficulty, trying to keep on the mountainside* If I can't fry you, I'll settle for second best: Slicing you into little pieces!

Admiral 07-20-2002 01:26 PM

Odin finds himself in a grassy fields. Nothing wrong except he is all alone. Calling out: Is any one there? In the distance Odin hears the sounds of his confused son Vidar.

Vidar: Father where are you?

Odin:Over here.

Finally meeting a couple of minutes later. The two pick a direction and begin walking and have a casual converstation.

Odin:You know the prophecies well. Does anything mention this happening?

Vidar:Yes father I believe there is one does. In a time of trouble the galaxy will tremble in fear. Fire will be unleashed from greaving race for an untimely death of a beloved lord.

It goes on to say that: In the past hope lies, ultimate weapon can save the galaxy, or doom it to unending terrors. Beloved Lord must seek, the ultimate weapon to put write premature Ragnorak. Danger lies along the path, evil also seeks the weapon. The galaxy lies on a razor edge. On Misstep by chosen warriors, and evil shall begin a new reign of terror. If the chosen warriors are succesful, greiving race will no longer grieve, the galaxy will no longer tremble, fire will not be unleashed.

Odin:And what is your interpetation.

Vidar:Well as in the other prophecies you are the beloved lord. The rest of the Aesir are teh grieving race. The fire and premature Ragnorak are the Resonance torpedoes. I believe that you are not meant to die yet. Currently we are in the second part seeking the ultimate weapon which would be the time matrix. Now this is the first time it mentions chosen warriors. I believe those to be your compains Deac, Rwos and the others. Evil is obviously Starr, and Cracken. If we don't reach the matrix before they do, Then the rest of the galaxy is doomed.

Odin:I concur, so we should get moving.

The two wonder off seeking a starport.

Redwing 07-20-2002 03:42 PM

((OOS: Remember, we're all on the same planet, just a ways apart. Death will be here to play the part of the Darkstar in a day or so))

*Rwos and Starr duel along the mountainside, parry for parry and slash for slash*

Rwos: Don't you think this is a bit premature? Didn't your master say something about a truce? Getting along?

Starr: Do you know where we are, Termand Rwos? This is the Sith planet of Renare. This mountain we stand on houses the most vast knowledge repository ever known to the galaxy. *Starr yells above the wind* There is no way in or out of this planet except one! And that secret died with Palpatine!

Rwos: Seems the Time Matrix isn't just useful for time travel then?

Starr: I have seen this place only in my visions! Yet it is exactly how I remember!

*Starr turns and runs up the mountain. Rwos turns off his lightsword and chases after him, scaling the rockface as only a gargoyle can, using clawed hands and feet to climb faster*

BattleDog 07-21-2002 02:47 AM

*Flax awakens on fidgedly cold plain.*

Flax: Hello, is anyone there?

*He wraps his cloak around himself.*

Deac 07-21-2002 10:07 AM

[Redwing: Has Death been briefed on the Darkstar? She'll need to know everything it's done, etc]

*Deac appears on the top of a high, windy mountain, dust blowing around his feet. He is surrounded by high cliffs and valleys. He turns, to see a crude path down...*

Redwing 07-21-2002 11:07 PM

((Not yet; I wasn't sure if her character would actually have the avatar, or have just taken the name from his master - Reletha.

@everyone else: next time the Time Matrix jumps, we should all end up closer together then the previous time; close enough to have a chance at finding each other))

*Starr disappears around the mountainside ahead of Rwos. Apparently he knew where he was going. The thick fog was clearing higher up the mountain, and Rwos could see a path perhaps unused for centuries leading upwards...*

Admiral 07-21-2002 11:54 PM

The Odin and Vidar, come upon a road. After a couple of minutes of discussion, the two decide to follow the road north, into the mountains.

superthrawn 07-22-2002 01:33 AM

OOS: Uh, where does Katani come in? Are we going to continue the thread previously left off where he'd just found Reletha's ship? Or has that already passed? If so, what happened?

Redwing 07-22-2002 02:59 AM

((OOS: Reletha's apprentice, not Reletha. And yes, that's already passed. Ken'atra has already used the Time Matrix to come to this planet.))

Deac 07-22-2002 09:04 AM

*Deac feels an all too familiar evil...not just the darkside...but something else*

You're back, aren't you. All that messing about with time has got you back.


