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razorace 08-12-2002 07:26 PM

WIP: Masters of the Force

I've unofficially cancelled Jedi Styles until Stellarwind shows back up. Until then, I'm starting a Mod in the same vain of trying to boost the realism of the game in general. The official title is Star Wars: Masters of the Force. I'm aiming for a two staged modification schedule. Stage One will involve reworking the game mechanics for more realism. Stage Two will involve adding a experience / leveling system to the game for a more flexible and fun game experience. Eventually, I'm aiming for a Mod capable of recreating the movie battles in a way that is as fun and realistic as possible.

Update 10/13/02: We've changed to a simple progressive implimentation plan. The design changes enough stuff that a multi-stage implimentation plan would require rewrites inbetween stages. :P

Help/Job Requirements

I will accept help in basically any area and experience level. The only ground rules I have are:
[list=1][*]I have the final say on any aspect on the project but only to keep the project on track. :D[*]Documentation! Documentation! Documentation![*]All reasonable effort will be made to properly credit anyone who contributes.[*]Use common sense.[*]Be nice.[*]Have fun. :)[*]You must have enough time to work on the Mod on a regular basis AND communicate frequently with the other of the staff.[/list=1]

Source Code

We've discussed being a Open Source Mod, and we've changed our policy on it. The game will no longer be open source. Instead, we're going with a source code "on request" system.

If you have an good or interesting use for the code, contact us. Depending on our opinion of the idea, we'll:[list=A][*]Let you have the code for PERSONAL USE ONLY.[*]Impliment your idea as the official release. With your help, of course. :)[*]Reject the idea.[/list=A]
After the team has gotten tired/bored/etc. of the project, we WILL open source the code to the community so others can continue our work if they wish.

We feel the community is currently being segmented by a continuous flow of cut-and-paste Mods. The community needs 4 different versions of JediMod like a sub needs a screen door. While most of these cut-and-paste Mods DO have their high points, they needlessly split the servers and members of the community. What we need is ONE version of each distinct Mod to keep the fragmentation down and that's what MotF is doing. :) In exchange for an non-open source project, we will try to be as openminded about new ideas as possible.

Final Thoughts

That's it. If you have any suggestions / complaints / bug reports / etc. please post them here, PM me, or email me or another member of the Mod's staff. Thank you.

As for the current status of ideas, work, etc. just tuned to this thread. :)

Copyright Note

Please don't rip ideas, source, etc. without my permission or until we officially release stuff as Open Source.

razorace 08-12-2002 07:29 PM

Roster / Positions Open
The Team Assignment / Open Positions doc is located here.

If you're interested in truely beta testing the Mod before public releases, you need to contact me and be added to the team.

UPDATE: The Team Assignment Doc is out of date. Read at your own risk. :)

razorace 08-12-2002 07:34 PM

Current Design Documention
A currect copy of the Design Document can be found here. This includes the actual Design Document and ideas / suggestions that people have had.

UPDATE: The Design Doc is out of date. We're too busy working on the mod to update it. If anyone is interested in doing some writing work to update and maintain all our documention, please contact me.

razorace 08-12-2002 09:56 PM


razorace 08-13-2002 01:04 AM

Should I take the lack of replies as....
[list=A][*]Everyone is speechless at the glory of my design Doc.[*]Noone is here because of all the damn server trouble.[*]Noone cares / I suck.[*]D00d, h0w d0 I G3t t00 s@b3rs N J3Di M0D????!!!!![*]All of the above[/list=A]


reaper1576 08-13-2002 04:29 AM

Sounds impresive would this work in single player sorry i cant help to bussy with the Dark Forces 2 Jedi knight TC

razorace 08-13-2002 04:37 AM

Thanks for replying. :)

As for a SP port, unless Raven releases the SP source code, I'm not even going to attempt to port it. If someone else wants to try it, I guess they could try if they asked.

razorace 08-13-2002 07:49 PM

I just updated the Design Doc posted up at the top of the thread.

reaper1576 08-13-2002 07:52 PM


Originally posted by razorace
Thanks for replying. :)

As for a SP port, unless Raven releases the SP source code, I'm not even going to attempt to port it. If someone else wants to try it, I guess they could try if they asked.

hey its cool i know what you meen about the sp sdk come on raven we want it

razorace 08-13-2002 10:29 PM

Just made another update to the Design Doc.

We can still use whatever help the community can provide.

