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i actually think and hope that the writers and editors and whatever are actually gathering ideas from fans and seeing what they would like to see mi5 be like.

as for those questions-

1. it'll probably be 3d, but i want it to be 2d. unless it's like, extremely high tech 3d that's really clear and not all choppy where when you turn one way, you can see through them(super mario 64, lol)

2. probably, if they're taking fan ideas. no, if they're being stupid.

3. what do you mean? how long will it take to finish? i take forever ,but proabably around the same length as cmi. or they will make it really long since it's supposedly the last one.

4. save the best for last! at least i'm hoping they're following that phrase. the only bad thing would be is if it is worse than emi. i would be so disappointed.

5. everybody. it should be like a compilation thingy.

6. hope so. they need like a bob jr. or something. a little sidekick.

7. yeah. he'll probably be like ozzy osbourne. actually, that would be pretty funny. he'll be all shaky. "sharon, i need more *bleep* slaw!"

8. yeah, she'll be in it. i dunno or really care what she'll look like. just as long as she doesn't have her stupid accent again.

9. same as normal, maybe w/ a beard

10. what? dominic armato, who else?
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