Cmdr. Cracken 07-22-2002 12:09 PM

*Cracken awoke in a cold hall way. The remnants of a terrible headache was fading into memory, and lights began to flicker on. He slowly shook off the weary-ness he felt and looked around. Suddenly, he used the force to hit a switch, opening two thick durasteel doors. Starr blew past, and Cracken once again flexed his might and pushed the attacker to the ground, and he hit the switch to close the doors. A figure got up, and tried to make it, but the doors slammed up witha chilling clang. Starr came back, and helped his master up.

Where in the Sith were they?*

Cracken: Starr, where are we?

Redwing 07-22-2002 07:26 PM

((OOS: I assume then that the Darkstar was allowed to return when the Starkiller avatar reentered Orthos))

Starr: Master...this is the Sith world of Renare. Somewhere in this mountain is Renare itself. It's the galaxy's greatest information depository. Your father was the last to tread here...besides the beasts. The secret of the path to this world died with him.

*Starr looks around* I cannot sense who else has come...the lizard that sent us here has somehow..."dimmed" our powers. *shaking with fury* What shall we do?


*Outside, Termand Rwos attempts to pry the doors open. Unfortunately, durasteel was a little beyond even gargoyle strength. Especially a gargoyle used to drawing on magic that suddenly can't do that anymore. Rwos only succeeded in hurting his hands.

One option. He drew his lightsword and shoved the point into the door. The durasteel began melting...*

Admiral 07-22-2002 08:37 PM

((Oss, our characters will be jumping around, time, maybe they will meet up with their past selves, imagine two of everyone around))

Odin: That Lizard thing said the Aesir are savages. This disturbs, me. First chance we get, head for Asgard. I have a feeling that the ancient war is still being waged. If so we must put an end to it. Not to mention we would then have an army in this timeline.

Vidar: That is a very disturbing thought father. Look a town is coming up. Lets find a Cantina and rest. I wonder if they will show proper manners concering guests.

Odin: Probably not, few follow the ways of our people.

Entering the town, the two immediatly sense evil surronding the place. Cautously the two enter the local Cantina.

Odin: Be careful I don't like the smell of this place, reeks of evil.

Vidar: I'm ready father Vidar takes a flanking position, when a patron; a sith, steps up to Odin, with the intentions of starting a fight.

Sith: You do not belong here, stranger. You are not Sith. [the other occupants stand up, obviously they were ready for a fight]

Odin: Mind your own business or lose your head.

Sith: Lose my head. I don't think so. You will bow your heads now before the Sith brotherhood, hand drops down to reveal a lightsaber or di.....

[Odin becoming losing his temper, Odin whirls around, and with his bare hands rips the Sith's head off. In one move Vidar unsheaths his sword, and throws it into the closest enemy, killing him. To their surprise and joy, 10 of the patrons stood up, and pulled out lightsabers, forming a circle to the now back to back father and son]

Odin:Looks like this wasn't just an innocent town.

Vidar: That is an understatement, look at all these Sith, we're going to have fun.

Odin: Yup, who ever kills the least will buy the first round. Make it challenging, Lightsabers only. No powers.

Vidar: Your on.

Odin tageted the two in front of him as his first victims. Throwing the head of the fallen Sith. Odin ducks under the swing of one of the sith, Turning on his own saber Odin thrust it into the stomach of the Sith that just swung. Vidar, pulled out his two sabers. Smilling viscously he Rushed three sith grouped together. In a panic The Sith that Vidar rushed killed each other when turning on the lighsabers. When the two were finished Vidar bested his father by one. Blood stained the walls, the Cantina was oddly empty.

Vidar:I won, you must get the first round.

Odin:I see you have been practicing while I was away. However these were not true Sith. They were much two weak for that. I believe that we just stumble on a group of Apprentices.

Vidar:I agree, they didn't even try any force powers on us. True Sith wouldn't do that. Lets have a drink and keep going.

Odin:Very well.

Redwing 07-22-2002 09:25 PM

((OOS: So far, that depends on where the Darkstar goes...

None of us who are tied to the Time Matrix can use our powers normally, except the Darkstar super-Force powers. Relatively weak Force push (or hitting switches) would be a limit. Rwos doesn't use the Force, but without his teleporter he can't draw on his home universe's magic. He only has a sort of residue, making him also on a much lower level.))

