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Redwing 12-22-2002 05:24 AM

Cantina Six: Postlude to Holocaust Part II
What has gone before

Less than a week ago, four-fifths of the known galaxy's intelligent life died instantly when torpedoes detonated the hearts of their stars. All major planets were destroyed, with the sole exception of Coruscant.

The remains of the galaxy reeled in the aftermath. On Coruscant, the remnant of the major powers hastily consolidated their forces. The more corrupt factions of the crumbled Republic forged an alliance with the Imperial Remnant to create the New Imperial Republic. The NIR quickly cemented their power, incorporating the remnants of the New Republic Senate, Cracken's Imperial Council, and other surviving factions of the Empire into itself. Anyone opposing their control was declared part of the Aesirian Alliance that had destroyed the stars, and might be coming for Coruscant next. The panicked public quickly accepted the new government in exchange for the idea that they might have some new measure of safety.

The story was based partially in truth. A highly advanced race of long-lived humans as old as the New Republic called the Aesir had unleashed the torpedoes in a last-ditch attempt to force the Dark Lord of the Sith Cracken to release their leader Odin. Without Odin, the Aesir had no way to continue to contain the forces of darkness they had held back for millenia. Their torpedoes had two purposes; if they failed to gain the release of their leader...they would afford most of the galaxy a painless death.

A single Jedi, Quhn Vaas, bought Coruscant's survival with his life, using his power to blow the Aesir out of the system.

Four days after the Galactic Holocaust, a dark, mysterious man called "T" manipulated a small but unusual group together. Orthos Darkiller, conflicted son of two fathers possessing a powerful supernatural avatar; Heimdall, son of Odin, an Aesir (now Vanir) posing as a Corellian trader; Raschel Sheire, an old friend of Orthos and a former New Republic Intelligence agent; Misae Arjas, emotionally disturbed apprentice of the dead Quhn Vaas; Irvine, young son of Cracken and heir to his power; Alys, a Force adept bounty hunter and unbeknownst to her, daughter of Cracken; Halren Flax, high-level New Republic Colonel; Marin, a girl escaping from another dimension, a shapeshifting "water-breather"; Aidan, her gargoyle friend with a strange lightning-like ability; and Josine, a strange girl who had recently killed her entire immediate family by mere accident.

The group was chased off Coruscant by the Imperials. On the base of Freedon VII, one of the last New Republic strongholds, their numbers dwindled. Alys left shortly after Misae refused to train her in the Jedi arts. Josine, overwhelmed by the events, drugged herself into a coma.

A mysterious group calling themselves the Shadows hailing from Aidan and Marin's dimension arrived on Freedon VII to retrieve the two. Heimdall's intervention stopped them just in time, but no sooner did the Shadows leave than Imperials arrived, attacking the fortress.

A mysterious Shadow calling himself "Guy", a man apparently driven by the ominous visions he received, intervened and helped save the group. Orthos' formerly evil father, Lord Syrnl, arrived to finish the defeat of the Imperials. Halren Flax parted ways with the group, his mission accomplished. Guy took the injured Orthos to a medical facility along with Raschel, while Heimdall took Marin, Aidan, and Misae to the last surviving planet of the Aesir, Midgard, to let Heimdall's brother examine a key with an inscription bearing a strange prophecy. Irvine joined Syrnl to help track down Orthos' evil brother, Lokiphet.

Two ominous prophecies were uncovered by Heimdall's brother.

Ragnarok impure,
Gotterdammerung has occured,
Doom has come early that should not have
Aesir, now Vanir deprived of All-Father
Death of stars shall reveal
One tool that alone
Can destroy destiny or set it right
To find, seek:
Ten keys
Seven gates
Fire, Eye, and Ice
Wake the Wolf unlocked from its tomb
All the legions of Asgard cannot twist time, but a silver ball will.

Quest must be undertaken,
By the progeny of the dead, and their friends
If not, all will come to a terrible end.
The wolf Fenrir has been unleashed
Will complete the destruction that has begun
Twenty two years and he will be done.

Guy, prompted by eerie visions and spurred by something else that he couldn't understand, took Raschel and Orthos to Midgard. To the final assembled group was revealed the quest they would need to undertake.

