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superthrawn 08-12-2002 01:00 AM

Finally-Cantina Six Spinoff: Postlude to Holocaust
Well, we've finally come here. Who could have expected that when a little RPG called The Cantina showed up, it would continue to be this far-reaching. Well it is, and Deac, who created the series, did an excellent job. So now it comes down to business.

The RPG starts just four days after the Galactic Holocaust.

Josine looked at the dilapidated building in front of her. A testament to the enginuity and marvel of it's builders, it stood still, centuries after it had been abandoned, untouched by both time and construction droids. She wondered what it had been like, for those people, so many years ago.

While the Jedi were the most visible of religious ways in the Galaxy, they were not the most followed. A movement had come along several hundred years before the Empire, saying simply that all people should respect each other--be kind. Oh yeah, and give up all their worldly possesions to this sect, whose deity's name had long been forgotten. The feeling of holiness that these people had recieved, as they signed away all that they had worked for, was overwhelming. Eventually, a critical investigation discovered that it was just a bunch of Force wielders gone bad, using their inbred abilities to increase their worldly wealth. Billions had been left homeless and empty, shells of their former selves.

History wasn't the reason she was here, though. She'd come seeking fellowship--hoping someone else would show. She'd also hoped that perhaps there was more to this scheme than had been originally uncovered, that there was some relic remaining that might ease her pain. After all, she had just systematically and accidentally killed her entire immediate family.

She couldn't open the door, it seemed to have been shut for too long. So, she walked over to one of the blown out windows, and stepped inside. She didn't know what had caused that kind of damage, but she hoped it wouldn't be returning.

She coughed twice as the obligatory dust swirled up around her, and she surveyed the scene. The place was a mess. Anything of value had most likely been taken long ago, by looters and thieves. Resigned that this place too was useless, she cursed whatever god had called this little temple home, and turned to climb back out the window. Just then, something caught her eye. It was a shard of metal, just underneath the window sill. Unlike the surrounding area, it wasn't covered with dust. Then she heard what she least expected. Someone behind her.

Deac 08-12-2002 07:04 AM

[Thanks! The cantina was once just an idea I had to try and get my post count up, and it has certainly paid off. Deac has come a long way from being a synthetic jedi, to chosen one, now cybernetically enhanced. Egad!]

*Orthos Darkstar turns, to find yet another Orkint thug staring down at him. It looks like he's had it this time. The lead thug moves to strike him, and is suddenly struck by a golden sword...*

Admiral 08-12-2002 08:57 PM

(nothing can compare to my character. An apparent Drunk, who claimed to be an ex fighter pilot, with a love for Corellian Ale. Turns out to be the leader of an Alien race that destroys most of the galaxy. I'm so proud. Read the discussion thread if you have questions)

Heimdall was sitting in a cantina in on Coruscant. The last major planet in the galaxy. Looking at the news, Heimdall caught the last rantings of another reporter calling on the New Republic to hunt down the Aesir and destroy them. Heimdall laughed to himself, after so much death still they sought more. They probably didn't realize that this planet was just beging to suffer. They had enough food to last maybe six months, more if rationed. To bad Corellia had been destoryed, after Alderan had been destroyed they were the only culture that produced a decent drink.

He had a job to do, protect the Vanir. He got up and left the Cantina. Walking down the street, He looked at a slip of paper. A woman named Josine was requesting assistance for a job. He had a feeling this was something to look into. Then Heimdall spotted a fight in an alley. Some poor man was being attacked by an Orkint thug. Seeing that no one else was going to help him, Heimdall decided to step in. Drawing his sword, he sneaks up behind the thug.

Deciding to finish the man off the thug moved in, but before he could reach the man, Heimdall struck. Not whishing to shead blood, Heimdall hits the thug with the pommel of his sword with enought force to knock the Orkint thung unconcious. Sheathing his sword, Hiemdall extends his hand to the man.