Admiral 07-22-2002 11:31 PM

((I know, like I said, the sith Odin and Vidar encountered were obviously just begining their training. If you noticed they didn't use any powers. They do know that their powers are diminished but not by how much. Also that is why I said they might find their past selves....))

superthrawn 07-23-2002 11:54 PM

Deep inside Renare, far from prying eyes, a solitary figure stands. Illuminated only by the soft light from the glowlamp in front of him, he is a leader like no other. His is the greatest brotherhood of Sith ever to traverse the heavens. He bent people, objects, circumstances to his will. He harnessed the power of the stars, of the rocks. Now though, new people were intruding. A gargoyle... two new sith, ones he hadn't felt before... a Starkiller. This final was the most surprising of all. Starkiller was supposed to be away, not on Renare. He stretched out with his senses, feeling the surrounding space... and stopped. Several of his newest recruits were missing. He hadn't felt their deaths, they were just cut off. Added to the ones these new people had killed, things were looking down, but looking positive as well. He'd been practicing lately, and he'd yet to have the chance to try out some new, rather painful techniques. Well, when he had these insolent additions captured, they'd be perfect test dummies...

Deac 07-24-2002 07:09 AM

Want another round, Starkiller?

*Rocks begins to fall. Deac looks up and sees the mountain collapsing above him and leaps down onto the valley floor*


*The Darkstar avatar appears*

I'd thought we'd have a chat, catch up on old times. The lower planes aren't noted for conversation.

Why are you here?

Didn't you here? "Ragnarok" took place. This galaxies, anyhow, technically setting me free. But, look at you, Orthos has your avatar...

Then I'm sure he'll be along.

Oh no he won't. Orthos is dying, suspended between life and death. He will never recover. And Alminstar's trapped with him. Now...if you don't mind, I believe one of the individuals, Cracken is his name, might like to meet me.

Cmdr. Cracken 07-24-2002 11:11 AM

*Cracken and Starr continue there trek in the catacombs of the mountain. His father knew of this place. why didn't his holocron tell him of this? maybe it decided he wasn't ready. no matter, what abilities of the force he had was good enough. His intuition was not daunted by the meddeling of that creature. They came across a door, and he put his hand on the hand ID pad. It surprisingly opend for him, and revealed a grand audience chamber. They walked in, and the doors clanged behind them.*

BattleDog 07-24-2002 05:28 PM

*Flax took another look about him, this was not a plain at all, his vision was so obscured by the snow that he had not seen the cliff, the steep slope on the other side, he was on a mountain.*

*Flax sensed a strange disterbance further down the slope, somthing dark.*

Deac 07-25-2002 02:31 PM

*The Darkstar vanishes from Deac's sight, leaving him to walk the valley floor alone and worried. Meanwhile, the Darkstar has located Cracken and appears in front of him*

You seek power, Lord Cracken, and I am that power. I am the power that Syrnl Darkstar made the rivers of planets run red with blood. I am the power that can destroy Deac Starkiller. Invite me in...

Cmdr. Cracken 07-26-2002 01:03 AM

*Starr stared ahead into the dimly lit room. Across he could see several doors. He had seen this in his vision...and get to Renare, they had to enter...which door was it? There were five. And what was the code?

A lightsaber would do for the code. If only he could remember which door...

He turned to his master to ask for advice. But Cracken was distracted, staring at something else...
Cracken waved to his apprentice, signaling him to carry on, and Cracken began to pace*

Now, Darkstar is it? i tend to get you and that nitwit confused. obviously, we both want the same thing. You want Deac dead, I want Deac dead. no if ands or buts. The only problem is... *Cracken stopped, and started at the apperition* We also both want the same thing. rule over the galaxy. obviously, that presents a problem, since i have birthright to the Throne from my father, and you.... well, i don't quite know about you.

See, in the time i come from, my father died, i think you know that, and that rebellion managed to take over. I HAD THE REBELLION ON IT'S KNEES... until Deac decied to intervine. pitiful fool couldn't accept the future, i suppose. *Cracken resumed pacing* Now, being as my fathers regime went, only one could have the throne at any givin time. Me. his SON. i think you understand my unwillingness to relent my body, that;s what i assume you want, to you. I wish to rule because it's my Divine Right from teh Force.

