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Deac 05-12-2003 04:24 PM

Cantina Part 10: The Dawning
Coruscant is covered in night. Vampires now lay claim to the galaxy's jewel. Orthos Darkstar lies dead, and Deac Starkiller has gone on a mad rampage in revenge for his dead nephew....

Awww hell, no-one new ever joins!


*Deac awakes to see laughing vampires and the sky turned black*

Deac: Well, you have succeeded where Lokpihet could not...but

*Deac feels a familiar prescence come into him...and then another. He activates his sabers, filled with new strength*


*Charges toward Kvana, slashing*

Admiral 05-12-2003 04:37 PM

((Not true Deac. Scar joined, so did Jokemaster and Rouge 15... ;)))

Asgard: Valhalla

*Odin stands on the steps leading to his palace. Behind him stood his family, council members, valkyries and einherjar.*

Heimdall: I see them. Still a good ways away.

Odin: How many are coming here?

Heimdall: Three.

*Odin nods. Finally the drakes had returned Asgard.

A valkyrie hands Odin a small message, a report about the situation on Coruscant. Odin read it then put it in his pocket. He would consider the new developments later*

Cmdr. Cracken 05-12-2003 04:44 PM

*Cracken's speeder his buffeted by high wind. the speeder stalls, and begins to dive, and Cracken sees the walkway approach quickly. He concentrates, and pulls the speeder 180* up, pointing it to the sky, and accelerates it not by propulsion, but by the Force. he levels out, and with the propuslion drive, he get's the speeder to max. Suddenly, the sky goes from clear to black.

Goddamned, he did it. But how did he know they wanted to turn this world into night eternal? he forces that question out of his mind, and continued. 2 minutes until he got there, till he could find this leader and Rwos.*


*Tojo walked onto the bridge, Admiral Karrak bowed, and gave Tojo his report.*

Tojo: The Republic still hasn't responded to our offer of santcuary.
Karrak:No sir. where's Emperor Starr?
Tojo: He sensed Cracken planetside, and has gone to find him.
Karrak: and the heiress?
Tojo: You mean Alys? *he shook his head* still nothing. Bring in the fleet. get them ready to off lift survivors and fleeing citizens.
*Karrak nodded, and looked at his captain. suddenly, the Imperial Fleet appeared out of hyperspace. the Super Star Destroyers Fade, Ess Pire, and Vengance, with the fleet of Star Destroyers stood ready to take refugees.

((Battledog are you gonna let me begin rescue ops for civi's and govnerment officials?))

Rogue15 05-12-2003 07:18 PM

*Kioet recovers after getting a look at Farran*

Kioet to Artemis: Is he going to be ok?

jokemaster 05-12-2003 07:45 PM

((That's right, i think new people come in the beginning of stories, like Catina 8, but in Cantina 9 was the "sequel" to that, and so is this.))
*The Spook was searched for weapons, when they found he had none, the security soldiers told him to wait*
Spook: I'm not going anywhere.

Redwing 05-12-2003 07:53 PM

Ulna Shardes

Artemis: He...I don't get it. He was pratically comatose until a few minutes ago. He's not conscious, but his brain activity is...

*Suddenly, Farran's eyes open. He shoots straight up in his bed*

Farran: The sun!



*Kvana does not react to Deac's attack. One instant, he stands there. The next, Deac's sabers pierce only smoke. The remains of the dark energy that had been there before rise upwards into the sky*

Rwos pulls himself up*

Rwos: What in seven hells...he did it...

*A new presence registers in Rwos' mind. Something---or someone---totally unfamiliar...

Down in the courtyard, the vampires melt away. Most of them, especially the hour-old fledglings, had been totally drained of power*

Captain Wilson 05-12-2003 08:14 PM

((Just to prove you wrong deac, just to prove you wrong...))
Name: Kaildor
Race: Human cyborg (failed experment)
Occupation: Once was a bounty hunter
Carrying: Force sword ((think of it as a light saber thats always on))
:2 bladed blasters
:an old worn trench
:a old picture of a happy family
: C.A.T ((deperrsent))
Bio: A failed cyborg, kaildor has been shuned by all races due to
the flaw in his system. He has been forced to live in the run
down slums of Coruscant, with others that many wished did
not simply exsist. The only reson Kaildor has not lost his mind
is beacuse it is caged in his Processer. He has very slight
force powers, nothing offenfive and nothing and trained jedi
should have aproblem with.