An ancient legend told of a device called the Time Matrix, a silver sphere with the power to twist and alter time and space. With this device, the Holocaust could be averted, and the forces of darkness stopped.

In the meantime, Fenrir and the Jotuns, ancient evil beings of immense power, have been freed and begun their onslaught on the galaxy.

The group leaving the last stronghold of the Aesir numbers only eight. Yet the fate of the galaxy rests on their shoulders...

Admiral 12-22-2002 11:59 AM

*The Asgardreid arrives at Fenrir's holding cell. A station, that from it's outward appearance looked like nothing had happened. The ship landed in the Stations hangar. Heimdall exited the bridge, and went to the group*

Heimdall: We have arrived at Fenrir's tomb. Fenrir was kept at the center of this station. Be prepared for carnage, if you wish to stay in the ship we'll understand.

Kuuki 12-22-2002 03:48 PM

*The red haired Irvine arrives at the Old Jedi Council on Couresant*

Irvine: "Damn. This is too errie. Years have gone by, this place is dark and gloomy."

*Irvine sits in a seat once used buy a council member, he starts to meditate. And tries to communicate with the dead...*

Irvine: <Masters whom fought and died, young and the old. Masters of the light side, I seek guidence...>

Redwing 12-23-2002 06:19 AM

Marin: Fenrir's looks like a...

Aidan: Like a stylized space station.

Raschel: What exactly is this "Fenrir" anyway? Yeah, monster, extremely powerful, intelligent, loves death and destruction, pure evil, etc. But what is he. How is he, or it, going to pull off destroying the universe?

((Admiral, check your PMs, in case you haven't lately))

Deac 12-23-2002 09:23 AM

Carnage? I can handle carnage. Don't forget I'm half Darkstar.

Admiral 12-23-2002 02:41 PM

Idun: Appearances can be decieving.

Heimdall: Fenrir can not be easily described. Perhaps showing you would be better. On the way to the center their is a monitoring station. We will stop there and you can see him for yourself.

*lowering the boarding ramp, they exit out into the hangar. Bodies are all over the place. Most of them are missing body parts. Blood is every where. At the base of the boarding ramp is the upper body of a Beserk. Heimdall looks towards the doors leading into the station. Both are bent toward him, one has a large chunk of it missing with bit marks around the side.*

Heimdall: This my dear is how Fenrir will destroy the galaxy.

Kuuki 12-23-2002 04:52 PM

deac, so, uh , not doing anythign with syrnl? :D

Redwing 12-23-2002 06:17 PM

Raschel: *staring at the bodies* Where did he come from?

*Misae does nothing but stare at the bodies as she walked through them, emotionless*

Aidan: The hell...

*Guy cocks the rifle he's carrying nervously*

Admiral 12-23-2002 06:57 PM

Heimdall: A long time ago, there was a man named Loki. He came to Asgard, and we welcomed him. In time he basically became one of us. However in reality he never was. He hated anything good, and despised anything that brought joy to people. Loki was evil, but he managed to hide it. One day in secrete he slipped into the Jotuns world and there found a mate that went by the name of Angrboda. Angrboda and Loki are the parents of Fenrir both evil, the father being the worst.

Fenrir has a brother and sister no less evil, and slightly less powerful. We found Fenrir and tried to make him good but to no avail. Each passing day he grew and became stronger and also more evil. When then bound him and brought him here where he was to wait until the end of time.

*Idun, goes to body to body wishpering something*

Kuuki 12-23-2002 09:07 PM

um a little help here, I need someone to play a dead jedi for me, so i can at least do something. Im not going to keep making temp characters for myself, cus its a really becoming a drag when all I am doing is RPGing with myself, and not interacting with people...

Redwing 12-23-2002 11:08 PM

*Guy looks at some of the bodies strewn about, and is suddenly hit with visions. He sees flashes of an enormous maw and huge, bloody teeth. He winces with the impact of the visions and staggers back*

*Aidan senses something behind him. He whips his head around, only to see nothing. He then senses something rushing around them, but looks around frantically to see nothing*

Evil is still alive and well here. We should not have come...