*He stops* unless you have something else in mind, i'm afraid i will have to decline.
*Crackens' mind suddenly stops. This... BEING can use the Force to it's fullest... has Cracken made a critical error?*

Death 07-26-2002 03:22 AM

Asgard…what a disgusting word. *his eyes focus with evil intend on the screen in front of him and when he finds what he wants his lips form into a sneer. The mere word causes hatred to flare up in him and he growls slightly in the back of his throat. He’ll stop them and, if he can find a way, he’ll make sure they’ll suffer eternally for what they have done. The Aesir will pay for the crimes they have committed against him. Oh, they will pay dearly.* They will regret the day my family died. *A strand of dark hair falls in front of his eyes, but he is too immersed in what he is doing to be distracted by a trivial thing as that. He scans the information in front of him and suddenly he leans closer, a viral grin spreading across his face* That’s it; it’s so simple. All I have to do is keep that stupid war going. *His eyes narrow and his voice turns icy* All I have to do is kill the peace delegation.

Redwing 07-26-2002 04:08 AM

*Rwos finally melts a hole in the doors and smashes the section in with his fists. He climbs through.

Ahead is a cold, winding hallway. He could sense something, however...something oddly familiar. And evil. He couldn't place the memory...almost as if it had been blocked...or wiped away...

He crouches to all fours and gallops down the hallway, eyes glowing brightly. No time to lose...*


[edit: and due to a really stupid forum glitch, you may find what I put here as Starr's actions above in Cmdr. Cracken's last post, which was actually posted a day AFTER this. *kicks forums*]

Deac 07-26-2002 09:15 AM

*Deac continues to walk...sensing something ever nearer...*

superthrawn 07-27-2002 11:56 PM

Deep inside his moutaint hideaway, the strange presence continued his vigil. Things were expanding though. Each of his prey was coming closer, and a new one had joined them. Unexpected, and unlooked for, the Darkstar had become a force again. Now, if only they'd continue on, just a bit further. He would soon have them trapped, including this one who seemed to be causing trouble in the database. There'd be no one to stop him this time.

Redwing 07-28-2002 01:32 AM

((OOS: Deac is gone for two weeks...thus, with Deac's permission, I'm disabling his character. [any of you can run into him, you just can't wake him up ;)] Also with Deac's permission [and with experience] I'm going to be RPGing the Darkstar for that time))

Deac thought he sensed a presence behind him. He whirled, placing his hands on his lightsabers. But there was nothing there; nothing but a pile of rocks. So he began walking again.

Then he was down, rolling on the ground, only catching a glimpse of the fifty-foot "pile of rocks" that had just clubbed him over the head. And for the second time in less than a day, Deac Starkiller was knocked unconscious.


Starr continued forward to the five doors as the Darkstar spoke to Cracken.

You decline? A pity. So much, we could have done so much together. Syrnl did, before his pathetic "redemption". I can sense that you need power, Lord Cracken. Well, I am power, and you only have to reach out and take it.


The hallway ended at a door. Rwos stuck his hand on the lockpad. Nothing happened, which didn't really surprise him. However...these doors weren't like the outside blast doors...they looked like they could be pried apart, if you were strong enough.

Rwos pried his claws into the crack were they joined and began to pull them apart. He could hear the lock mechanism giving as they slowly came apart...and then they finished opening of their own volition.

In front of him was a grand audience chamber. Lord Cracken stood in the middle. Starr was at the far end. In front of Cracken was something that looked like black smoke.

The smoke somehow gave the impression of turning and looking at Rwos. Termand Se'enth Rwos? I thought I sensed you around. Remember me?

superthrawn 07-29-2002 12:48 AM

Things were going perfectly. Now Rwos had joined the other three, in the audience chamber, to which there was no exit, unless he so chose. Starkiller had been knocked unconcious, and the trap was ready to be set. Each of them would be his.

Cmdr. Cracken 07-30-2002 11:20 AM

*cracken was thinking...... he couldn't trust this being, but he did offer him a one up on the competition. And maybe this thing could tell him where the Time Matrix was.... none the less, if he needed an out, he DID have one.... though that did require much concentration and access to the Force..... an interesting predicament. At that moment, Rwos decided to show his ugly face inside the audience chamber. Cracken truned to the ghostly being*

Darkstar, what guarentee will i have... if any, that after this is all over, i will regain my body, if possession is your thing?

Admiral 07-30-2002 11:40 PM

((I'm finally back)).

Odin and Vidar continued to walk towards the mountains. Besides the one bloody encounter their trip has been uneventful. Finding an abandoned speeder, the two hot wire the vechile and head off at a much faster rate to the mountains.