Redwing 08-13-2002 12:09 AM

((lol Admiral

btw, I think Deac had a different golden sword in mind ;)))

*In an empty apartment in Coruscant's middle levels, below the hubbub above, one of the last Jedi was curled into a ball in a corner. Everything was packed, but she couldn't get herself to leave. Everyone she ever knew was dead. Everyone. For all Misae knew, she was the very last Jedi. And that wasn't something she wanted to deal with. Her teal lightsaber seemed to glare at her, mocking her...

She picked it up and walked to the window. She held it out...

But before she could drop it, a blue light lit up the street. An oval shaped window...some sort of portal...opened in the middle of the alley. Two figures stepped through. One looked like a teenage girl. The other...was a species she had never seen before. It looked like a teenage boy, except his skin was dark blue, and he had wings, a tail, and reptilian feet.

The girl seemed to suck the portal into a black device in her hand. She handed it to her companion. Their conversation drifted up to Misae's window.

Girl: So what'd we get?

Boy: Our files, a couple gadgets that looked interesting, and a whole load of other files from their master computer. Not bad at all.

Girl: Nice. How bout the morphing cube?

Boy: No...they must have moved it. it wasn't in the stash.

Girl: Oh well. I don't need it anyway. Woulda been nice to have you shapeshifting too tho.

Boy: Hey - I think we're being watched.

Girl: We are?

*Misae hurridly ducked out of sight.*

Deac 08-13-2002 08:28 AM

*The Orkint back off, to fight their new attacker, and Orthos grasps this sword. He knows what it is* must be the end...of everything...or is the Darkstar free? And that means...oh no....Deac's...gone...

*Orthos turns the the Orkint battle. One of them laughs at him, charging at them with an apparently outdated weapon*

Orkint:Haha...puny Orthos attack us with dull blade.

I am....Orthos Starkiller!

*The birthmark on his hand fades to nothing.*

Redwing 08-13-2002 09:40 PM

Girl: I don't see anyone.

Boy: Let's just get out of here.

Girl: Hey, I thought I heard something down that alley.

*the boy-gargoyle's ears twitch* Ummm...I think we've got a...someone killing stars fighting in alleyways.

Girl: Think they have muggers here?

Boy: Starkilling muggers I suppose?

Girl: Why killing stars?

Boy: He yelled something like "I'm Optometrist Starkiller!"

At least that's what I think I heard.

Girl: What kinda name is Optometrist Starkiller?

Boy: It's better than Dentist Starkiller.

Girl: *rolls eyes* Riiiiiight. Come on, let's check it out.

Misae recognized the name Starkiller. Renegade Jedi...Deac Starkiller. Among those declared dead...

Admiral 08-13-2002 10:37 PM

((Redwing, that is why I didn't put a name there and didn't describe the sword. :), just a man who could be anyone, in case he did mean something else. I believe a small crime wave is occuring.))

Before names could be exchanged, the thug's partners had regain consciousness and charged Heimdall. Seeing this in the corner of his eye Heimdall whips his sword around and removes the head of creature. Deciding not to leave an enemy at his back, Heimdall stabs the first thug in the throat.

Heimdall: Well that does that for the thugs. [looking around and sees that the man had run off] Why that ungrateful. Well I better get out of here, last thing I need is for the guards to detain me.

Resuming his original course. As he passes one of the many air shafts, Heimdall faintly hears the name Starkiller.

Heimdall talking to himself: I thought Starkiller perished with the others. THis is disturbing.

Redwing 08-14-2002 03:26 AM

*a man in a dark coat watches Heimdall from the shadows as he leaves. When Heimdall cocked his ear as if hearing something, the man smiled and dissappars into the wall.*

Now for the second...

*Misae heard a footstep behind her. She whirled to look up at a dark figure in a flowing coat.*

Misae: Who...who are you?? What are you doing here? How did you get in?

*The dark figure looked around the room as if critically. It was a mess.* So...Misae, right? This is how you plan to spend the rest of your life.

Misae: *shocked* How do you know my name?

*Figure* I know many things I never wanted to know...I know who you are, what you are, and what you will become if you stay to the path you are now on. I also know why your master sacrificed himself, and it wasn't so you could go on to do this. *He gestures around the dirty room* Am I right?

*without waiting for an answer* Did you see the human girl and the gargoyle? Follow them. They have the first key.