Marin: "Ten keys, seven gates"...look out for anything that resembles a gate.

Raschel: A man fathered something like...Fenrir? How is that possible?


*Footsteps sound in the hall behind the red haired Irvine. A man walks in the Council chamber, his boots disturbing the dust settled over the gray floor. With his style of dress and long flowing black coat he looks completely out of place in the ancient temple*

What are you doing here, Irvine? Why do you seek the guidance of the dead?

Admiral 12-23-2002 11:20 PM

Heimdall: Many things are possible in this galaxy. Many things that seem possible can happen. Also Loki could change his shape...

I think we need to go to the room Fenrir was held captive in. It's down that corridor.

*Heimdall walks towards Fenrir's holding cell. Idun keeps tending to the bodies*

Kuuki 12-23-2002 11:35 PM

heh, thanks red, it was getting to be a drag :\

RH Irvine: "Like it mattered anyway. They didnt answer... I feel as if Im the only Jedi Left, rather I do feel a few presences left in the galaxy, I cant tell who they are alligned with. However now I feel this great evil presence out there..."

*Red haired Irvine turns finally to see who approched him...*

RH Irvine: "You know my name, how ever I dont know yours... May I ask whom you are? Wait I just did..." *Smiles*

Redwing 12-24-2002 03:57 AM

Man: What are you doing here, Irvine? How do you hope to find guidance when you are blind to the galaxy around you? Look below you, Irvine...

*Outside the Jedi Council window, patrols of Imperial walkers can be seen making their rounds around the city below*


*A few parsecs outside of the Coruscant system, a strange looking recovery operation was taking place among the asteroid field newly created by the debris of the Crimson Star. A contigent of ships methodically scanned and mapped the area, nimbly darting among the asteroids like coral reef fish. Inside one of the larger ships a man dressed in a strange-looking black and gray uniform, with a chest insignia of an axe blade with a sword thrust through it walks up to a similarly dressed woman with an officer's insignia in front of a monitor*

Man: We found the teleporter core. *places a canister on the counter. Inside is a glowing dark blue orb with lighter blue cords of color twisting and running through it*

Woman: He is dead then.

Man: We think the safety mechanism either failed...or was deactivated by the holder.

Woman: From what I've read in Rwos' file, probably the latter...

Man: What do you make of this? This carnage?

Woman: I don't know...but I, and the High Council, intend to find out.


*The group passes a room*

Raschel: Is that the monitoring station? *looks half distastefully, half horrified at the dead body blocking half the door and pushes it aside*

Admiral 12-24-2002 10:14 AM

Heimdall: Yes that is a monitoring station. If you want I can show you what happened once Fenrir was freed.

Kuuki 12-24-2002 11:56 AM

*Irvine stands up, and looks...*

RH Irvine: "You should know that those Stormtroopers aren't the bestly trained in the metal department. I knew of them... How ever I hardly think that even the least witted person wouldn't know about what happened, of course... It's just, If I am nearly the sole survivor, who else would have to rebuild the Jedi order?"

*the red haired Irvine suddenly senses his clone and Synrl, not too far away...*

RH Irvine: "Those two I sense now... Who are they?"

Deac 12-24-2002 12:25 PM

*Orthos almost vomits when he sees the destruction*

Even Syrnl could not do this...this kind of evil is beyond even the Darkstar...I think the Starkiller was destinted to help destroy this at Ragnarok and the battle of the gods...


*The Pheonix hypers out at the edge of Coruscant*

Syrnl: Irvine to the bridge...

Admiral 12-24-2002 01:59 PM

Heimdall: Now you begin to understand what we have kept contained. What you see before you is a twisted form of Ragnarok.

You will have to ask my brother Vidar whether or not Starkiller is involved with the Ragnarok that we are supposed to fight in.

*Entering the monitoring station, Heimdall goes to a terminal, and looks through the records. Finding the appropiate one he puts it up on the main monitor, and turns up the speakers*

Heimdall: This is what happened on that day.

*Heimdall hits the play button.

On the monitor it shows Fenrir bound in what looked like a silken chain. He was in a room that had four doors leading into it. His eyes seethed anger, and if you looked into them you could see pure evil staring back.

