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[Interesting Idea]


Name: Xander Bulitov Aka "Bullet"
Age: 17
Bio: Bulitov was raised by English parents in New York. He was an intelligent misfit, and now even more so. He has left home and family in an attempt to find out who he really is.
Mutations: A bizarre ability to control gravity around him. His eyes have turned completely black, and as such he wears sunglasses all the time. His skin also has a reddish tint, and two small horns have sproted on his head


*Bulitov watches the Army surround the site*

"Awww, damn. Figures. Never mind. They don't have any major anti-air"

*Bulitov flies away. He'd been near the bank, disguised as he made a withdrawal he needed to use on the journey.*

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