*the man walked towards the wall and...passed through it.

Not far away, in an abandoned religious building, another girl heard a footstep behind her...*

Deac 08-14-2002 06:53 AM

*A policeman hurries over to Orthos*

Cop: You're under arrest...everyone know's that Deac Starkiller was with those Aesir scum when they launched their attack. It's a good thing we have those Imperials to hunt them down.

Citizen: Yeah! They would have done something! I say we go Imp again

But what about the brutality?

Politician: We'll make our own empire!

*And so, the galaxy falls into Chaos...*

Admiral 08-14-2002 02:58 PM

As Heimdall walked along, he felt that something was watching him. Turning suddenly, he looked behind him and saw no one there. How odd he thought. Heimdall shakes the feeling off and continues to walk.

superthrawn 08-15-2002 12:39 AM

Josine whirled around at the noise behind her, startled that someone else would be in this decripit old building. What she saw though, surprised her even more. Instead of some old, worn looking hobo or a wino asking for money, a tall, sharply dressed men, clad entirely in black stood facing her.

"Hello, Josine."

Oh great, just what she needed, a tall, dark man who knew her name. Probably from the authorities, looking into her roles in the suspicious deaths of her entire family. She fingered the blaster inside her coat, and took a step backwards.

"Who are--"

Her question was cut off as her backward step took her over the window ledge and landed her flat on her back in the middle of the street. It was a beautiful day, one of those days where mother nature seems to seductively wave her finger at you, begging you to come outside and forget the fact that several trillion people had just perished in a death that made Tarkin look like a small child's nanny.

Josine didn't notice this, though, because she was to busy trying to get to her feet before this strange figure could arrest her, or rape her, or worse. She scrambled up and took of down the alley running. She looked back for a moment to see the figure moving through the wall, and in that moment she made her mistake. Namely, that she'd forgotten that this alley was a dead end, and the aforementioned dead-end was made of ferrocrete. She was out cold.

Deac 08-15-2002 08:01 AM

*But, some of the gathering crowd are sympathetic to Orthos*

Sympathiser: Leave him alone! Deac blew himself up to stop Cracken!

Citezen: I thought he killed himself to avoid capture!

Crowdsperson: I heard he rammed his ship into Crackens! I say we follow Orthos!

Now people, I don't want

*A strange man pushes past the sympathetic crowd*

Stranger: Now, young of greatness do not take power, they have it thrust upon them.

Redwing 08-15-2002 09:21 PM

*the two targets Misae was following round the corner only to duck right back*

Girl: Ahhh! You didn't tell me you heard a crowd!

Boy: You didn't ask!

Misae is above them on a rooftop. She accidentally kicks her foot, and pebbles rain down on the crowd below. People look up.

"Look! Up there!"

"It's one of the Jedi!"

"Didn't they all get killed?"

Useless to pretend to hide now, Misae thought. She leaped down, using the Force to slow her fall.

Misae: I heard that Deac destroyed the superweapon that Cracken used against us! We have no proof that he caused the Aesir to attack! And even if he did, why should you blame his son?

*turns to Orthos* You are his son, right?

((OOS: Deac, should I bring Raschel into this? It doesn't have to affect the Wraith Squadron RPG, of course))

Deac 08-16-2002 08:19 AM

[That could be quite good here, Redwing] of...

*From the crowd, a "Bah!" is heard*

Redwing 08-16-2002 06:35 PM

Misae: Sort of? If not...what are you?

::stormtroopers enter the crowd::

Stormtrooper 1: He is a part of the Aesirian Alliance, and a traitor!

Stormtrooper 2: Orthos Starkiller, you are under arrest for high crimes against the Imperial Republic!

((OOS: Just to introduce another faction here. ;)))

Deac 08-17-2002 10:28 AM

I do not represent the Aesir; the houses of Atredis have now unified....the son of Syrnl Darkstar is now Starkiller!

*People gasp*

Man: Son of...Lord Syrnl?

Woman: The Dread Knight?

Rich Man: Is this true?

It is. But we cannot choose our parents.

*Turns to stormtroopers*

And you are just pawns of a fascist scheme...