Finally deciding to rest, they stop the speeder, and search for a sheltered spot. After 15 minutes of searching, they finally find a larger enough area under some large rocks. Taking turns sleeping and standing watch the night passes without any incidents.

Getting up, they walk towards the speeder to only find that something destroyed it.

Redwing 07-31-2002 02:37 AM

((OOS: Admiral, you just put yourself bloody hours ahead of us :D))

"Possession" is not my "thing". Wh-

Rwos: It isn't? What do you call what you did to me, then?

You were a fool. You-

Starr: *returning to Cracken's side and staring at Rwos* Master, do I have permission to eliminate this little worm?

*The Darkstar suddenly sounds agitated* I'm so sorry, but I must go. I'll be back again, Lord Cracken...if you survive. *The Darkstar breaks up into smoke and vanishes into the cracks*

Rwos: What... *he begins to feel dizzy. He can feel some sort of drug filtering through his skin...invisible gas...Cracken and Starr had already fallen... He could barely stand...but maybe because he was a gargoyle he...could...resisssss......

Rwos joined the others on the floor in a dead faint.

Above them all, Ken'atra Sorack continues to search the Renare database.*

((OOS: That was to keep us all in the same time frame...I suppose superthrawn's character can take responsibility. ;)))

BattleDog 07-31-2002 03:56 PM

*Flax found Deac only seconds to late, the man was alive, but....*

*Flax checked his pulse, he seemed to be alright, but that bump on the head looked nasty, Flax sat against a rock, watching over Deac.*

Flax: Life sucks!

superthrawn 08-01-2002 12:39 AM

The trap had been sprung. Now, the creature had them where he wanted. Three had already been captured, and a steady diet of sedatives was keeping them quiet until the right time came. Even now, his agents outside the mountain were taking care of the pesky Odin and Vidar, and lugging the already unconcious forms of Flax and Deac back to the hideaway.

Each of the heroes awoke inside some sort of dark room, chained individually to a slab of stone with Force-strengthened binders over their wrists and ankles. Occasionally one would let out a small groan, but would be silenced quickly by the "medic" standing by their side. Each of the medics was constantly dripping a small amount of sedative into the captives, keeping them alert but drained. The only illumination provided by several torches placed at seemingly random intervals on the walls. In front of them stood a shrouded figure, a bit bent over from years, and quite pale, but otherwise healthy. He just stood there and stared at them for quite a while, until finally, he decided that it would be prudent to speak.

"Hello, my captives. Welcome to the Pit of Incarceration. Here, you will be kept prisoners until you divulge all information I want from you, then I kill you. It's a simple system really, and there is no hope. So don't even think of trying to escape. I guess we should start with the easiest one."

Turning to look at Deac, a look of concentration crosses his face, and then he relaxes.

"He was asleep. It was very easy to find what I needed from him. I hope you all have fun on your quests with the Time Matrix. Of course, I'll kill you before you ever can leave."

Once more turning to Deac, he produces a lightsaber from the folds of his robe, and walking at a crisp pace over to where he was restrained, he ignited it, and in a frenzy of fury, chopped his head cleanly off. When the smoke had cleared and the impromptu projectile had come to rest, he turned to look at the rest of the prisoners.

"Now then, who would like to go second?"

superthrawn 08-01-2002 01:09 AM

OOS: Admiral, Battledog, I apologize. Redwing is mad at me for my little dip into godmoding in capturing you w/o giving you a chance to fight back. If you're outraged, we can go back and to this again, but I think that would just be wasting time, personally, and it would make it much less fun for all the characters who are sedated at that time, because they'd be taken out of the game. Give me a shout back on this one guys.

Admiral 08-01-2002 01:37 AM

((OOS. Redwing: I did that since my characters were isolated from everyone else. That and I don't know if I would be able to post regularly just yet. Superthrawn, I don't really mind, but in your post did you just kill Deac....))

Redwing 08-01-2002 01:47 AM

((OOS: It wasn't that necessarily, it's the mode of capture. They could have easily won a fight. Instant knockout gas? Not much you could do against that, especially sans Force/magic, or any kind of warning. But a fight? They could have easily won, except you said "they didn't".

