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Well, I've got all of the pictures from the guide that were seen on the Early Dig page scanned; all that remains to do is size and quality reduction.

By the way, what size and format (.gif, .jpg, etc) would you prefer them in?

Also, I'd like your advice on if there is anything else you'd like scanned.

In the guide, you have:
-some pencil sketches of the five principal human characters,
-pen-and-ink drawings of every Cocytan creature,
-pictures of the game developers, and
-concept drawings of locations that, disappointingly, look very much similar to the final product

So if you desperately want to get any of those up on the site, I'm game.

However, there are several reasons not to do that...

1. I only have so many hours a day, and it would take a long time to get everything ready to go on the website.
2. Everything in the guide really has to do with concept art - nothing really shocking (other than a few production paintings) is included.
3. You'd need a lot of webspace to host all of the images from the guide for the site. (And there's the risk of losing it all if Mojo goes down again.)
4. Who knows, maybe LEC Legal or the guide publishers might get mad at use for showcasing copyrighted material. You never know with them.

Hopefully you'll have what you want soon if nothing goes wrong.
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