*Orthos extends the sword*

Admiral 08-17-2002 11:32 PM

As Heimdall walks along, a large amount of people rush past him. Wondering what was going on, he decides to follow. Reaching the crowd, he hears the remarks of a Stormtropper speaking of somekind of Aesirian alliance. Thinking to his self Who, in the world makes up this nonesense. An Aesirian alliance, bah

Moving to the front of the crowd, Heimdall, confirms what his ears had told him early. He did hear the name Starkiller. Deciding another Starkiller had to be watched, Heimdall joins him and faces the crowd. Besides he didn't like stormtroppers, and if he had to kill a few well it could be fun...

Heimdall: Go back to your homes this man has done nothing wrong.

Redwing 08-18-2002 12:58 AM

Stormtrooper: Stand aside, citizen. All affiliates of the Aesirian Alliance have been ordered to be put under arrest. For the good of your homes.

Crowdsperson: They're right! Those Aesir must be stopped before they come back to destroy us all!

*shouts from the crowd* Yeah! Yeah!

Crowdsperson 2: Deac Starkiller was a close friend of the leader of the Aesir! Breaking news on the Galactic News Network! He was the right hand man of the Aesirian Alliance!

Crowdsperson 3: He was just as bad as the Dread Syrnl *he says the name and title like a curse word* himself!

Stormtrooper 2: Calm down citizens. The Imperial Republic can assure you that it will not allow its remaining protectorates to be endangered in this way! *to Orthos* Will you come peacefully or must we use force?

Misae: What in the Force do you think you're doing? What evidence do you have against him?

The mysterious girl and boy-gargoyle watched the whole proceedings from the alleyway, assuming they were hidden...until suddenly they were grabbed from behind, gagged and cuffed, and too startled to resist, shoved by a group of men forward into the open. Towards the now large squad of stormtroopers.

The men wore black suits with green IR goggles. They wore helmets of New Republic design. They each had white insignias in the vests of their suits, except for one, the leader, who wore a bright red symbol. His voice filtered through his bio-mask as he addressed the leader of the stormtroopers.

"Sir, we have captured more of the insurgents responsible for this. You can clearly see that the male alien here is one of the Aesir's bioengineered Death-warriors-"

Stormtrooper 3: *to Marin* What further proof do you need? *appealing to the crowd* You see! Already they are planning another attack! The presence of these scum here is no coincidence!

Crowd: "Forget taking them into custody!"

"Kill them!"

"We don't need to risk it!"

"Kill them now!"

*it becomes a chant*

"Kill them now! Kill them now!"

*The more militant crowd, fast becoming a mob, presses forward against the ring of stormtroopers. Misae ignites her lightsaber. "Stay back! I am a Jedi!"

"The Jedi are dead!"

"Imposter! She's with them!"

"Kill her too!"

The stormtroopers raise their blasters...when suddenly the sound of engines is heard. A large, rectangular freight transport swoops incredibly low through the streets, scattering the crowd out of the way. It stops in front of Orthos and the others, hovering in midair. Its bay doors open, and a familiar figure is revealed standing just above a startled Orthos, hair blowing in the turbulence created.

Raschel: *yelling above the sound of the engines* Well, Orthos, need a ride?

superthrawn 08-18-2002 01:31 AM

Josine head was throbbing. She reached up, rubbing her forehead, positive that this would leave a mark. Her self-pity session was interrupted by the sound of angry voices just around the corner though, and being ever curious, she decided to check it out, despite the protestations of her body.

What she found when she got there, though, was completely not what she expected. Stormtroopers? She was about to open her mouth, say that there'd been enough killing lately, why add to it, when a rumble began to eminate seemingly from the street itself. A boxy frieghter flew up and over a building, and hovered just outside what would be considered insane proximity to the crowd. Josine paused for a second, and then bolted toward the open door, where a woman was saying something about some guy named Orthodontist needing help. She didn't care. She did need help...or a job...or a friend.

Deac 08-18-2002 01:08 PM

*Orthos leaps onto Raschel's transporter, but before the door closes, he makes a hand gesture and hurls a white ball of energy at the stormtroopers*

Raschel? What the hell are you doing here?