Arceri 08-14-2002 12:09 AM

Sounds interesting. Alot of work too. I'd help you out if I knew anything about programming, but unfornately, I don't. I wish I did I have alot of my own ideas I'd like to see turn into a mod.

Let me know if you need someone to help you beta test your mod though. I'd be glad to help. :)

razorace 08-14-2002 02:45 AM

Great! I'll give you a PM to get the ball rolling. I could use help with design too. :)

SPY_jmr1 08-14-2002 03:50 AM

if you need a guy to bouce ideas off of and test things, I am your guy... I have to be one of the only ones who has heard of/likes jedi style...

also say the word, and in 30min EVERYBODY will know... I can get ahold of anyone, belive me:D

this new mod sounds WONDERFULL, and the only advice I have is:dont start too big, start on the small side.

also, people like previews. if they know about it, and like it, they will come back for more. think yoda model thread;)

hmm... A idea...

why not instead of powerups, you would pick your gun(if so inclined) off a point based menu, much like the current force menu?

also, maybe have some addons? like... I dont know.. scopes for all the guns, for maybe 1 point per gun? or a silencer atachment? that could be fun.

also, the sniper rifle would need some improvement, methinks... I like the RTCW sniper idea, the longer you hold still, the better the shot. also you could offer a "sniper gyro system" to take it back to what you have now, for perhaps 15 points.(if you are gonna give um a boom-stick, make it hurt.:))

if the point system, is a no-go, perhaps just somthings like, the E-11 has a weaker scope(common, its on the flipin model, why cant we use it?) and give the primary fire the silencer...

anyway, thats all I have right now... I am sure I will think of more later... bye

razorace 08-14-2002 04:39 AM

Awesome, I must be moving up in the world to get the attention of one of the Mods. :D

if you need a guy to bouce ideas off of and test things, I am your guy... I have to be one of the only ones who has heard of/likes jedi style...
That would be great. I'll PM you if I need something that I can just discuss in this thread. (Sides, it gives the thread a good bump at the same time. :) We're still in the Design / Recruitment stage so it will probably be a while before we get to a Beta Testing point.

also say the word, and in 30min EVERYBODY will know... I can get ahold of anyone, belive me
Well, we could really use someone who knows how / wants to sort thru the animations and set up the modified animations we'll need. I know very little about the animation setup and it sounds rather complicated. :( But, fortunately, I believe we can do everything we want to do without needing to create "new" animations.

As for other needs, the more coders, the better. This is mainly a gameplay Mod so we don't exactly need mappers, skinners, etc. But, we could use them to recreate some of the famous movie battles to show off the improved combat system and add a little "flash" to the presentation. :)

this new mod sounds WONDERFULL, and the only advice I have is:dont start too big, start on the small side.

also, people like previews. if they know about it, and like it, they will come back for more. think yoda model thread
Very wise advise. I've been trying to keep this thread up to date with my current design docs, but that hasn't seemed to generate as much interest as I had hoped. But that's ok. :)

As for trying to start small, I've already assigned the whole leveling system to Stage Two of the project but I may have to divide it up more to generate some interest and help. Of the Stage One modifications I think the Saber Clash/Force Dodge/Fatigue is the most important but they'll also be the hardest to impliment. :P Maybe we should start with a small release that tweaks the Specials....

why not instead of powerups, you would pick your gun(if so inclined) off a point based menu, much like the current force menu?
That's a great idea! :) It would be a good way to work on the UI and game code without getting TOO deep into it. I think I'll add that to the Design Doc (if that's ok with you. :) )

The gun attactments are good ideas too. I'll also add them to the DD but I'm not sure how implementable weapon add-on are in the game. (It may require adding "new" weapons for the add-on abilities and that may not be possible yet.)

I agree that the Disrupter need a work over. Maybe set secondary to zoom toggle and Push/Pull to zoom in and out? And add a diminishing random "barrel float" to the sights instead of a Rainbow 6 Crosshair thingy (sorry, I don't remember how the RTCW sniper scope worked....)

