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Davin: "Thanks. I'll do you a favor..." *Turns, and speaks holding his hand so that his voice can be hear in the earpeice* "Jes, you see me? Good, pick this guy up for me. I don't care, this guy seems trustworthy. at least he desurves an explaination..."

*Davin starts walking back down to the bank, which the national gaurd had mostly left. At the same time an unmarked Van drives right up to Bulitov.*

*Sitting in the Van was a young female in her early twenties, she motions Bulitov to get in quickly.*

*Davin pulls out the M79 again and reloads it, after that he pulls out the Iron sword, and holds it firmly. Doing so, and runs and extends his wings, and jumps up beinging to fly rapidly towards the bank.*


Name: Jessica Lawreen Thompson "Jes"
Age: 21
Bio: Knowing a quite a bit in electronics and Intel gathering, Jes acts as a support for Davin on various missions. She also tries to keep up good sponsers to support them both, regaurdless of Davin's reckless behavor.
Mutaitons: None

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