Admiral 08-18-2002 01:32 PM

Listening to the lunitic rantings of the Crowd. Heimdall begins to laugh.

Heimdall: Think about this for a second. The Aesir destroyed most of the galaxy in one attack. Do you really think that if they desired to attack again that it could be stopped. Why would they just send one person to....

Heimdall's last words were drowned out by the engines of the frieghtor.

Redwing 08-18-2002 08:23 PM

((OOS: I think Termand Rwos would be interested to know that he's one of the Aesir's "bioengineered Death Warriors"...:D))

Raschel: Your friends! *yells outside* Get on! *the boy and the girl look hesitant for a moment. They look at each other, then run for the transport doors. Josine, Heimdall, and Misae leap after them into the transport as it takes off.

The black-suited men shove through the stormtroopers, unaffected by the Force blast, and open fire at the transport with slimmed-down concussion rifles. The hits jolt the massive vehicle, then its shields go up and it lifts out of range*

Raschel: *rushing to the cockpit of the freighter, where a pilot droid is manning the controls* Orthos! Can you believe what is going on? You haven't seen the holonews, have you?

Admiral 08-18-2002 11:31 PM

Heimdall: Thankyou. what's going on?

superthrawn 08-19-2002 12:49 AM

Josine looked around, suspicious. It seemed she'd been doing a lot of that the last four days. She leaned up against a bulkhead, apparently assured that there was no immediate danger.

"Yeah, what is going on? And who exactly are all you people?"

Deac 08-19-2002 02:03 PM

I'm Orthos Starkiller. Deac is my uncle...and with the death of him, I'm now the *pauses, taking the impact of what this means to him*....I'm now the Lord of Atredis...whoa...

Who the hell are those men in black?

I have very little idea what is going on...all I know is Deac's dead...father's gone...most of the galxay has been eradicated by some race in revenge for their lost leader and everyone I ever had to trust is either dead or missing. My good friends... just you left, Raschel...

Redwing 08-19-2002 10:44 PM

Raschel: They went Imperial. Can you believe it? After all we worked for! They went to the Imperials and signed a treaty!

Misae: *shoves next to Orthos* What?! That can't be! The Jedi---

Raschel: Are dead. The Imperials say they can find the Aesir. The media has put on some Hutt-slime about an "Aesirian Alliance"; basically saying everyone in power who isn't popular is part of it. The public is just eating it up. There's massive lynch mobs around the Imperial palace and the Senate.

*speaking to Orthos* They announced on the news that you were to be arrested. I knew I had to find you first...and I did...barely...

Who are your friends?

Admiral 08-20-2002 11:20 PM

Heimdall: However the imperials were hit just as hard if not harder, then the Republic. Even if they could find the Aesir, how could anyone believe that it would be possible to attack them. This is what happens when you have wide spread fear, and anger. This is the perfect forumal for a takeover.

(Think of the book 1984)
The government will use the Aesir to keep control of the populace now. If you go against them you will be accused of being in legue with the Aesirian Alliance. Torture will probably make you confess, then you will summarily be executed. The public meanwhile will be happy thinking that something is being done agaisnt the Aesir. While the public will be happy they will also be in constant fear of being accused as an Aesirian sabator, or spy.

What she said about the Jedi is true, they no longer exist. Yavin was among the systems destroyed. That Hutt also accused the Jedi of being part of this alliance. I'm beating that sooner or later the government will hunt down any surviving jedi, if there are any.
(think of NJO books as far as this goes)

superthrawn 08-21-2002 12:36 AM

"Well, I'm not really sure who anyone else here is..."

Josine glances around... this was quite the motley crew indeed.

"All I know is that my name is Josine, I just accidentally murdered my family... I'm lost and confused, and all of the sudden on a ship I had no idea even existed before a few moments ago. I don't know anything about Jedi or Imperials or any of that, I just want to find something remotley resembling family, or friends..."