Kaildor stumbaled through the now dead streets of Coruscants slums. he should be dead, the vampire attacks are becoming stronger and more frequent and soon he will not have the strength to carry on.

jokemaster 05-12-2003 08:23 PM

((GASP! someone who's been here for a couple of months proved Deac wrong, go get the camera redwing))

Kuuki 05-12-2003 08:23 PM

*Fused Irvine stands looking at the tower as the planet falls into darkness, still consentrating on his arm.*

Fused Irvine: "Neat trick. Heh." 'Okay, now they can at least could say if they were to bring this world to eternal darkness, they can say it with out stating it as a metaphor...'


*Vertmor stands up then brushs himself off. Noticing his lack of shadow he looks at the sky.*

Vertmor: "Ah ha ha ha ha! Kvana Clare the second! You've done it!" *calming down, talking more softly.* "Now lets see how my gifts are under the black sun..."

*Vertmor walks to the balcony edge, eyes glowing red enugh to light the surounding area. Gritting his teeth, he pulls off his cloak and body armour, soon after he yells in pain as two large wings burst from his backside.*


*RH Irvine notices the quick lighting change, and he changes the external sensors to night vision, but with no luck, after a change to Ultra Violet he can barely see what is where with some help using the force.*

Deac 05-13-2003 02:11 PM

*Deac does nothing, but only moves toward the next nearest Vampire, flowing from his last attack. His sabers move toward Vertmor. Then a voice he has not spoken in leaves his mouth*

Leaving you alive was my only mistake

*Slashes at Vertmor's neck*

Kuuki 05-13-2003 03:06 PM

*Vertmor with his powers highend, he now continues to develop demonic features. He notices Deac and dodges at an incredible speed, he grabs the saber, destorying the front end not knowing his strength yet. Shortly afterwards he grabs deac by the neck, and pounds him up agenst a nearby wall.*

Vertmor: "I remember that voice. It must have been so long ago to you, yet only a few weeks for I. That 'avatar' that posessed that child, now in that body."

*Vertmor peers down at Deac's belt, seeing the other sabers. he takes them with his free hand and crushes them.*

Vertmor: "Exactly, you should have killed me, maybe..."

*Vertmor becomes interupted by the Bone Reaver's blade impaling through the chest, from behind. Screaming, he drops Deac, as the blade is pulled out of the Vampire's backside. When the blade leaves the body, blood pours from it, draining the Vertmor of his own life blood, stright into the Reaver it is absorbed. Another vampire with demonic facal features holds the Bone Reaver, grinning.*

???: *At the body* "Pathetic child, I shouldn't have created you, your too arongant. Then yet again so was I..."

Deac 05-14-2003 03:41 PM

*Deac moves toward the next vampire, sabers ready*

Deac: What are you doing here? And what are you?

Captain Wilson 05-14-2003 04:29 PM

stumbling out the slums kaildor saw a tower dominating his view.
Only one thought passed through his warped mind...
Where is .....the starkiller
His cybernetic eyes saw the world in a host of coour as he changed through vison modes untill he reached Pharmones
Hes processer cross scaned DNA from starkiller. his world turned grey exept for a bright green shape at the top of the tower
starkiller..time to answer..
drawing his sword kaildor begain to move toward the base of the tower

Cmdr. Cracken 05-14-2003 05:02 PM


*Cracken's speeder nears the tower. Doing a fly by, he see's a small way in, but not large enough for his speeder. no matter. he opened the cockpit, wind blowing in his face. he circled around, and lept.

and he fell. and he kept falling. SITHSPIT!!