Anyway, thanks for the great input! I'll be sure to credit you for your contribution. :)

razorace 08-14-2002 05:01 AM

Actually, after thinking about it. We sure could use a good mapper person as well. We need someone with knowledge of the map triggers to figure out a way to make the players "dodge" map damage. For example, after watching the movies I got the impression that Jedi seem to be able to fall at terminal speeds (Anakin/Obi-Wan on Coricent, Luke on Bespin, etc, etc.) and survive the landing. Therefore, on ns_streets and other "fall death" maps, I think you should just fall off the bottom of the map, "run back up to the level", and reappear thru a doorway or something with a slight Fatigue/Health Hit instead of a suicide match against your kills. (except, of course, for Bespin where there's no ground to safely fall onto. :)

SPY_jmr1 08-14-2002 05:15 AM

btw, I am still one of the guys, dont think of me as a mod, just a guy w/power;)
sure, add whatever you want to the docs, I do not mind one bit.

moving on...

when I said, give me 30min and everone will know, I ment just that"everybody" you know, 'joe 3 doors down' just so people know about this mod... jedi style floped frankly, just some bad timing, coming right after the much larger jedi mod 1.0.

however, I DO know some editors in the jkii world... I can think of a maper who does good work, and a 2 or 3 model/animation guys... come to think of it, the other day, one of them got a user-made .GLM file to work in mod-view... you might want to talk to him...

there is a ton of talent in the IRC chat... and a ton of ideas...

like I said, I will think up some more ideas tomorow, as its not 0408 here.... GAH! night all!

edit: I have done enough mapping to know your idea, good as it may be, will not work at this time. there is no way to unBSP a map, and the only 2 ways to do what you would want/need is:1, remake the maps from scratch... doable, but very time consuming. OR 2, convince raven to somehow release/send us/do it for us the .MAP files of the above maps... yeah right...

your best shot would be to include a mappack with maps that are close in gamplay to the defaults...

look at this, I edited in a whole damn 2nd post... GAH! night for REAL this time:D

razorace 08-14-2002 05:34 AM

oh, ok. Ether way the more people know about the Mod the better. Well, at least until the "D00d, h0w d0 I G3t t00 s@b3rs N J3Di M0D????!!!!!"people show up. :)

sweet, go ahead and PM me their contact info so I can pump them for information. :)

I'll be sure to go check out the IRC when I've got the time. It's bedtime for me also.


edit: I have done enough mapping to know your idea, good as it may be, will not work at this time. there is no way to unBSP a map, and the only 2 ways to do what you would want/need is:1, remake the maps from scratch... doable, but very time consuming. OR 2, convince raven to somehow release/send us/do it for us the .MAP files of the above maps... yeah right...
Well, crap. But, I figured that was the case. Would it be possible to do it from inside the game code instead of the map files? I figure the map triggers are probably filtered down into the code at some point. (since the trash compacter can't kill Duelers but the falls can.) If we found that piece of code we could probably do a custom hack for each map to simply respawn your character at a certain point instead of just kill him. I don't know how we could explain trash compacter yet...maybe force the player to force speed out the door when the compacter trigger is pressed?

Well, good night all! I'll be sound to answer all messages in the morning.

acdcfanbill 08-14-2002 12:44 PM

just a thought, in SBX, you could mid air jump, and that was really handy when you got blown off by a destruction, or with later mods, force push. maybe that would be a better alternative to "force dodge the ground" since it would be easier to impliment (i think) and also, then its not computer controlled, if your not paying attention, you can still me thrown off, but if you are, you should have no prob getting back to safe ground.

though this would cause rolling to reduce falling dmg to be useless, as you could just slow your fall with force jump as we did with SBX... but its still a worthy idea to consider.

also, i want to give my best wishes to this mod, as it sounds like the exact thing i have been mentally planning :D i just lack the skills...


razorace 08-14-2002 02:13 PM

While a midair jump sounds like a good gameplay option, it's never been shown in the movies plus, I imagine it would require a huge burst of the Force to go from falling to jumping in midair. However, maybe at some point in the future, we could make a "extreme saber combat" toggle with additional unrealistic options(like midair DBZ style saber clashing and the like) that would be simply fun to use. :)

Arceri 08-14-2002 03:53 PM

I've always thought (as an idea) this game needed a new gameplay type.

Assuming you get most of what you want working, you could add in new gameplay types so maps and missions would be more intune with the movies. Like an example of one gameplay is a mission based gameplay sort of like CS or so.

Here's my idea.

Have one gameplay type called Insurrection (or something to that effect). Where you have one team the defense (depending on which era you like more) could have one team the Empire or Rebels (or new Republic). One team would be defending their base from attack by the opposing team. Now the objectives would vary, but they could include something like planting thermal detonating devices at the base's main computer terminal. Hacking into the files and stealing them and escaping (like Rebels stealing the first Death Star plans). Assassinating a General or other kind of leader. Or lots of other possible theories. This would not only create variety (and teamwork something JK2 certainly has a lack of), but it would also tie in your craving for realism true to the movies, with the story lines and such. Making it more movie like by actually taking part.