Redwing 08-21-2002 06:04 AM

Girl: *she is one of the shorter in the group, and although apparently human there is an alien quality about her. Her skin, hair and eyes are all variations of chestnut brown* My name is Marin. *she doesn't offer a last name*

Boy: *he is a young black-haired gargoyle, winged, tailed and clawed; his skin is dark blue, and his eyes seem to crackle. Unlike, for example, Termand Rwos, his face is quite humanlike, except for his pointed ears and spiked brow* Mine is Aidan Saph'rai.

Misae: My name is Misae Arjas. I am a Jedi. My master is dead, because of the Aesir.

Raschel: My name is Raschel Sheire. And, *pauses, realizing she doesn't know Hemidall's name*

Deac 08-21-2002 07:59 AM

[1984 was a great political book, and not a bad movie. Pretty depressing, though]

We must resist. We must be a brotherhood of resistance. Some in the crowd supported the idea, but they'll probably die. I only wish we had someone who could help us...


*A dark office. A man sits in front of a computer screen, staring at the statistics of the holocaust that has taken place. A door opens behind him, and an officer in a blue uniform enters*

Officer: M'Lord. THe man you asked to keep our eyes on has disappeared. Our agents fear him dead...

Lord: Damn...what of targets two and three.

Officer: Both alive. Two is currently safe after escaping the new Imperium...Three is probably leading it...

Lord: Interesting..."we" have finally taken control...prepare the gate

Officer: Are you sure, sir?

Lord: My time here is passed. I must return home...

Wraith 8 08-21-2002 11:11 AM

*Corzip dinn just woke up in his appartment on the other side of Coruscants goverment. He looks at the mirror and sees a 26 year old man with a beard. unbelievable that he was once a proud member of the Jedi order. Some years back on Naboo he had encounter with some pirats and they destroyed his fighter and captured him with ysalamiri. Corzip had been a prisoner of a this Dark Jedi Varan for a couple of years. he had givin up all hope of ever getting free. The Dark Jedi's hideout was on Bakura when the SSI-RUUK attacked again. they were able to kill the dark jedi and take Corzip back with them to LWEKK. they did all kinds of studies on him, but he was freed by this slave people who lived on LWHEKK. he escaped the defenses and fleed back to Coruscant. there he realized he lost all his possesions and his will to fight evil again.
he went to an area far away from everything and lived in a small appartment thiking of the glory days.
He had build himself a small speederbike from parts he found. the repulsor lifts were very powerfull. He got up and showered and dressed himself and got out. he pu on his comunit to recieve todays news.*

- ggggggsssstgsshubshhh in gagagga todays news: there was a riot in coruscants ally's. a croud anounced they had seen a Jedi and a person named Starkiller. Stormtroopers were send to keep the croud quiet but soon turned into an arrest of several people including the Starkiller person and the so called Jedi. the Stormtroopers were about to punsh the people for disturbing the peace when a large ship roared down into the croud. The suspects all got aboard the ship and has been spotted heading south.
In other news, the fight agai........-

*Corzip turned off the com unit. A Jedi? all jedi were killed right? at least that is what he read when he got back. he also read that he was missing and supposingly killed. He always thought he was the last Jedi alive.... He steered toward the last known location of the ship.*

Admiral 08-21-2002 02:46 PM

((Welcome Wraith 8, and Redwing it's Heimdall not Hemidall. 1984 seems to fit the current situation well to))

Heimdall: Oh, my name is Heimdall. *to josine* Your name is Josine correct. Well for the time being I would say your amoung friends.

Where are we going?

Redwing 08-22-2002 12:12 AM

((OOS: Hey Wraithy :D glad you decided to join.

The Holocaust happened just a few days ago - so the Jedi haven't been gone all that long. The stars went nova after being hit by torpedoes in only days. It's been maybe a week.

Poor Corzip. lol

@Admiral: Never read/seen 1984, but that was the scenario I was shooting for :)))

Raschel: I have a few friends in an NRI center that the Imperials don't know about. Good thing we never told the politicians anything. We're going there.

Misae: I think you all need to know something. I-I...don't think it's coincidence that we're all here. *looks at the Marin and Aidan*

Admiral 08-22-2002 12:08 PM

Heimdall: You think they can still be trusted? With this new government, intellegency agencies will probably be pruged first. That and seeing how all of us were seen leaving with Orthos, we will all probably have sizeable bounties on our heads before the night is over.