Suddenly, Cracken dissapeared in a flash, then re-appeared on the balcony he was aiming for. 40 stories up from where he was. amazing. He concentrated, and teleported again to a balcony higher. Cracken smiled, and laughed. Force Speed now has nothing on him. He blew open the door to the balcony with his Ultima power, and lit his lightfoil, and strode in to the tower.*

Captain Wilson 05-14-2003 06:04 PM

Breaking into a full sprint kaildor saw vampires fighting other Figures at the towers base. A handfull of creatures saw him and tried to attack him. Without breaking from his run kaildor swung beheading the first vampire, the 2nd clawed his left cheak spaying blood over its hand before it was severed. Leaping over the other kaildor kept running with 3 vampires in pursuit. About 12 meaters from the wall kaildor jumped and stabbed the tower with his blade. Hanging he drew one of his blasters and shot a small hole in one of the walls, rehosted his pistol and swung over to it draging his sword free from the wall. the pursuing vampire shad started to climb after him. but still only one thourgt filled his mind..
it was going to be along climb and it would be a long way to fall...

Kuuki 05-14-2003 07:47 PM

Vampire: "You don't know me human. But I'm sure that entity that poscess you does. There was once a child who had that in him once, it seemed like an eternity, but yes, I remember that energy like it was a few minutes ago."

*The vampire paces the room in the dark.*

Vampire: "Alas I purposely trapped a portion of my soul onto a plague, and sent it into the heavens so long ago. When I was killed, the rest of my soul rejoined. Sometime later somefool found me, and brought me to this planet, where I remained til Kvana came along. And now I shall remain trapped in this tower forever, a price for my cowardness, unless..."

*As RH Irvine flys past, a quick ray of light perces a few holes in the wall, showing an oddly well dressed Vampire, whom in that brief moment in time he'd seemed to appear 'bat-like'...*

*The Vampire walks over the Vertmor's corpse. He flips the Reaver around on the handle, holding it like a long dagger. Then he strikes the lowerback, bringing the bladeall the way up the back and to the skull. The body levitates as the spine and skull are torn from the body, as it disolves. The Reaver now imbuned the dead vampires power into the blade itself.*

Vampire: "We have to find that weaking brother of his. I want to finish this blade. It'll be the only thing to kill Kvana now with the sun darkened like it is..."


*RH Irvine circles the spire, then he feels his Father close-by. He turns to see a speeder crashing into the wall of the tower, then a man, whom seemed to be jumping fast from one level to another...*

RH Irvine: 'Thats him! It's got to be...'

*RH Irvine pilots the ship up to just above Cracken's level. Then he opens the cargo door, and force jumps onto a balcony. The ship flys away on autopilot to find a suitable landing area on it's own.*

Redwing 05-15-2003 10:33 AM

((OOS: Sorry for delay, was temporarily computer-less. ^^

Cracken: I assume we're talking about the same tower))


*Gilian and Rwos re-enter the top of the tower*

Gilian: Another vampire? *She draws her blade* You should have run with the others while you had the chance.

Rwos: *suddenly realizing* Cracken? What in...

It's definitely Cracken. But what is this? That has to be some sort of magic I'm sensing...else how am I sensing it? But how would Cracken get that kind of power...

*Below the tower, Starr lands his transport. He can sense Cracken, but...different somehow...

He Force leaps into the air, aiming for a path to the top of the tower*


Ulna Shardes

*It took several minutes to calm Farran down. By that time everyone had got the news from the Holonet; the sun over Coruscant was somehow, impossibly, blocked out*

Farran: Magic. It's magic, it has to be.

Artemis: But sir, magic...

Farran: I know! Not in this dimension. But how do you know someone didn't bring it in? Someone like me?

Artemis: Well, of course it's possible... but the amount of power it would take, well...again, possible, but hard to believe.

Farran: I've seen far more unbelievable things in my lifetime.

Artemis: The question remains, what do we do about it?

Farran: We run. Get off this planet, that's what. Get to somewhere less populated, less central to galactic affairs. Somewhere where it's easier to hide.