I also think having the weapon UI would be nice too. Like those who aren't Jedi or Sith pick their weapons off that. I also think that people that can use the force shouldn't be able to use any weapon other than a Lightsaber (that's me, I've always thought that). And people that can use a variety of weapons can't use the force or Lightsabers.

For this gameplay type you could have it where one team being whatever, Empire, Rebels, whatever you decide. Have a certain amount of Jedi/Sith to each team. The rest of the team being regular soldiers with a variety of selected weapons. Each weapon would be paired with their team's counterpart. Meaning each team only gets to select the weapons that their side actually created (or actively use). That would make diversity between the teams.

Anyway, that's one of my ideas. Seems like if it was done right it'd add a whole new depth to multiplayer, other than just killing people or going after a flag.

Arceri 08-14-2002 04:02 PM

Btw, about the dodge system. Wouldn't it be easier just to make it an effect to a force power?

Like take one of the under-used force powers, Seeing. Most people only do this to level 1. Because let's face it. It's not overally useful beyond that. Sure at level 3 you can dodge sniper fire, but.. c'mon.

Maybe you should make it where seeing gives you a chance to dodge automatically? Like level 1 seeing still lets you see people invisible (assuming you're still making mind trick make you go invisible, if you're not then don't bother with that). But you could make level 1 give you a 5% chance of dodging a blaster shot or lightsaber attack. Level 2 15% change. Level 3 40% chance. I dunno just a thought. Might just make it easier to make it random. Although you're idea sounds fine, I was just offering a simplier solutation, since Seeing is pretty unused for the most part (level 2 and 3 anyway).

Changing some of the other existing force powers to make them more movie-like might be a good idea too.

razorace 08-14-2002 04:17 PM

While it would be a cool idea and all, I don't see it as worthwhile from a work -> payoff point of view. It would require an @$$load of programming, mapping, etc. and you'd be basically getting Team Fortress with lightsabers and the Force. Maybe after we complete all the other modifications we could attempt something like that but I currently feel that's beound the scope of the Mod. Sides, I understand that the Jedi Fortress WIP is going to do that exact thing.

As for the experience system, I believe in a more open ended style of system. Jedi players should use Lightsabers because they are the powerful, elegent, glaceful weapon of the Jedi not because we force them to. The Lightsaber is easily the most powerful and utilitarian weapon in the Star Wars universe and this will be reflected in the game. Sure, the guns will be balances against the saber, but a Jedi with a saber is simply more powerful than the best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy with a blaster. I'm thinking that to offset this inharent advantage will be offset by a score bias for gun wielders.

Arceri 08-14-2002 06:08 PM

Well I meant for the gameplay type to allow only Jedi to use a Lightsaber, not your whole mod. Anyway, I understand it's alot of work, it was just an idea.

As for the weapons. What about simply limiting the number of weapons someone can carry? Like they can have a pistol, primary weapon, secondary weapon and selected explosives? But in the UI also give the person a choice whether to use a Lightsaber or Stun rod instead? But if you pick Lightsaber, it counts as the primary weapon, so therefore you can only carry a pistol, second weapon, and selected explosives?

Also could make it an OPTION to have it if you go no Lightsaber you can't use the force, but you get to carry more weapons? Making it a viable option to go Bounty Hunter as opposed to normal fitted soldier or Jedi. That'd give it a little more variety? Making it customizable for all types of people, would be nice. I don't think that'd take a whole lot of skinning, programming and such.

Just another idea anyway.

razorace 08-14-2002 06:56 PM

I'm writting about the Force Powers at the moment but I'll get to it soon. :) I really liked SPY_jmr1's seperate UI menu for weapons for at least Stage One of the project. For Stage One I'm thinking of making non-force users be able to use Jetpacks and other B Hunter tricks. And you'll have at least be Force Sensitve to use the saber, but then you don't have access to the B Hunter goodies. In Stage Two you'll be able to be a Force Sensitive B Hunter but for now we need to start implimenting the gameplay goodies first.

ninjadreams 08-14-2002 09:41 PM

wow sounds great
I have been playing this game since it came out and i have to say this mod your making does sound like its going to make things alot of fun and also more movie like. Wish i knew some programing so that i could help out with it >_<

Good luck!!! and hope to read about it on the main site !!

