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bgbennyboy 03-09-2003 05:05 AM

Cor UT
Some of us have been playing unreal tournament a lot lately.
Everyone pester Huz to organise some big games at set times.

I am rubbish at it

C Shutt 03-09-2003 05:26 AM

Yes, this needs to happen.

scabb 03-09-2003 07:51 AM

It's as good as organised.

> 7:30pm GMT on Sunday 9th
> 6 or 7 "certain" players - a few more that don't know yet :)
> unreal://
> password: mojo

Oh, and Shutt (and anyone else for that matter)

Come to IRC (#gfnetwork on GamesNET is the official haunt) around 7pm-12am GMT on a Weekend and there'll probably be a few people willing to hop on the server and kill you.

Oh, you'll definitely need Bonus Pack 2, and get the other 3 as well while you're at it, just in case.

psitron 03-29-2003 05:54 AM

I'm unable to make it at that time :(

I'm good for gaming the rest of the weekend though.

I guess I should just join the chan and ask people to kick my hind, eh?

bgbennyboy 03-29-2003 07:04 AM

Heh its been and gone, it was 9th of March.

Gabez 03-29-2003 11:47 AM

And the server's coming down this Sunday. :(

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