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Clefo 07-24-2002 10:14 PM

RPG: The Age of Wonders
(Based on computer game of same name)

1. No Godmodding.. Please

2. Your character should be some mythical form of tolkien like creature to create the atmosphere, or a human.

3. See rule 1

Juaka looked at the blade he just slaughtered some Orcs with, he was one of the Lizardman tribe, and his quickness had led to victory over the brutish Orcish horde that just ambushed him. Orcs were wild now a days ever since the army of the Keepers took the Valley of Wonders, expelling all "Evil" races from their homes. Juaka didn't know what defined "Evil" in those snotty Keeper eyes, but he didn't care, he was trying to get home to Lizardman Country, not touched by the Keepers. There also was something about the blade he weilded, he had found it on the ground in the Dwarven Safelands, but it was emitting a strange green aura.. He knew he had to get home soon...

Redwing 07-24-2002 10:26 PM

((OOS: What's the computer game exactly? ^^;;


Clefo 07-24-2002 10:28 PM

((OOS: Its a strategy game like thing, not very well known, which is why I choose it for an RPG :P))

armadillopillow 07-24-2002 11:05 PM

*Thunnr is half elf, half man he is the only half man to be raised by the tree dwellers and is the only tree dweller to carry a sword as well as a bow. Thunnr was givin his name by the men of the small villiages in the surrounding area his name meaning lean and pale. Thunnr left his village in search of adventure and perhaps even find his father*

*Thunnr looked through the leaves of the trees down at the orc trails on the ground. He had heard them pass minutes before but dared not follow them untill now. When he was sure of the orcs direction Thunnr dropped from the tree and ran about 15 meters to the left of the orcs trail drawing his heavy sword as he ran*

Clefo 07-24-2002 11:15 PM

Juaka looked up, some Halfling Eagle Riders were above and apparently scouting for something. Juaka felt this sight was familiar, his home village had been taken over by the Keepers during the Great War. Juaka sighed, he missed blackwater lake, it was so peaceful, until that idiot Meandor decided to release a horde of undead. He looked at his map

Must be near Arcalot, he thought, lots of Orcs hung out there. Suddenly, he heard the sounds of fighting, he drew his green aura sword and promptly slaughter more Orcs... The fools.. He sighed.. Too many orcs to slaughter, they were a dying breed after all

armadillopillow 07-25-2002 05:46 PM

*Thunnr stopped dead in his tracks and listened to the clash of metal on metal coming from the direction of the orc trail*

*Thunner silently sprinted through the trees stopping just before a small clearing where several dead orcs lay and a man weilding a glowing sword stood*

*Thunnr withdrew his dagger from his belt placing it in between his teeth he leapt up into the branches of the nearest tree and watched the man carefully from his perch*

Deac 07-26-2002 09:24 AM

*Humphrey Hammerhead loads the last barrel onto the cart and turns to the owner, who hands him 5 gold*

Don't take me for a fool. I'm not like other half-ogres.

*The owner backs away in fear. Nothing is worse to a weak delivery boy than a half-ogre rage. He hands Humphrey 10 gold*

Thankyou very much. Free half-ogres!

*Half ogres are often used as cheap labour, and not renound for their intellect. However, Humphrey is not like the others. His human mother survived his birth, and raised him in the cities, giving him a superior intellect to many humans, but becasuse of his ogre side he could not gain access to any good jobs, but was the leader of a growing group lobbying for their rights*

Redwing 07-28-2002 01:35 AM

((OOS: Deac won't be round for another two weeks unfortunately...and ya, I know I'm not in this rpg [yet] but he PMed me to let everyone know))

Deac 08-11-2002 03:21 PM

*Hammerhead walks into a bar. The local drunk rises*

Drunk: I don't know what you heard, half-breed mongrel

*Humphrey begins to turn red, and begins to sweat. The patrons begin to cower*

...but you're kind ain't welcome in MY drinking hole

Come sir. You're a rascist.