That might be irrelevant soon though. And you didn't actually state that you captured Odin or Vidar, so that should be left up in the air till Admiral replies.

edit: And there ya go. Admiral, do you think you'll be able to describe Asgard any? Cuz that's the next stop. Ken'atra can only take so long to get information before he's off is what I mean))

Death 08-01-2002 03:02 AM

*Ken’atra sighs and moves away from the endless stream of the database. He’s done collecting all the info that he needs and not a moment to soon. If he had to read another line of that dry, rambling and completely mind-numbing drabble he would go insane. Oh well, whoever said changing time was easy…or fun for that matter. A strand of black hair falls in front of his eyes.* Grrr…that’s it! *He traps the strand of offending hair between his fingers and glares at it. As he glares at it it starts to shrink until it is short enough not to bother him anymore, but then a pang of guilt clutches his heart. Isn’t that the strand that his mother would always play with? She always told him to never change it cause it gave him personality and made him ‘cute as a button’ (whatever that meant). And hadn’t he, with all the zeal of a young child, promised to always keep that strand of hair for her? He forgot; he forgot his promise to his mother* Details are slipping… *the strand of hair that always irritates the living heck out of him grows back to its former length and dangles in front of his eyes as if in triumph. He glares at it again; swearing that if it weren’t for his mother it would be gone in a second. Oh but aren’t these the emotions that are ever so dangerous to a Sith: love, devotion, happiness. They are all emotions that the mere memory of his former family stirs up, but the reality of their slaughter brings forth much more Sithly qualities. Anger. Pain. Revenge. And the never ending Hate he has for the people responsible.* Oh stop wallowing in self-pity, Ken’atra. You have better things to do. *And just like that all unwanted thoughts and emotions are whisked away with a flick of his hand as he touches the Time Matrix and concentrates on where he wants to be* I’ll be seeing you again soon mom… *And just like that, he’s on his way*

Redwing 08-01-2002 03:22 AM

*Rwos awoke. Or something like it. Was he dead? No...he was alive...but...something...

His mind cleared just a little bit. Enough for him to try to make sense of the situation.

He seemed to be bound to a stone slab. He couldn't move his body at all. There was a cloaked figue standing on the other end of the room, saying something that was hard to make out.

...captives...elcome to th...Incarceration. Here, you will b...prisoners until...all information I want from you, then I kill...simple system...there is no hope. So don't...trying to escape. I guess we should start with the easiest one."

What on earth was this creature doing? Why had he captured them? He wanted...information? He wanted to get information from them, then kill them? Figures. Wait..."Start with the easiest one"?

He was asleep. It was very easy...find what I needed from him. I hope you all have fun on your quests with the Time Matrix. Of course, I'll kill you before you ever can leave.

The hell. He knew about the Time Matrix. He---

The man walked over to Deac, and sliced his head off. If Rwos could have screamed, he would have done so.

And then he was falling, his head was suddenly clearing, and he barely managed to slow his fall with his wings before he hit the ground hard.

Deac was next to him. In one piece. Alive. Simply unconscious with a newly forming large bruise on the flesh remaining of his head and circuits fizzing in his body.

Ten feet away, a very pale human stood. His eyes were bright red. His ears seemed to be pointed underneath his long black hair. He also didn't smell right for a human.

But that wasn't what interested Rwos the most about him. The thing that had Rwos' attention was the large, shimmering globe the young man was standing next to.

Death 08-01-2002 03:35 AM

*His eyes focus on the strange looking creature in front of him, what a funny form to be in. The unconscious one next to him stirs some kind of memory in him, but no matter, he didn’t come here to toy with them. He focuses on the Time Matrix and it shimmers in his hands before shrinking down in size to the poin where it fits in his palm. He puts it in his pocket and then using the force he tosses them aside as if they were dolls and walks past them*

Redwing 08-01-2002 03:57 AM

Not agaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn!


Wall...ow. Aargh.

*He sat up. Great. Obviously, that was the Darkstar, or at least in name. Reletha's apprentice. And obviously enormously strong with the 'Force'. And that must have been the Time Matrix!*

Perfect. Just perfect! Like we could take that on with our bloody powers intact!

*What was going on here? What kind of game were those numbskulls called "Craynoir" and "The Aeges" playing?

And hadn't Deac just got his head cut off?

Rwos looked at Deac's body, lying next to him, still unconscious. And very obviously in one piece.

Were they all immortal then?

Never mind that. He had to get to...what had that lizard called him...Ken'atra. He had to get the Time Matrix. Before history could be warped. Or anything else happen.

He looked up at his surroundings...*

((OOS: Admiral, this would be us on your planet Vanaheim [or Asgard?]

edit: *read your PM* Yeah, Asgard.))

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