Deac 08-22-2002 01:53 PM

*The streets of Coruscant. Giant screens broadcast propaganda of the Second Imperium, until they are suddenly cut. People turn to see a man, his face shrouded in darkness, but it is a voice that fills Orthos with a familiar fear*

Announcer: People of the galaxy, there is another way to recover. The servants of a corrupt empire feed on your hate to control your mind. I know, for I was once one of their Lords. I do this as redemption. I ask for your forgiveness, and your ears. The Second Imperium rules through fear and force. It is not freedom.
They will call me "Traitor" and "The Dread Knight"...but I have another name...
*Removes shroud. Orthos gasps*

I am...Comrade Syrnl Darkstar...and I have this to say:


[All Deac fans who did not see this coming are advised to go back to primary education]

Wraith 8 08-22-2002 03:16 PM

*Corzip saw the man on the boards.....That cant be.. isnt he dead?
As Corzip coniued to search for the ship with the fugitives on it.. he used the force for the first time in a long while. he sensed out for the othr Jedi mind between all these other vehicles. And there she was. He felt the strong force flow threw this woman aboard a ship 1 click west of him. he tryed to look into her mind.... but all of a sudden she felt him and as a shock repelled his probing. Corzip was knocked of his concentration for a moment and almost lost control of his speeder bike. he went straight to the force feeling woman.*

Redwing 08-22-2002 06:12 PM

((OOS: Deac, you forgot the Alternate Universe - Syrnl is in an alternate universe getting a 'second chance'.

We were going to have our group go to Syrnl's dimension, and erase the necessary parts of the twenty-year time gap by having them exit years into the future (when only days have gone by in that dimension)

That can still be worked with, either this Syrnl is a fraud, or he escaped that other dimension; in the second case, that would give us the idea of getting in; if we needed to fetch a relic or key or object from there perhaps?))

Raschel: The main NRI division doesn't even know about us. I can assure you, they are friends, or I wouldn't be going there.

Misae: Aaa--ah! *holding her head*

Raschel: *startled* What?

Misae: A Jedi! Or someone with the Force...I felt his mind!

*the viewscreen of the freighter shows a speeder coming up fast*

((edit: grammar))

Cmdr. Cracken 08-23-2002 12:34 AM

*Alys Shera took her small star fighter into the space lanes of Coruscant. it was small, and old design that had harkened back to the days of the great Clone War. it almost looked like an A-wing, however, it had an Astromech driod on the left side, near the ****pit. it held the logo of the now defunct Kuat Drive Yards. It was, in fact, an old Jedi Starfighter. how it got into her possesoin, it was unknown, but she could handle it better than anyone else, almost was well as a Jedi.

it was heavely modified, of course, for pirating and maurading purposes. the laser cannons were refitted to themore modern and more powerful versions, and additional missle racks were added into the hull for more firepower. The engines could now reach the speed necessary to make the jump to Hyperspace, and with it's small size, could match any ship in speed.

Alys herself was, by human standerds, beautiful. slim, evenly proportioned, soft dark hair, and piercing blue eyes. a tad short, but she could hold her own in a bar fight.

Suddenly, a frieghter was headed straight toward her. Veering suddenly, she narrowly dodged it, and almost hit the small passanger hover car below her. odd, she KNEW it was there even before her alarms went off. shemused on this fact for a second, but continued on her path.*

Redwing 08-23-2002 06:31 AM

*Raschel swerves the freighter to avoid the speeder. In doing so she almost runs into a small triangular-shaped starfighter that looked somehow familiar to her...

The freighter was going too high, into the lanes headed for space. Raschel pilots the vehicle lower, and heads to a large undeveloped section far below*

Misae: That was him! That speeder pilot!

*Raschel searches her sensors. But the speeder is gone*

Deac 08-23-2002 08:27 AM

[The "Gate" Syrnl mentioned was another portal from that universe to ours. This is our old friend...and he can still help]

*Orthos gasps*

I thought he was dead...but...he is...the Syrnl I knew, clearly...he's got 23 years of fatherhood to make up on..

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