Drunk: And you are rude scum. You're not even a person, you're a monster.

Bartender: Come now, that's a bit much. Have a coffee, Hammerhead's the only reason those beer kegs get off the cart into here.

Drunk: How can you defend something with ogre blood?

*The Drunk draws a crossbow. The patrons duck under the table. Hammerhead grabs the crossbow and snaps it*

I think you'll find I'm no monster...

Drunk: I'll be back! I'm goin' for the constable!
*Drunk leaves*

Bartender: Don't you listen to them, after you got them bandits outta here, you'll always have a home here.

But I'll never be considered more than a monster..

Deac 08-24-2002 12:26 PM

[Is anyone going to post along side or is this to become the Tale Of Humphrey Hammerhead (Who was actually my Arcanum char, a very smart Half-Ogre who discovered the truth.)

*Hammerhead is approached by a young man*

Man: Excuse me sir, but I saw you deal with that drunk and would like to offer you a job.

I'm listening...

Man: Some brigands took over my farm...they've got my children to ransom...

What kind of Brigands?

Man: Human. I don't know how many. How much gold do you want?

What's the ransom?

Man: My farm and 100 gold...I can't afford to lose both.

Give me twenty gold and let me take whatever valuable items they have, and I'll do it.

Man: May Demeter bless you!

Clefo 08-29-2002 08:30 PM

Juaka woke up from a strange dream, in which he had some sort of stereotypical premonition, but he shrugged it off as the mutton he ate last night. He rose from his crude encampment of a bed to feel some cold steel on his slippery neck, a feminine voice spoke.

"Make a sound, I kill you. Move, I kill you. Breathe.. Well I kill you later."

Juaka would have laughed, but that would have counted as making a sound, this person was an amatuer, he could tell, the voice spoke again

"I have a proposition for you Mister, you give me your sword, and I'll leave you alone, you can talk and move now."

Juaka turned around, his "Captor" was hooded and was apparently a Dark Elf, and in the trees were badly hidden archers.

"I give you this proposition:" Juaka scoffed "You leave now, and you'll live."

The Dark Elf woman laughed "Very well then." She raised her right arm, ducked and a barrage of arrows flew towards Juaka, he raised his sword and began a battle..

Deac 09-01-2002 02:46 PM

*Hammerhead walks toward the farmhouse door. The brigands sit around the table*

Fools. You've been caught off guard. So human.

*Hammerhead draws his Claymore broadsword...*

Redwing 10-28-2002 05:35 AM

((OOS: Alive in here?))

Al-back from the BigWhoop 11-01-2002 01:03 PM

*The sun is starting to come up the horizon. Al OgThar raises his gigantic hammer, and with his orcish strengh, comes crushing down a human shield. The human behind the shield points his sword and runs toward OgThar. The orc swings his hammer upward, hitting the human's arm, and then finnishes him with his axe on his left hand. Al places back his hammer and his axe on his back and adjusts his ponytail.*

Some townspeople that woke with the battle sound are now grouped around the orc, affraid but curious. Orcs dont usually appear alone in a human town.

"You humans arent as tough, as strong and as smart as you claim to be." Shouts OgThar to the townspeople. "And we orcs arent as stupid and as brutish as you humans entitle us. If those cityguards hadnt attacked me, i would have killed them. I was raised by humans, and i liked the humans, i believed in peace. But it seems that is not an alternative to you."

A brave soul shouts, "your people have slayed and enslaved our people for generations!"

"And so have your people! Its called war! And all creatures in this land must get ready for more war. Humans, elves, ogres, even the orcs. Something is... different."

An elf agrees, "he is right, something is different. Animals have been migrating to the west since the first night with fullmoon."

Suddenly, loud battle noises come from one of the more isolated houses of the village. When they get to the house, it is surrounded by dark elves archers.

Redwing 02-23-2003 02:40 AM

((*gives RPG a final poke before...


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