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Trail Of Fire

My fanfic (discontinued long ago because I ran out of steam) centered around Ripburger and the Cavefish. My explaination as to why the cavefish hijacked trucks and wore bandages/had light sensitivity is that they were all basiclly "saved" from horrific accidents (Ricky Myron makes a cameo as one of their experiments) through a drug which saved their life, but gave them a "vampire-like" aversion to sunlight.

And that's why they hijack trucks and why Emett's cargo was useless - they steal ingredients for the medicine...

Anyway, the unwritten part (in case you were interested) involves Rip being brought back from near-death (he was falling toward the slim possibility of water) and using his charisma and "charm" to gain control of the gang and become Maximum Fish - partly to destroy the industry which abandoned him but partly (more realisticly) for revenge on Ben.

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