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LF Jedi Academy, Why not have a Monkey Island one?

Just a suggestion but............

Wouldn't It be cool to have something like the Lucas Forum Jedi Academy, but for all Monkey Island Fans, The ranking system could go something like this:

0-699 posts - Wanna-be Pirate

700-999 posts - Pirate

1000+ posts - Imporatant Looking Pirate

The advantages of having an organisation like this is that when a new member of the forums joins, and suffer the fate of being called a 'n00b', 'newbie', etc. Although this seems to be rare nowadays I think it would be cool for people to have a guide in how to be a respectable forum...err... person.

A name for such an organisation could be:

Lucas Forum Scumm Bar (LFSB)

This is just a suggestion so please dont argue with me about it.

Thank you.

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