Without warning the fetters holding Fenrir broke. A warning siren sounded and 100 Einherjar rushed into the room. Twenty-Five entering through each of the four doors. Once in they surrounded the wolf, and The area was sealed. The Doors shut with a clang. Fenrir appeared to have smiled seeing the Warriors.

At once the brave warriors rushed the wolf, at first it seemed as Fenrir was succumbing to their attacks. However, he was just playing with them. He stood throwing off those that managed to get atop of him. He gripped one warrior in his gaping maw and tosses him into a group of Einherjar. Fenrir moved quickly, faster then any warrior has ever gone before. He took delight in ripping arms off, throwing men so hard against the wall that their bones shattered from the impact. The Einherjar made no sound during this masacre each wore a grim face. They never gave up even though they knew it was hopeless. Even the ones mortally wounded, those who were missing limbs still raised their weapons until their strenght finally left them. When Fenrir was finished with the warriors, blood dripped from the walls, bodies were ever where, limbs littered the floor detached from their owners. Fenrir's lower jaw dripped with the blood of the dead, during all of this he was not injured. He walks around the room picks a door and runs at it. Jumping upon the door he rips it off the wall.

On the other side he meets a contigent of Beserks.Facing them he give a blood curdling howl. He does the same to them as he did to the Einherjar. The Doors he encountered he would tear asunder sometimes biting through them. The Camerea tracked Fenrir through the station as he went to every corridor and room hunting down the last of the Beserks. Howling every once in a while.

The Camera then turns to the face of a beserk in the very room the group was in now.

Beserk: I'm sorry lord, we have failed you. Fenrir has broken our defenses. We are all that remain, I'm sending this to warn you and the galaxy of his escape. We will delay him as long as we can.

The Beserks leave the room to look for Fenrir. They did not have to look far he was in the corridor heading to them. Running he decapitates on of he beserks. Another bloody melee takes place. The warrior who spoke was the last one alive. Fenrir threw him at the door where he slumped. He tryed to raise his sword and gun in a last desperate attmept to do his duty. However his strenght had failed him. Fenrir approaches the beserk slowly. Stepping on his legs crushing them, trying to make the Beserk scream out in pain. Fenrir then proceeded to torture the dying warrior, ripping off limbs, and crushing bones. However, the Beserk never gave Fenrir the satisfaction of making a noise as he was tortured and when death came the only thing he did was smile. Fenrir let lose another howl, and with the last remaining person on the station dead, the wolf went to the hangar. Taking a supply ship he left. The recording then went through different corriodors showing the death and destruction, left in Fenrir's wake.*

Kuuki 12-24-2002 03:35 PM

*Irvine arrives at the bridge...*

WH Irvine: "So, whats the plan?"

Redwing 12-25-2002 03:57 AM

As I thought. He is careless, never really living in the world around him. It matters not, however. His destiny lies not here...but...

*The man raises an eyebrow and smiles* Your speech pattern is hard for me to understand. Something both of you have in common.


*Halfway through the recording, Raschel cannot watch anymore. She turns her eyes away, a tear running down her cheek. The others stare in horrified silence*

Guy: This is like nothing I have ever seen much more monstrous...

*Aidan starts to say something but stops*

*Misae's eyes harden and her mask seems to become thicker*

Kuuki 12-28-2002 06:57 AM

RH Irvine: "Both? Sorry but i hardly think your seeing double." 'What is he talking about my speech? I speak just fine...'

Redwing 12-28-2002 10:48 AM

Man: *smiles* Yes...both.

Kuuki 12-29-2002 05:36 AM

RH Irvine standing up: "Okay, who are you? And that the hell are you talking about?"

Deac 12-29-2002 08:12 AM

How are we to defeat this thing? Even my power may not be enough?

Admiral 12-29-2002 08:44 AM

Heimdall: Fenrir cannot be defeated, at least not by any of us. Vidar was destined to kill him, only after Fenrir killed Odin.