Yagyu Jubei

razorace 08-14-2002 09:59 PM

Thxs. A lack of programming knowledge isn't a problem, we could always help with the design or many other parts of the project. We just need dedicated people. :)

razorace 08-15-2002 08:22 PM

I just added additional information about what positions are open, in the Roster post at top of the thread. In addition, I've completed Force Powers part of the DD (Design Doc). However, I think I'm going to edit the posted DD into a simpler "Features" list.

Razor Ace

Arceri 08-15-2002 11:44 PM

Well I'd be willing to help you out. I don't have much techincal experience.. least not in JK2. But I could help in design if it was only requiring brainstorming or something. But either way I could help beta test too.

razorace 08-16-2002 12:10 AM

I'm a bit confused. Are you saying that you'd like to help, but don't have the time and dedication to do more than brainstorm? That's ok, if you can't get too involved, just post ideas to the thread. :)

As for Beta Testing, if you're willing to do some hardcore Beta Testing / Balancing, I'll sign you up for the team. However, I should note that I think we're going to be making fairly rapid releases to show off what we are doing. So, if you just want to Play Test it, just d/l it when we start releasing. :)

Arceri 08-16-2002 01:30 AM

Well I have time to do more than brainstorm, but I don't really have any experience with anything techincal in JK2 is what I'm saying. I've edited skins, units, and maps in previous games before. But I don't think it can really qualify as knowledge on how to do anything in JK2. Since every game is different from that stance, knowing something on one game is knowing nothing in another.

And yeah I'd be willing to do hardcore beta testing and balancing, if you need me.

Arceri 08-16-2002 01:31 AM

Ugh double posts. I'm sleepy. :(

razorace 08-16-2002 01:53 AM

oh, ok. Well, we don't care if you're a JK2 Modding newbie, we are too. Everyone has to start somewhere. How about you look over the available positions and DD and pick out what you'd like to help with Then just give me a PM and I'll get you set up. :) Me and Sonic are thinking that the Force Powers will the easist to do and therefore will be done first. As such, if you want to, you could look into creating some models of "ordinary" SW objects for us to sprinkle into some of the maps for the TK (telekenetic) Power.

I'm glad you willing to help. :)

Razor Ace

SPY_jmr1 08-16-2002 03:36 AM

quick idea: re, gun addons: would it help to make the addons a invintory(sp?late) item? now, before you jump on me, I dont know jack about Q3 coding, other then the 16 weapon limit...

I have heard this might be hacked, is this yes/no/maybe/ok, kinda thing?

also, I have some people I know, who map, and one guy for animations... you want me to put you togeather? or what?

th eonly problem, nither of them do much in the forums... hmm... anyway, it looks cool sofar!:D

doh, I know what I forgot.

if you are tweeking the guns, I would like to see somthing added that has been lacking in all SW games so far.


gun clips that is, just think: having to reload your gun/let it cool... this could balence some of them vs sabers right there... would you spam alt rep fire if it took 3 secs to reload that nade lonucher? and I KNOW the e-11 has a 15 rould clip...

the only problem, there are not any animations for this... you would either have to make them, or just have the gun lower/rise out of sight... and hear the sound. it cant be hard to code, many Q3 games do this...

one thing thats harder to do, but would rock, is to have random/heat buildup jamming... americas army does this very well... it does not happen often, but often enough to need a key bound...

anywya, I've been talking to long, I shuld so to bed now... late... night, and hope to hear good things about the above ideas

razorace 08-16-2002 04:16 AM

Sorry, I haven't explored the possibly of weapon addons yet. It all depends on how the game handles weapons. If a each stance on the saber counts as a "weapon" the we probably can't do much if the game has a 16 "weapon" limit. If the game counts the different modes of a gun as one "weapon" we should be able to do a lot of stuff with it. :)

YES! Get them in contact with me ASAP! We can use all the help we can get :)

Clips are a great idea! I'll add to it the DD. I was considering it for the missile launcher (which fires WAY TOO quickly) but didn't think to apply it to the other weapons. I imagine we'll just do a quick "gun disappears" trick so we don't have to create new animations to do it. I'm really worried that truely new animations will be next to impossible to create without the motion capture equipment and software. If that turns out to be true the Mod will limited by that.

