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((Well I was sorta saving the more 'intence' demonic traits to be when the person consentrate's his body, of course harming him/her more. Oh well ^_^, your character might have a minor tint of red.))

*Vigolently Davin walks right through some of that national guard.*

Guard holding an M16: "You there! Get back behind the line!"

*Davin turns slightly towards the guard, but not to look at him, but see another almost 'run-off'.*

Davin: *to guard, whom already had a few of his friends pointing their rifles at Davin* "And to shame, I came all this way to take care of those inside that'll almost make you all into,.. Hamburger meat!"

*The guard steps closer with the rifle.*


News reporter: "A resent development, someone has boldly walked in from the crowd, and right into the National Guard."

News reporter 2: "Indeed, it seems that the National Guard either wants him to back off, ot arrest him. Wiat a minute..."


*Davin hears from an earpiece: "[i]Davin what are you doing?? I told you to avoid the National Guard, not walk through them!!"

Davin: "Sorry Jes' but taking it the easy way, went away a few months ago..."

*A guard warns Davin again, Davin ignores. The guard advances to shoot, but Davin rapidly grabs the barrel of the rifle and tosses it away. He jumps up while other guard start to fire their rifles at Davin. The other 'demon-like' creatures watch from inside as the reckless fool, dodges all the National Gaurd's bullets. But Davin wasn't dodging the bullets, he was distracting the National guard to fire upon the building glass at the ones holding the civilians hostage! But not before Davin takes a few minor shots.*

*After they scamber, Davin pounces upon the glass and jumps right into the second floor, throwing off his trenchcoat, shows another one under it, not buttoned up. This trenchcoat was heavly modified, to allow his wings, currently recoiled through meditation, to outside them, as well as armour plating was attached. From with in had has a shoulder-strap full of grenades for a M-79 grenade launcher, which he also has...*

*He quickly pulls one out of the strap and loads it into the M-79.*

Davin: "Alright! Who wants some!?"

*The other demon-likes pull out their handguns and rifles at Davin, and open fire, the hostages quickly run out of the building. Davin jumps behind and back pressed to a desk, and cockly fires a grenade over his shoulder and reloads...*


News reporter: "Whoa! look at him! I mean... A intereting coninuation of events had occured, the man whom was stopped by National Guard, seemedly just dodged those rounds and directed them at the building, and jumped into the second floor!"


Davin: "Damnit, I knew retracting the wings were a bad idea..." *looks at a gunshot wound.* "F***, its not fatal. Oh well..." *fires M-79 again*


News reporter 2: "Never seen anything like it. The hostages are now exiting the building, and gun fire is being reported in."

*A flash from inside*

News reporter: "Was that an explosion??"

((think of this as a cross over between 'Devil may Cry' and Highlander, without the 'There can be only one...' deal ))

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