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*Gun shots from Davin stop.*

Davin: "Okay then..."

*Davin straps the M-79 back onto his leg holister, and pulls out the saw-off shotgun. Afterthat he pulls out a box of shells.*

Davin: "Aah, my trusty 12 guage..."

*Davin opens the box, and gets pissed at what he saw.*

Davin: *talking into ear piece* "Jes! These are bird shot! I need bulk shot!"

???: *what davin hears through ear piece* "Sorry Davin! it was the best I could get in short notice!"

Davin: *back into earpiece* "Short notice? I might as well shoot point blank!"

*Clicks are heard behind Davin. Davin drops the shotgun, And stands up slowly...*

*He'd been held up, by 5 others holding their side-arms. Another four were dead by the explosions...*

Davin: "So, Lovely day isn't it?"

???: *from behind* "Yes, it is... Davin, Davin, Davin. It is hardly been 3 months sense we had all came into exsistence, but already we had all had our publicity already. But you seem to take a good portion of it, especally so young. regaurdless, finaly I meet you in person."

Davin: "Well its not hard, when they think that you'd orchastrate such parties like this. I take it that was a setup to get me out here right?"

???: "Very smart. At least your not a mindless grunt, like most would think..."

Davin: "It's gets ya on days like these, I just wouldn't want it to end on a bad note,.."

???: *laughs* "Your humorious. Antoher fine trait."
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