Artemis: But sir, need I remind you that as far as the galaxy is concerned, Farran Darkholme is dead...along with all the other Imperial Separatist Councilmen, when Starr Hailfire demolished their capital building.

Farran: It isn't the galaxy I'm worried about.

edited because Cracken's not in the same room as Rwos

Deac 05-15-2003 03:37 PM

*Deac looks shocked*

Cracken? Didn't he...I don't even remember....hah. Funny? In the speed of life how you can forget someone so easily...

Now, vampire, whose side are you on?

Kuuki 05-15-2003 06:18 PM

Vampire: "You don't know me human, that that 'voice' does..."

*Sertmor walks in, the tips of his fingers turned to nubs.*

Sertmor: "You killed my brother."

*the Vampire turns and in a flash quicker then Sertmor can react, is as well impaled by the Reaver.*

Sertmor: *dieing words* "It's you... Vora..."

*The vampire lets the blade slide off the body, then he preforms the same ritual on Sertmor as he did on Vertmor.*

Vampire: "You had ocne a sword, called the 'Starkiller'. If you use it agenst Kvana, he'll only laugh at you. His race would be more highly sensitive to this envioment, increasing his powers. Your lucky that I hate Kvana as well."

Deac 05-16-2003 03:41 PM

Deac: I don't need Starkiller anymore. All I need is these *ignites sabers* and to know where Kvana is. However, seeing as you just fragged those two I'll let you live.

Kuuki 05-16-2003 04:09 PM

Vampire: "Fine then, go, use your weapons and die with out ever touching Kvana. Or use this weapon when It is completed to penetrate his dark fields of energy, and kill him. Trust me I know alot more then you do in the matter..." *The vampire fades slightly, then seems whole again.*

Rogue15 05-16-2003 06:42 PM

Kioet: Hey, my suit was damaged, any idea when we can get it repaired?

Kuuki 05-16-2003 07:09 PM

*Bilbringi Maximum Security Prison*

*Jutrok now glowing with supercharged midicholorians, he's physically preapred for something that he just might die in, but at least he'd die fighting. He mentaly prepares for what would wait for him outside...*

Jutrok: 'Might as well do it now, I already sacrified a few years of my life for this... Well, what the heck.'

*The cell door dents, then flys open on its own. Alarms go off, and Jutrok force runs at an emmense speed, dodging repeater fire from turrets and stormtroopers. Jutrok answers to large precentages of the stormtroopers by having them temperately unconscious, allowing Jutrok to pass not shot at, and with out killing anyone in the process.*

jokemaster 05-16-2003 09:06 PM

*The spook was taken to a small room and was told to wait. He waited patiently for someone to interrogate him*

Kuuki 05-17-2003 12:20 PM

*A Woman, dressed in robes and in her mid twenties walks into the room.*

Woman: "Okay, I'd like to ask you a few questions. You don't need to worry about anything. My people just want to know how did you find our place, and any other simple questions that I may ask. Depending on your answers of course. Just answer truthfuly and we'll let you be on your way."

jokemaster 05-17-2003 01:11 PM

Spook: I told you, I'm a merchant, I'm on vacation and I got lost, My hyperdrived suddenly dropped me in the middle of, according to my charts, nowhere.

Deac 05-17-2003 02:02 PM

Deac: You are offering it to me?

Kuuki 05-17-2003 02:19 PM

*The vampire smiles.*

Vampire: "This blade, minus what came from those two, is whats left of my phsyical manifestation. I have fooled so meny, even my children, didn't know I was nothing more then this ghastly form. I'm nothing more then a spirit traped inside a self-levitating blade, making people think its being held."

Cmdr. Cracken 05-17-2003 04:05 PM

Bilbringi Maximum Security Prison

*Alarms blared all around, red lights flashing. The Commendant ran to his command center, and started yelling orders*

Commendant: LOCK DOWN! Close all Blast doors leading to that area! The Elite Guard man battle stations, have all stormtroopers in position! Unleash the Ysalimari!