On the last day, when all the forces of good and evil will meet for a final battle. Fenrir will seek out Odin, and Odin will seek out Fenrir. The two will battle each other for a long time. Eventually Fenrir will overcome the Allfather and kill him. At that moment Vidar will step forward and grip Fenrir's jaw. Placing one foot on the wolf's lower jaw and gripping his upper jaw with his hand Vidar will rip Fenrir asunder.

Idun: When Fenrir kills Odin, something happens to Vidar to increase his already immense strength. Also special boots and gloves will protect Vidar from the teeth as he grips Fenrir's jaw. However, since Odin was not killed by Fenrir and since he was killed to soon Vidar cannot defeat the wolf.

Heimdall: This is pointless since we are not here to defeat Fenrir. We are here to stop the holocaust and prevant him from being released by finding the Time Matrix. Come the room where he was kept is only a little farther away.

*Heimdall and Idun leave the room and head to Fenrir's holding chamber.*

Redwing 12-29-2002 01:37 PM

Man: It doesn't matter who I matters who you are. Listen carefully. The two persons whom you sense have just arrived on Coruscant looking for a Sith lord. Find these three, and you will find also the answers which you seek. But I warn you, they may not be what you expect.

*The man turns and walks away, fading and vanishing like a mist as he leaves the Temple chambers*


Aidan: *low voice to Marin, before leaving the room* Well, they're going to be no help in beating this thing, if it comes to that. I'd start thinking of ideas.

Marin: What if their idea's true?

Aidan: What if it's not? Even if they're right, we don't have to figure out how to kill Fenrir. Even immortals can be beaten, you know that.

Marin: Maybe...Fenrir can beat Fenrir...

Aidan: What?

Marin: I'll explain later.

Raschel: *to Idun, sympathetically* What are you saying to the dead bodies?

Admiral 12-29-2002 02:21 PM

Idun: I'm thanking them for their sacrifice, and giving them my oath that their death will not be for nothing. I'm telling them that they did much more then their duty required, and that the Allfather would be proud of them. Finally I give them last rites and place a rune upon their foreheads.

The dead are not necessarily lifeless.

*Heimdall enters the chambers, smiling at what Marin and Aidan were talking about. He goes to the center of the room and picks up the silken chain that bound Fenrir. Torn it was still in large enoough pieces that it may prove useful.*

Heimdall: We are in luck Gleipnir, is still in long enough segments that me may use it later on.

*Going towards the childern, he hands them a small piece of the soft chain*

Heimdall: What do you think of this. The more you strain the stronger it becomes.

Kuuki 12-29-2002 03:12 PM

RH Irvine smiling: "I understand."

*RH Irvine turns to take one last look at the temple chambers, and leaves in a flash... Dodging Stormtrooper patrols, getting closer to an Airfield...*

Didnt I name WH Irvine's frieghter that in the beginning of the rpg?

RH Irvine: 'Okay, I get to these two first, they are close together, and they are looking for the thrid, so my chances of getthing in contect with all three is larger...' *Smiles, then gets a determined expression* 'Still, what did he mean about both of us?? Another person? A Sibling?' "Nah, I doubt it..."

*Meanwhile in the bridge of the Phineox...*

WH Irvine : "Syrnl..." 'I sense someone... not Lokpehit...' "I am starting to feel a presence of another... Who do you think it could be??"

Redwing 12-29-2002 06:25 PM

Marin: *taking the piece and tugging on it* Magically altered?

Aidan: *gives Marin a "why-are-you-touching-that" look* Marin...*something catches his eye* Hold on a minute...the walls. Those runes...they just moved.

Marin: Moved?

Aidan: I swear, one of those runes just changed.

Deac 12-30-2002 05:07 AM

*Orthos looks at the chain and the death and sees what could have been a part of him. Halfway across the galaxy Syrnl stares at Coruscant. *

Syrnl: Begin the attack

Kuuki 12-30-2002 03:26 PM

WH Irvine: "What the hell are you talking about Syrnl? I thought we were here just for Lokpehit!"

