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mymipage 02-14-2003 06:35 PM

Welcome everyone
Welcome all to the new Fan Stuff Board :) Here you can talk about Fan Art, Wallpaper, Games, Poems (heh), Articles and anything else you make yourself to do with MI. You can submit your fan stuff to the BSBC and the SCUMM Bar and then here's the place to come and talk and comment on it ;)

I'm not good with opening speechs but..ahhh...Welcome :)

- SCUMM Bar -

pHILBRUSH 05-12-2003 06:08 PM

Thankyou. I really enjoy this page. ish.


balert 01-31-2004 04:15 PM


I think in the next game Lechuck should be a ghost aggain and not be stupid. hoe about you:uzi2: :snip2:

Fealiks 08-07-2004 03:42 PM

WOW!!!! COOOL!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited!!! *quickly changes expression to more serious one due to baffled faces*

*Ahem* uh... yeah, right, fan... stuff, *ahem* that's uh.. decent. Yeah... decent *Cautiously walks out backwards with on eyebrow raised*

DeadEyeDave 11-22-2004 08:46 AM

Joshi 11-23-2004 02:27 AM

What was the point in that?

scumm local 02-22-2005 11:04 AM

right if i had any mi stuff id be home by now hey but do have my own neat pointless site

ps i ran outta money to keep the old good site lenth but on google it will give you my invalid link (or it should)

scumm local 02-22-2005 11:05 AM

yay it actually turned into link mode(a crap forum i used to go on did not)

Alien426 02-22-2005 08:47 PM

1. click Post Reply
2. write text
3. read text
  - check grammar
  - check spelling
  - check punctuation
  - modify if necessary [in your case it will be]
4. click Preview Reply
5. re-read text
  - check grammar, spelling, punctuation
  - modify if necessary
  - click Preview Reply again if necessary
6. click Submit Reply

7. earn respect if post is useful

Reek Threepwood 01-20-2006 06:37 PM

Here a 13 year MI fan. Hope I'll be well received here!

Largo LaGrande 02-28-2006 08:55 AM

I have been a Monkey Island fan ever since I first played Monkey Island 2 on my Amiga 600 and I have continued to complete it over and over again. The Scumm Bar and The International House of Mojo are me and my friends most favourite Monkey Island fan sites. We have used the Lucas forums alot for sometime but we havent been posted anything for a while.

Ben31 04-15-2006 03:34 AM

I'm the biggest Monkey Island fan (in the sense that you won't get anyone bigger) ever! Played the first 2 when i was little (5-8ish) and have continued to play it a lot and now im 14. The greatest games series ever to grace our screens!! As long as theres other people here then i'll be posting regularly..

Artisa 12-06-2013 02:59 PM

First MI fan video!
Uh.... whoops! I posted this in the mixnmojo section of the forums but I think I should've posted it here... :P

*checks* Aaaaand I have no idea how to delete that thread *facepalm*

Okay LOL um, this is the link to the thread where I posted the link to my first fan video! :D Take a look please and thank you! :emodanc:

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