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Don't wish too hard
you will only find they stay
cruel cold beak lines
the War Birds are here to stay
trim lined in silver
cast from the cogs in the machine
designed by the peace movement
war is perfectly real
threat on the horizons
past the fumes from the stacks
gather at the rally
for the War Birds are back
and Black, Gold, and Green
funded American~Iraqian dreams
like the fiery Phoenix
in numbers they rise from the flames
of anti-war campaigns
to scourge land and sea
for world supremacy
Manifest Destiny;

Don't wish too hard or fight
Philosophers of peace
keepers of war alight
do not wish too hard
the War Birds are here to stay.

War Birds by Darth Eggplant

*this is not a song,
it is almost dinner
and I am too lazy to look for
appropraite Lyrics
but you're right Jofa
this is up my alley
and I am sure you and I
will derive great pleasure
from this thread.*

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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