Redwing 12-30-2002 06:55 PM

((OOS: Syrnl has a crew on his ship, you know ;) by the way, why exactly did Coruscant give permission for an Imperial Star Destroyer to land in a docking bay?

edit: nm))

Raschel: *to Orthos, staring grimly at the bodies littereed around the room* All this carnage...blood...death...I can't bring myself to imagine something could do this. Sure, I've seen death...plenty of death...but this...not like this. And the thing that did this is supposedly being unleashed on the galaxy at this very moment...and we're looking for something I'm not sure I believe exists...

Marin: Hey, I didn't notice that. There's runes all over this room... *takes out the key and keyholder* they look like the runes on this.

Guy: *comes up behind them, holding a shred of Gleipnir* Yes. They're in a pattern all over the room. In fact, you're stepping on one.

*Marin moves her foot. One of the runes is indeed there*

Aidan: ...Wait. Step on that again.

*Marin steps on the rune again with a questioning look, and one of the runes on the wall changes character*

Aidan: It's a puzzle.

*Aidan looks around the room, finds another rune on the floor, and steps on it. Another rune changes* I don't suppose you can read these, Aesir?

Admiral 12-30-2002 08:50 PM

Heimdall: The Blood and bodies hide many of the runes. My father had them inscribed when the station was first built. Currently the Runes read: Only the wise shall pass.

Obviously to gain...

*Heimdall is interupted by a booming voice*

Voice: Why do you disturbe the rest of the slain?

Idun: We seek a device to set right Gotterdammerung.

Voice: Long has what you seek been hidden and kept safe from fools. Only the wise will be allowed access to it. To proceed you must prove your wisdom.

Idun: How shall...

*At the far end of the room one of the few fully intact bodies begins to move. The body of the dead Einherjar stands*

Voice: To prove your wisdom you must answer seven questions. If you fail to answer a question correctly then you will lose your head.

Idun: What is the first question.

Voice: Ancient this universe is, much that once was known has long be forgotten. What is the name of the race that created the device you seek?

Redwing 12-31-2002 12:02 AM

Aidan: I told you there was something else here...

Guy: The Ellimists. The Ellimists created the Time Matrix, according to the that the answer?

Deac 12-31-2002 08:56 AM

*Orthos stays silent. He does not know this lore*

Admiral 12-31-2002 10:02 PM

*The Voice ignores the answer and asks another question*

Voice: Long has good and evil fought. Where will the final battle be fought?

Idun: Ragnarok will be fought on the plains of Vigrid.

Voice: Three there once was, now only one remains. Give the names of all of the ones who know the future, past and persant in this galaxy.

Heimdall: Their names are Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.

Voice: Not all are from this dimension. Name two powers that are not from this dimension?

Redwing 01-01-2003 03:32 AM

Marin: Uh, ...magic?

Guy: I think it means something different...magic's more of a concept. The Fey. The Titans. The Oracles. Umm...Oberon's Children. The Styx Daemons. C'mon, at least two of those have to fit the "powers from another dimension criteria".

Aidan: What kind of questions are these? This is dependent on our knowledge, not our wisdom.

Voice: *ignoring Aidan* Many and varied have been the powers in the war between good and evil. Not all of them have stayed separate from the mortal world. Name the powers that Lokiphet and the son of Furro created.

Admiral 01-01-2003 07:49 AM

*the dead warrior approaches Marin and raises his weapons. Only Guy's quick response stopped him*

Idun: Careful what you say, if your not sure don't answer. Knowledge and wisdome are often closely related. A wise person has much knowledge.

Deac 01-02-2003 05:34 AM

*Orthos immediatley answers*

Lokpihet, God of Hatred forged the Darkstar in his blade. Alminstar, son of Furro, became the Starkiller. They are from the world of Mrear. They are their Avatars.

[Above (C) 2003 Deac. Copyers will be damned]


Syrnl: I feel it is time to show this empire it's folly. And you didn't think the Pheonix was the only one of it's kind? It's just the first

*Four other ISD3's drop out of hyperspace*

Here we have the Seraphim, The Ragnarok, The Furro and...the Deac...

*Syrnl's face fills with sadness at remembering his brother*

Admiral 01-02-2003 05:56 AM

Voice: Long ago this device was hidden. Why was it hidden?

Idun: It was to powerful, and could do untold harm in the wrong hands.

Voice: Why do you seek this blasphamous device?

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