And yes, the Repeater secondary is planned to have much less ammo and have a "wind-up" period and sound. I envision it as a sort of energy gernade launcher so I'm trying to balance it to be like one. :)

As for gun jamming, I have two issues:

A. How can a plasma based weapon jam without exploding?
B. Do Star Wars weapons jam at all?

In real life, jams aren't THAT big of an issue, guns aren't complicated enough to realistical jam hard enough to be hard to unjam. Jams are the result of a casing not ejecting or loading correctly. The problem is that SW guns are not based on a casing system so they simply can't "jam" in the way our guns do. If you can figure out how a SW gun could jam we could probably add it to the game. :)

You know, if you're interested enough and have the time you could work as a weapons designer for the Mod. I'm mainly interested in the saber design and I don't use the guns enough in the game to really know how to balance them vs. other gunners. :) As of now, I haven't even touched any of the weapons in the DD except for the repeater and the saber. We need to work out a gun / force point system (that may or may not be linked) for the Stage One implimentation.

razorace 08-16-2002 05:49 AM

Random Ideas
Random Ideas are now stored with the Design Document, here.

SPY_jmr1 08-17-2002 01:30 AM

sure, I would go for the weapon designer spot, but like I said, I know less than jack about programing... but tons about how things should act/balence...

re, jams: hmm point on the plasma weapons... but remember in JKII you have 2 guns that use a metal bolt clip(real ammo) and a rocket gun... the repeater shoots real bullets, a jam is not out of the question... for the rocket louncher, I am thinking.... right now, there are 2 modes of fire.. dumbfire and homing... both are low risk...perhaps... um... if mind trick is still in, in some form, have it work on the rocets, and have it chage targets randomly at low levers, and at lvl3(or whatever) have it try and seek the shooter...

ohh... that sounds cool:D have push still affect it, but only shove it off course perhaps...this could get interesting...

other idea, leave the rate of fire, wait for it... but have it, so that the more rounds you fire fast, with out leting it cool, makes it start to increse the chance that the next round you shoot will blow up in your face...

damn, thats evil too:D

also, I send you a PM about this... I got some names.

razorace 08-17-2002 02:49 AM


re, jams:
Good points. So what is the repeater then if it fires real bullets? Real bullets travel much faster than that AND even a jedi couldn't deflect a spray of real bullets...

As for the rocket launcher, I was thinking that it would make sense if we seriously limited the reload speed and ammo. And maybe change the homing mode to a lazer guided or guided missile mode to make it more realistic.

ohh... that sounds cool have push still affect it, but only shove it off course perhaps...this could get interesting...
My thoughts exactly, I think force push or Dodge should instead of reversing the missile rotate it off course depending on your TK skill. And the pure TK Mode could actually manuver the missile around just like any other object. Say Push = (25% deflection Level 1; 45% level 2 90% level 3) and TK = (none level 1, 50% slow down in missile speed Level 2; 100% stop Level 3) So, if you caught the missile with TK you could throw the missile against the shooter or another person.

I think that's a great idea for the better guns. (practical and a realistic explaination why not everyone has they in Star Wars. :) However, I imagine you'd have to set it so you'll not risk blowing up your gun unless you continuously fire the gun thru multiple clips without pause (No one would use a gun that explodes all the time. :)

ASk 08-17-2002 05:38 AM

Let's say this:

As long as it does not touch Ghoul (i.e. saber and animations) I'm ok with it.

The problem is, I do not know how much free time I will have from september 1st.

But things like weapon changes, general prog, I can do them


oh and also, just for you to know, the wall walking is now treated like a jump with a modified animation AND a chance to jump to side (aka flip from the wall)

[more edit]

Lightsaber is one weapon. The stances are treated like different values of one variable (for example similar to this):
if(pm-ps.right>0 && pm->ps.forward>0) //moving right-forward
if( stance==1) //light

else if(stance==2)
etc etc
(code is only an example, actual names will differ of course)

razorace 08-17-2002 04:47 PM

ok, great!

I don't think we intend to mess with the Ghoul 2 system, just interface with it's output.

Thxs for the info on Wall Walk and the weapons. That means we should be able to impliment weapon addons or a more controllable Wall Walk. Excellent!

Thanks Ask and welcome to the team!

Razor Ace

JediCrow 08-17-2002 05:07 PM

I would love to hardcore beta-test your mod. My email is -edited out-. I'm not on ICQ or AIM, but I could get one of those if I had to. I do get on IRC alot, though. I really like the idea of the clash versus the lock (as a matter of fact I turn off locks when I play against bots), and the other ideas in your DD sound like a blast to play.

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