Officer:Sir, the Ysalimari aren't here yet......

Commendant: WHAT!? fine, we'll constain te situation. release gas. kill him if you can't take him alive!

*Jutrok ran through the halls, when a blast door started to come down ahead of him. The slamming of heavy, meter thick blast doors clanged as they came down. Gas started to fill the corridors.*

Redwing 05-17-2003 04:10 PM

((Okay...fully back online now (I hope) ^_^))


Gilian: And we're supposed to believe you have our best interests in mind?

Rwos: The energy that was protecting Kvana wasn't his own magic. It was a effect of the spells he was casting, using a separate energy source.

Gilian: The magic books were protecting him. Protection of that kind doesn't last -he only used it for a few minutes. So what you just said about the blade being the only thing that can kill him was a lie.

*Rwos' comlink buzzes*

Rwos: We're leaving now. *to Deac* You can accept this ghost's offer if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it...


*Starr finally reaches Cracken. He stops dead at the sight.

Something was different about his master. To Starr's senses, there seemed to be a pale, translucent white energy field around and inside him. The field was pulsing, changing...melting through every pore of his body like liquid metal. There was also something about if it was counting down to*

What in the Force...


Ulna Shardes

Farran: We may not have all the materials, but I'll try.

Artemis: *pulling Farran aside* We're taking him with us?

Farran: Yes, why not? Like us, he has nowhere else to go. Also there's something about him...



*The former site of the demolished Cantina*

*Huge, alien construction droids are constructing a building on the site. The top looks like old Cantina, except larger...and with extensive underground construction going on as well.

The woman with the business suit stood watching. Two disguised Shadows stood on either side of her*

Woman: How goes it?

Shadow: On schedule, Ms. Aren.

Woman: Good. Security?

Shadow: Maximum. No breaches yet. A few suspicious observers, but no one...

Woman: Good. Remember, we want the original building completely restored to its original capacity. It's what's below it that will be different. *She turns to look at the mostly-rebuilt Cantina* A dimensional vortex on a little dustball in a godforsaken galaxy like this? Who would have thought...

Cmdr. Cracken 05-17-2003 04:16 PM


*Cracken sees Starr leap up into the level he was on infront of him. He smiled. He's gotten stronger, though leader isn't suited for him. He sighed slightly. You still have much to learn, young one... much to learn...*

Well, hello Starr, nice to see your in good form. Shall we crash teh party inside?
*Cracken turned, and launched an Ultima blast at the door, blowing it in. as smoke cleared, Cracken walked defiantly into the room. he looked around. The vampire leader isn't here. He pointed his lit lightsaber at Rwos,*

I need to talk to you. The Devastator is in orbit, it's no longer safe on the Imperial Center.

Redwing 05-17-2003 04:32 PM

Rwos: Cracken...what are you talking about?

Gilian: Who are you?

Cmdr. Cracken 05-17-2003 04:45 PM

The Imperial Center is no longer safe, do you have trouble hearing? Have you looked outside lately? have you been outside. Vampires are roaming the city. It won't be long until they have the planet under there control.
*Cracken looks at Gilian* you, you're a vampire, are you not? In case you must know, i'm the Emperor of the Imperial Remnant.

*He looks at Rwos* Why haven't you kiled this one yet? No matter, we'll talk about it later. Starr, call down the transports.

Kuuki 05-17-2003 04:46 PM

*Jutrok force runs stright into the blast door, creating a fairly good dent in it. He notices the gas beginning to fill the now enclosed room.*

Jutrok: *to a monitor* "What a shame, most people call the force boundless. I call it not only that but much more, how ever there is still alot of physical limitations, thats why I'm unleashing powers beond my poetental. I bid you farewell..."

*Jutrok puts both hands on the blast doors, and forces them open. He continues to waste more of his life energy getting to a hanger, and stealing a shuttle capable of hyperspace flight, so he can get to Coruscant...*


*RH Irvine reaches Starr.*

RH Irvine: "Ah, yes I remeber you. And your welcome for my actions in helping save those crew members." *suddently notices Cracken. He Jerks his head at him.* 'Is that him? It has to be...'


*Ulna Shardes*

*A lone man in tatherd robes pounds on the doors, jus toutside where Farran, Artemis and Kioet stands.*

Man: "Farran I know you're there. I didn't come all this way out for nothing!"

Redwing 05-17-2003 04:52 PM

Rwos: Gilian has a soul. You could say she is a half-vampire.

Gilian: Why do you think we're here? We need to kill the vampires. We know it isn't safe. Also, I believe you're lying. No one in this dimension has the kind of---

Rwos: No. Gilian, he's telling the truth.

Gilian: What?

Rwos: Cracken, we can't leave. We have to stop what is happening. You see the sun? It's being blocked out by a power called "magic". One of the vampire's leaders engineered this - and to stop it we need to find him. The power is spreading, Cracken. In a few days, more suns will be covered. Then more and more, until the entire galaxy is covered in darkness...

Gilian: If we don't stop it quickly, this dimension is going to become a demon playground. So. We aren't leaving.

Kuuki 05-17-2003 04:55 PM

Vampire: "Kvana Clare, that Vampire who's using those spells to create a barrer of energy to protect him, do you think that he's foolish enough to not create such barrer around those books? Fine then, if any of you thinks it over, you'll eventualy find my idea worth while."

*The Vampire tosses the Reaver upwards, and it coems spining downwards onto him. The ghost is absorbed into the reaver itself, as the blade sticks into the floor.*

Cmdr. Cracken 05-17-2003 06:10 PM

*Cracken thinks* Well, then, Rwos, enlighten us all on how you think we should destroy a man who is not here. Or a man so paranoid he erects a barrier around himself. And i know what magic is you nitwit. how do you think i can teleport now.

*Cracken glares at Gilian* I have my eye on you.

*He turns to the new presence in the room. His son...Irvine*

You. You better have a damned good excuse or begging routine down, because that's the only way it'll save you after that little insurrection you pulled. *He sees Irvine begin to speak* not now, later. we have buisness to take care of.

Redwing 05-17-2003 06:21 PM

Rwos: Cracken, I don't know what happened to you, but you have no idea what you speak of. I don't know what you are, but it isn't magic. We're going to find the vampire. There is only so many places he can hide.

Kuuki 05-17-2003 09:22 PM

*After begin put off by his own father, RH Irvine clentches a fist, but he keeps his mind clear, sort of...*

RH Irvine: 'What an arrogant. For force sakes, like I had any choice for leaving, I was only a child.' *It hits him.* 'So thats why a clone of myself was created, argh, how stupid of me...' "Pardon me, seeing is that I just got here, prehaps all I would need to inquire that a 'vampire' created all this mess and thats why all of you are here?"


*Fused Irvine sences himself.*

Fused Irvine: "That little prick. He's here. I might pay one more visit. Seeing is that all the rest of those fools are going to be preoccupied..." 'Granted that my arm still needs a little more time to heal. I might as well pull off come illusion tricks.'

*Fused Irvine rips a metal plank from the floor and throws it at the spire, immeately he force jumps onto the metal plank, propelling him with out using much force energy.*

*The plank hits the tower dead on, a portion is stuck into the wall.*

Fused Irvine: "How sad, I'm about 4 levels [edit]below[/edit] the fools..."

*Fused Irvine begins to conseal his presence. He begins to walk around inside the tower.*

Captain Wilson 05-17-2003 09:47 PM

*A sword drenched in blood clangs metalicly on the blacanny floor. Kaildor's other arms swings up. He begins to pull himself up. His face is red with blood from deep gouges on his face, his trench in tatters, scores along his arms and cheast. Pulling himself upright he straightens his back. A vampire lunges from behind him. The only one to mange to follow him up the towers wall. It raked his back sending blood over the towers edge before it was elbowd down, the wall it had so recently climbed dropping behind it as it fell. Looking at into the room he had entered He saw him him. Extending his arm kaildor pointed...*
Kaildor: "starkiller"

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